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Icon Box FAQ: We’ve Got Answers to All of Your Icon Box Questions


It’s time to get even more of the beauty you love, want, and can’t get enough of—because treating yourself a little extra is always a good idea. That’s why we’re totally over the moon to introduce the Icon Box, a quarterly upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership. Think of it as your all-access pass to the most-coveted brands, hottest launches, and need-to-try products in beauty. From the best eyeliners and long-lasting lipsticks to dry shampoos, face moisturizers, and more, with Icon Box, you’ll get eight full-size, uber-coveted products from a collection curated by a beauty industry icon (worth up to $350) for $60 a quarter. Plus, you even get to choose three of the products from a personalized assortment—which, BTW, includes dibs on exclusive product drops you won’t find anywhere else.

If all these juicy details have you wondering how you can get your hands on Icon Box, don’t worry—we’ve got everything you need to know about this quarterly upgrade below.

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Icon Box 101

What’s the Difference Between Glam Bag, BoxyCharm, and Icon Box?

When you sign up for Glam Bag, you’ll get five deluxe-size beauty samples (worth up to $70) for just $14 a month. BoxyCharm subscribers will receive five full-size products (worth up to $200) for $30 a month. The Icon Box quarterly upgrade will get you eight full-size products curated by a beauty industry icon (worth up to $350) for $60 a quarter.

When it comes to choice, you always have a say. Glam Bag subscribers get to choose one product that goes in their bag each month, while BoxyCharm and Icon Box subscribers choose three. Heads-up, Icon Box is only for existing Glam Bag or BoxyCharm members, so be sure you have your subscriptions in order to unlock your upgrade!

How Does the Icon Box Upgrade Work?

A new Icon Box drops with a different iconic curator each February, May, August, and November, so mark your calendar now. During those months, your Icon Box replaces your usual monthly shipment, either your Glam Bag or BoxyCharm; if you have both, it replaces your BoxyCharm. Your Icon Box is valued at up to $350 and is just $60/quarter—which breaks down to only an additional $46/shipment for Glam Bag members and $30/shipment for BoxyCharm members during upgrade months. Talk about an amazing value, right?

How Do I Secure My Icon Box Upgrade?

Icon Box is available as a quarterly upgrade for Glam Bag and BoxyCharm members, so if you already have one (or both!) of those subscriptions, simply visit the Icon Box tab to sign up for your quarterly upgrade.

If you don’t have Glam Bag or BoxyCharm yet, get started by taking the Beauty Quiz and telling us about your beauty preferences. Once you’re done with the quiz, you’ll have the option of signing up for Glam Bag or BoxyCharm. After you’ve made your choice and become a member, log into your account and visit the Icon Box tab. All that’s left to do is subscribe, and voilà—you just scored the most-coveted membership in beauty.

How Does Build Your Box Work?

Icon Box members build their perfect box from 12 p.m. PT on the 1st to 3 p.m. PT on the 3rd of upgrade months (February, May, August, and November). First, you’ll find out the five personalized products we’ve curated just for you (more on those below), then you choose the remaining three full-size products from a made-for-you assortment. And as a bonus, you can shop our Add-Ons. These epic deals that ship with your box start at only $3.50. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when your eight full-size faves arrive.

Where Is Icon Box Available?

At the moment, Icon Box is available to our members in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and Mexico.

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The Icon Box Products

How Do You Personalize My Icon Box?

The more details you give us about your preferences, the more we can personalize your Icon Box—so talk to us! There are two ways you can help us out: 

  1. Your Beauty Profile: We always check your profile so we can hand-pick products we know you’ll love. In a phase where you can’t get enough blush, or need a break from highlighter? You can update your preferences at any time in your Beauty Quiz, and your Beauty Profile will reflect the changes.

  2. Reviews: Reviewing your products (as soon as you’ve had a chance to try them) is the best way to help us make your box feel more and more like you every month. Don’t be shy; we love hearing from you.

What if My Beauty Preferences Change?

Good question. If you decide you actually don’t love lipstick, or contouring just isn’t for you, you can retake your Beauty Quiz to update your profile at any time. We’ll do our best to personalize your future Icon Box shipments with your latest preferences.

