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The Top 15 Blush Brushes for a Flawless Flush Every Single Time

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Ever reach inside your makeup bag only to find three or four mismatched makeup brushes that you can’t remember buying, and no longer know what they’re meant for? When you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning, you need your makeup to be three things: simple, quick, and easy. And wondering if that dust-covered contour brush or eyeshadow brush from middle school is for your cheeks or your eyelids definitely isn’t any of those things. Finding—and properly using—the right brushes shouldn’t be stressful. In fact, we think it should be fun! Especially when it comes to our favorite radiance-booster: blush.

Blush—when applied correctly—takes any daily makeup look to the next level with practically no effort whatsoever. It gives your cheeks a natural warmth and serves as the perfect complement to your contouring, highlighter, and bronzer. Contrary to popular belief, no fancy knowledge or tricks are required to make your blush look flawless in no time. The real key? Finding the perfect blush brush.

The best blush brush should have soft bristles, a lightweight handle, and be super easy to use. And since finding the best blush brushes around is no easy feat, we turned to the experts. Read on for our round-up of the top 15 best blush brushes, according to our beauty editors, expert makeup artists, and Ipster reviews from past Glam Bags. 

About the Experts:
Alixandria Capparelli is a makeup and brow artist, and owner of Hairy Little Things.
Jamie Greenberg is a celebrity makeup artist and founder of Jaimie Makeup

What Is a Blush Brush?

It sounds obvious that it’s a makeup brush that applies your blush, but the type of brush does matter. “A blush brush is a smaller fluffy brush usually in the shape of a dome or a soft angle, depending on your application technique,” Capparelli says. Brushes come in natural fibers from animals and synthetic bristles, which are cruelty-free. The type of blush you’re using matters, too. Look for an angled blush brush (smaller than a typical powder brush) for powder blush and a flat-top or dome-shaped dense brush for cream blush.

How to Use a Blush Brush

Every makeup artist has a slightly different way they like to apply blush, but the general directions are the same. “Pick up the blush with the brush, tap it to remove any excess blush, and blend onto the face,” Greenberg says. “For cream you want to use the brush to dot the blush and blend up.” Capparelli prefers a slight tapping and light flicking movement with very light pressure. “Remember, wherever you put the brush down first gets the most saturation of pigment so it’s important whether you’re using powder, cream, or liquid blush that you are using a light pressure with your brush,” she adds.

How to Choose the Best Blush Brush

“Choosing the right blush brush has to do with the medium that you are choosing be it powder, cream, or liquid and also, your face shape and cheekbone size also matters when it comes to choosing the perfect brush,” Capparelli says. She prefers a natural bristle blush brush for powder blush because it “picks up and disperses powder best for the softest application look.” But be sure to use a synthetic brush with cream or liquid blush. That’s because natural fibers are porous and soak up the product, and can even harbor bacteria. Ick.

“Face shape and cheekbone size also matters when it comes to choosing the perfect brush,” Capparelli says. Greenberg agrees. “The rule of thumb is to choose a brush that fits the area that you’re using it on,” she says. “If you use a blush brush that’s too big for your face, it’s easy to apply way too much blush.”

1. The Best for Precise Application:

SIGMA BEAUTY F10 Powder/Blush Brush

From adding color to the apples of your cheeks, to blending out powder foundation, or adding another layer of setting powder, this SIGMA BEAUTY blush brush can do it all. It has an extra wide, flat brush head to allow for sweeping, gorgeous color in seconds. Antimicrobial synthetic fibers pick-up the perfect amount of product for a radiant, flushed look, and they stay clean and fresh through multiple uses (meaning you don't have to clean as often. Phew!). If that's not enough, the handle is made from ethically-sourced wood, and the synthetic bristles are cruelty-free, so you can feel great about keeping this customer-favorite blush brush handy at all times.

2. The Best Bronzer Brush and Blush Brush in One:

WANDER BEAUTY Round Trip Dual Blush and Bronzer Brush

Cut down on clutter with a combination blush and bronzer brush. This brush duo has a slightly angled brush head on one end and a rounder, flatter brush head on the other, so you can mix and match to your heart's content. Whichever one you choose to use for your blush or bronzer is up to you, but we love the tapered, flatter side for seamless blush application, and the angled fluffy brush for contour in a pinch. The high-quality synthetic bristles are incredibly soft and suitable for a variety of products too, including cream blush, face powder, liquid foundation—almost anything you can think of.

3. Best for an Airbrushed Finish:

REAL TECHNIQUES Ultra Plush Blush Makeup Brush

Capparelli swears by REAL TECHNIQUE brushes made of synthetic, super-soft bristles that leave skin looking airbrushed. “These brushes are also affordable so I have them in every shape and size,” she says. TikTokers love them, too. We see them on the app every time we swipe. This specific makeup brush has the perfect dome top to contour and define cheeks with cream or powder blush. The brand’s sponges are stellar too!

4. Most Affordable Blush Brush:

E.L.F. Blush Brush

Quality brushes don’t have to drain your bank account. Just look at E.L.F.’s popular Blush Brush. The cruelty-free, synthetic bristles are so soft, you wouldn’t know this brush only costs five bucks. Plus, the tailored design makes it easy to apply precise color whether using for blush or bronzer.

5. Most Eco-Friendly: 

ECOTOOLS Precision Blush Makeup Brush

This square-shaped brush allows for precise color application, but that’s not the only reason we love it so much. It’s also handcrafted with eco-friendly materials and features lightweight bamboo handles, synthetic Taklon bristles, and sleek aluminum ferrules. Taklon bristles aren’t just vegan and cruelty-free, they’re also antibacterial. 

