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The Space Buns Tutorial That's Out-Of-This-World Cute


You don’t need a space shuttle or even an astrophysics degree to nail the iconic double-bun hairstyle sported by space princesses like Princess Leia or pop princesses like Britney Spears. Space buns are the perfect complement to any look, whether you’re posting poolside Instas, planning your next festival outfit, or just looking for new hairstyles to elevate your post-workout messy bun.

Bored with your ponytail or usual topknot? These buns may look like they took lightyears to craft, but they’re actually a super simple style you can whip together with ease. Grab your bobby pins and snag that hairbrush off your dresser. We’re going to show you how to create out-of-this world space buns with a glam French braid twist.


What You’ll Need

Before you can blast off to astro glory, you’ll need a few tools to make your space buns hairstyle mission a true success.

  1. Styling Comb: Need a handle on space buns? The PINK PEWTER “Never Let Go” Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb is your essential hair tool. The patented dual-handle design means hair parting, teasing, and styling is easier than ever, no matter how many bobby pins you’re clutching. Best of all, it is heat and chemical resistant, so you can nail every hair mission that comes your way, from easy curls to hair color experimenting. 

  1. Hair Clips: Practical doesn’t have to be boring, and CAKE BEAUTY The Grip Clip Dry Styling Hair Clips are proof. Whether you’ve got thick, curly strands, straight hair, or something in between,  these clips will keep your hair in place without leaving any crimp marks. The bright pink will definitely bring some extra cheer on those Monday mornings when you’re SWOC (Styling Without Coffee).

  1. Hair Spray: Get you a hairspray that can do both: R+CO Outer Space Flexible Hairspray holds your strays in place, while still allowing some major motion. Newbies and pros alike love how forgiving this product is, whether you need one — or four — tries to nail those buns. You’ve got this — the spray’s galaxy wrap is just as brilliant as your hair prowess. 

  1. Brush: You might not be heading off into space battle à la Princess Leia, but thankfully you’ll be equipped to battle tangles and frizz with the CURLISTO Rosewood Teasing Brush. This brush will smooth and shine your hair as you style, so you’ll be primed and ready for the spotlight.

  1. Hair elastics and bobby pins: Clear rubber hair elastics and black bobby pins will keep that spotlight on your braids and buns, without any sparkly interruptions. But if you’re looking to make an intergalactic statement, nab PINK PEWTER’s Dazzle Metal Hair Clip for a glittery addition to your look.

  2. Tiny scissors: While these eyebrow scissors might live in your makeup case, they play a starring role in your hair expedition. The F.A.R.A.H. BRUSHES Brow Scissors Mermaid Collection are the perfect size for trimming away your elastics without risking any accidental haircut tragedies. The nimble scissors aren’t just practical — they’re also gorgeous, with a brilliant iridescent color.


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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Look

Mission Control is paging you: It’s time for your star-worthy updo.

Step One: Part Your Hair 

  • Using the handle of the PINK PEWTER “Never Let Go” Carbon Fibre Color and Styling Comb, carefully give yourself a middle part that runs to the back of your hair. 

  • During this step, a strategically placed mirror is your BFF. If your middle part plans go astray, lean into it and try a zig-zag pattern instead.

  • Once your hair is divided in half, twist and clip half of your strands away from your middle part, giving yourself the perfect canvas for space buns.

Step Two: Section Your Hair

  • Take the remaining section of hair and split in half to create a half-up hairdo. Use your comb handle to define the two sections and create a clean and crisp part.

  • Once you’ve got the top half separated, clip this section close to your hairline. This’ll keep any stray strands from wandering into your French braids. 

Step Three: Add Extra Oomph and Body

  • Tilt your head down for maximum product coverage and reach for a gentle-hold hairspray, like R+CO Outer Space Flexible Hairspray.

  • Apply to the bottom section of your hair, beginning at the nape of your neck. Add just enough product to to keep frizzies at bay, but don’t worry about overload. The next step will save you from any hairspray overkill. 

  • Beginning again at your roots, use a boar head brush like Curlisto Rosewood Teasing Brush and brush up to tease your hair and evenly distribute product. 

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Step Four: Braid 

  • Section your newly teased hair into three parts. Beginning at the roots, French braid the hair section. As you move up, add more hair to your braid links, until you reach your part.

  • You can use your comb to redefine the hair section in between braid links. This will ensure that your part stays neat.

  • Once you reach the part, wrap a hair elastic around the braid, securing it close to your head.

Step Five: Bun

  • Unclip your half-up hair and sweep up with the ends of your braid, to form a ponytail. Use a thicker hair tie to keep your ponytail in place. 

  • Twist the ponytail around the base and tuck into a messy knot. Wrap any stray strands around the ponytail base. Use two or three bobby pins to pin the bun to your head, carefully tucking the pins under the knot. Once your knot is secure, you can snip the clear hair elastic from the braid.

  • Repeat these steps with the other half of your hair.


And that’s all it takes to master an out-of-this-world hair style! Want in on all the Glam Bag fun? Take the beauty quiz now to get started. And don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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