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How to Choose the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone, According to Experts


With shades ranging from light pink to red to even purples, choosing the right blush for your skin tone is no easy feat. But the truth is, once you know how to identify the undertones in your skin, picking the right blush is a breeze.

There are four main undertones: cool, warm, neutral, and olive, and you can crack your undertone code by looking at a few things. Your vein color, how your skin reacts in the sun, how your skin appears on gold versus silver accessories, and hair and eye color can all help you figure out your undertone. Read our guide on figuring out your undertone, then read on to find the best blush shade for you.

About the Experts:
Sandra Saenz is an editorial makeup artist and KVD BEAUTY Global Artistry Ambassador.
Anthony H. Nguyen is a celebrity makeup artist and KVD BEAUTY Global Veritas Artistry Ambassador.

How to Choose a Blush Based on Your Skin Tone

1. Best Blush for Fair Skin Tones

“Consider your personal style and the occasion when selecting blush shades,” says makeup artist Sandra Saenz. “Remember, makeup is also about experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try different shades to find what suits you best.”

With that in mind, those with fair skin tones typically look best with soft pink, light peach, or sheer rose blush shades. We love the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Stick Blush in Pink Dahlia for fair skin tones because of the lightweight cream formula that effortlessly glides onto your skin, giving you a radiant, natural-looking color that lasts all day.

2. Best Blush for Light Skin Tones

Selecting a blush based on your undertone and skin tone is a guideline for getting started, but makeup artist Anthony H. Nguyen says that what’s really important is the look you’re trying to achieve. For example, do you want to warm up your complexion and look more refreshed and awake? Or do you want to make a statement? “Choosing blushes that are similar to your undertone will be more natural and subtle, while choosing opposing undertone blushes can create more of an impactful punch of color,” he says.

When it comes to light skin tones, Saenz says to opt for “soft corals, warm pinks, or peachy tones.” We’re obsessed with the SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Aronia Berry + Blush - Soft Finish Blush in Nougat and its silky-smooth feel.

3. Best Blush for Medium Skin Tones

If you have a medium-to-olive skin tone, you want to reach for a blush that warms up the skin’s complexion. Think shades like, warm rose, terracotta, or even coral in some cases. Grab the TARTE™ Maracuja Juicy Blush in Coconut for the perfect coral, terra-cotta shade.

4. Best Blush for Deep Skin Tones 

If you have deep skin, have fun with berry tones like vibrant pluma and terracottas, says Saenz. We love the sheer tint and radiant finish of ICONIC LONDON Sheer Blush in Berry Bloom. Want a fun makeup hack? Saenz says you can also use any lipstick as a blush, so if you don’t want to splurge on a new blush product, try out different shades with your lip colors first.

Are There Any Universally Flattering Blush Shades?

While there aren’t universally flattering shades for everyone (no matter what the product label tries to tell you), “there are some shades that tend to be more flattering on all skin tones, such as soft pinks, peachy-pinks, coral, dusty rose, and earthy terracotta,” says Saenz. “They can enhance your complexion and add a healthy glow.”

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Article Last Updated October 23, 2023 12:00 AM