6. The Best Blush & Foundation Brush in One:

HOURGLASS No. 2 Foundation/Blush Brush

A lot of blush brushes can also be used for bronzer and highlighter, and this one from HOURGLASS is great for foundation too. The dense brush is made from high-quality Taklon bristles (there they are again!) in a medium-size dome shape making it especially versatile for liquid, cream, or powder products. Plus, it’s one of the easiest brushes to use thanks to weighted metal handles that provide control.

7. The Best Cream Blush Brush: 

RARE BEAUTY Soft Pinch Blush Brush

RARE BEAUTY’s liquid and cream blushes are some of the most popular around, so it makes sense that the brand would develop a stellar brush to ensure a flawless application. What makes this brush unique is the multi-length, synthetic dual fibers which allow for a more diffused look. This way, you can easily layer on the color until you get the perfect shade. 

8. Sleekest Blush Brush:


There’s something about an all-black CHANEL brush that just screams sleek. Whether in a full makeup brush set, or just as a single blush brush, Blush Brush N°110 looks luxe on your vanity. Of course, it’s a great blush applicator too. The tapered contour brush allows you to sculpt bronzer and contour under your cheekbones before blushing up to the apples of your cheeks.

9. Most Ergonomic Blush Brush:

IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Blush Brush #4

This ultra-plush, synthetic blush brush provides a pretty, soft application for cream and powder blushes. And this look couldn’t be easier to achieve thanks to the easy-to-grip handle featuring the IT COSMETICS logo.

10. Most Worth-the-Money Blush Brush: 


BOBBI BROWN’s Blush Brush isn’t cheap, but the soft bristles feel luxe on your face. Fans say it’s the perfect size—not too large that the color overwhelms your face, and not too small that it feels like a fluffy eyeshadow brush. The medium brush head is the exact shape to apply cream or powder right to your cheeks.

11. Our Pick for the Most Luxurious Blush Brush:

COMPLEX CULTURE Contour • Blush Brush

If there was an Oscar (or Olympic medal? Michelin star?) for the most luxurious blush brush, our IPSY beauty editors think it would go to this one. It's not only a professional makeup artist-level face brush designed to simplify your routine, it’s also 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. The multitasking Syn-Tech™ synthetic bristles are completely vegan and cruelty-free, but feel as silky-soft as real hair. The arched shape of the fluffy brush head is perfectly designed for circling blush around your cheekbones and face (no streakiness or harsh buffing required), so you get precise application every time. The velvety-smooth, ergonomic handle—which is clearly labeled, FYI—fits snugly in your hand, putting regular handles to shame. Oh, and did we mention it's the first biodegradable blush brush handle on the planet? No biggie.

To apply your blush using this game-changer, dip the short end of the brush head into your powder blush (or contour) and then swirl it around your cheekbones, blending in light, circular motions.

IPSY Tip: Always blend from side to side (never up and down) for a flawless complexion in minutes.

12. The Prettiest Blush Brush:

LUXIE BEAUTY LUXIE 514 Rose Gold Blush Brush 

We’re honestly thinking of holding a beauty pageant for the best makeup brushes just so that this gorgeous, rose-gold babe can take home the "Most Beautiful" crown. Beauty pageant or not, this blush brush is so elegant, it will make even your everyday blush, highlighter, or contour application feel special. Plus, the synthetic bristles are oh-so-soft, making blending your blush a breeze (and they're vegan and cruelty-free!). “This is one of m[y] favorite makeup brushes I own.” said Ipster @cheer1885. "I'm honestly in love with how soft the feel is." Ipster @Halie170 also called out the soft bristles in a five-star review: “Luxie Beauty is never a disappointment. Their brushes always get the job done. Not too soft but not too hard that it bugs my skin.”

13. The Most Durable Blush Brush:


A durable blush brush handle and high-quality brush head that’s built to last? Oui, c’est chic. This blush brush is designed to endure even the most lightweight touch-ups or full coverage looks. But don't think this means you'll have to compromise on softness: as one Ipster said, “This is the softest brush I’ve ever used and it really transfers blush well.” The handle is waterproof (!) meaning its classy rose gold hue will stay shiny and clean (instead of grimy and residue-covered) through dozens of daily uses. You can also count on the soft bristles to remain strong and in place for the long haul. As Ipster @natural999 wrote, it's just "great quality."

14. The Best Blush Brush for Seamless Color:

FIRMA BEAUTY 102 Blush Brush

When it comes to blush, sometimes less is more–especially if you're going for a natural, barely-flushed look. And for those days when you want a flawless flush without having to blend for days, reach for this blush brush from FIRMA BEAUTY. One Ipster said it’s the “favorite brush I have ever owned for blush application,” and we can see why. Each brush is designed by Japanese artisans in Kumano, Japan, where carefully-designed brushes have been crafted for over 200 years—so you know the quality is superior. Another Ipster added that it’s a “soft, fluffy brush with the perfect amount of product pick-up,” while another summed up a five-star review by writing "this brush is beyond amazing!!"

15. The Best Multitasking Blush Brush:

SLMISSGLAM SL41 Blusher Brush

Having an individual brush for your concealer, highlighter, and bronzer is important. But when you’re on-the-go and in a hurry, a multitasking blending brush is your BFF. That’s why we love the SLMISSGLAM SL41 Blusher Brush, and Ipsters agree. “I absolutely adore this brush! It’s super easy to clean and applied product evenly,” said Ipster @sra_marrufo. Use it as a blush brush, a foundation brush, even a contour brush. It's perfect for all these uses and more, thanks to a rounded brush head that makes contouring, concealing, and highlighting a breeze. Plus, the gorgeous sparkly pink handle and neon synthetic bristles make it easy to identify from the other makeup brushes in your collection, and make it a Pinterest-worthy vanity topper.

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Article Last Updated October 18, 2022 12:00 AM