When Will I Be Able To Review My Products?

You can start reviewing your current month’s products around the third week of every month. If you’re still loving something you received months ago, we want to hear it! You can revisit your Icon Box products (as far as five months back) and review them.

When Will I Find Out Which Products I’m Getting?

On the 1st of the month, look out for an email from us revealing it’s time for Build Your Box. You’ll start by discovering the five personalized products the Icon Box curator has picked for you, then you’ll choose the remaining three full-size products from a made-for-you assortment. Once you complete your box, you’ll also be able to see your box’s products on IPSY.com or your IPSY app.

How Do I Know the Brands Will Be Good?

Icon Box is our most exclusive box yet. It features eight uber-coveted products curated by beauty’s biggest icons. Every month, you’ll get five superstar products or brands handpicked by our team of experts in your eight-product assortment—you choose the remaining three. We’re calling them Power Picks. These beauty faves will make your entire monthly subscription worth every penny, trust.

How Can I Find Out More About My Products and How To Use Them?

Just received your Icon Box? Let’s get this self-expression party started! IPSY.com has tons of info on all the products you received:

How You Can Level Up Your Icon Box Even More

What About Shopping Deals Outside Of My Monthly Subscription?

We get it, when it comes to the best beauty products, more is more. We can help you acquire all your beauty needs (and even the stuff you don’t need!).

  • Add-Ons: You’ll have access to Add-Ons to customize your Icon Box even more. Reminder, starting on the 1st of each month, you can choose up to 10 Add-Ons when you’re building your box. You’ll find tons of can’t-miss products starting at $3.50. Plus, they all ship free with your box!

  • IPSY Shop: IPSY Shop is your 24/7, always-on access to the best beauty sales—at least 30% off—with weekly member-exclusive drops on top brands.

  • Mega Drop Shop: Once a quarter, in January, April, July, and October, we'll be amping up our deals with Mega Drop Shop, our biggest sale on makeup, skincare, haircare, and lifestyle products (up to 80% off).

  • Refreshments: Sign up for a Refreshments monthly membership, and restock your clean essentials, like razors and replacement heads, body wash, biodegradable cleansing wipes, and more with ease. Refreshments will ship free every month, and the membership is completely customizable to your needs. Choose your products, set each one to the delivery schedule that works for you, and you’re done! The superstar essentials will show up right when you need them.

REFRESHMENTS self-care products on pink and neon yellow background

Shipping & Tracking FAQs

When Will I Get My Icon Box?

Already looking forward to getting that baby in the mail? Can’t blame ya. Icon Box ships four times per year (aka every three months) in February, May, August, and November. As with your monthly shipment, Icon Box ships shortly after you’re billed successfully on the last day of the preceding month, and you can expect it to arrive approximately two weeks after billing.

How Can I Track My Box?

Once your Icon Box has left our warehouse, we'll email you a unique tracking number so you can keep tabs on when your box will arrive.

What if My Box or Products Are Missing/Damaged?

We try our best to ensure every Icon Box meets our very high standards. That said, in rare cases, stuff happens—so we're always happy to replace anything that doesn't get to you in tip-top shape. Reach out to IPSY Care, and our team will happily take care of you.

Billing 101

When Will I Be Billed?

If this is your first Icon Box (yay!), we will bill you as soon as you choose a base plan (either BoxyCharm or Glam Bag) and provide us with your payment information. After that, we try to bill you on the last day of the month for your upcoming box. For example, we would try to bill you on the last day of January for your February Icon Box membership.

For annual memberships, we try to bill you on the last day of the month before your 12-month membership. For example, if your first shipment was in April 2023, we would try to bill you on March 31, 2024, for your 12-month membership renewal.

What Happens if Ipsy Isn’t Able to Bill Me Successfully?

If we aren't able to bill you successfully on our first try, we will email you and continue trying your payment method on file. At any time, you can go to "My Account" to update your billing info.

Want in on all the Icon Box fun? Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started with a Glam Bag or BoxyCharm membership, then upgrade to Icon Box. Already a member? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products.  Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and TikTok @IPSY.

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