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How to Contour With Blush in 5 Easy Steps


From chiseled jawlines to defined noses to accentuated collarbones, there’s a reason contouring has been a technique used by makeup artists on the reg for ages—it works magic. A good contouring technique can literally change your face shape, simply by playing with shadow placement to add depth and dimension. And while contouring makeup tutorials have gained serious traction on social media, thanks to many prominent contour devotees (we see you, Kim K.), it's a technique that can be tricky to master (especially for new beginners, and can sometimes feel a little too glam for an everyday look). Trust us, we’ve followed many TikTok tutorials, makeup tips, and contouring hack to a T and still struggled to get it just right (don’t worry, practice makes perfect). 

Even better, it turns out that learning to contour with blush instead of your go-to contouring products is a surefire (and simple) way to get a sculpted look in just a few steps that’s also perfect to add to your daily makeup routine. The difference between using blush in place of your go-to bronzer or contour cream? “Contouring with just blush creates a more naturally seamless, defined face instead of sharp lines that reinforce shape and symmetry,” says Tomy Rivero, a makeup artist in NYC. As an added bonus, the whole purpose of blush contour is to help you look naturally and effortlessly sculpted. “I love that contouring with blush looks like second skin and makes everyone look more youthful and fresh. Using blush to contour is best when you want a no-makeup makeup look or you just need to get out of the door,” says Rivero. Here’s a quick step-by-step routine on how to contour with blush like a pro.

About the Expert:
Tomy Rivero is a celebrity makeup artist and owner of Tomy Rivero Beauty Lab 
based in Washington Heights, NYC.

About the author
Runa Rhattacharya
Runa Bhattacharya
Runa is an NYC-based writer and Registered Nurse with over 8 years of experience covering beauty and wellness. She’s worked for publications like SELF, Cosmopolitan, and more. She’s passionate about beauty, science, and two careers that she loves!
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Article Last Updated June 18, 2024 12:00 AM