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New Year, New Theme: How We’re Manifesting “Happy Vibes” In January And Beyond


Ready to manifest your best year yet? Well, we have the secret: Do what makes you happy. Okay, we know that sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. When you untangle those overwhelming to-do lists and make time for the things that bring you joy, you’ll begin to see what really matters—and that’s you! This is what January’s “Happy Vibes” theme is all about.

So, here’s to a year of playing with fun new beauty trends (we have tons below!), investing in self-care (DIY manis, anyone?), and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

10 Nail Trends To Look Try In 2022

Close-up of a woman's hand with rainbow foil nail art

From dainty florals to in-your-face metallics, discover the trends that celeb nail artist Steph Stone is predicting will be on hands everywhere in 2022.  Whether your mani vibe is colorful, classic, or cutting-edge, your new favorite look is waiting inside.

How to Take Your DIY Mani To The Next Level

Close-up of woman's hands applying pastel yellow nail polish
Photo by Jonathan Knowles/Getty Images

While nothing beats a fresh mani from your go-to nail salon, the rise of DIY has definitely kicked our at-home nail obsession up a notch. We tapped pro manicurist Miss Pop to give us the expert tips that’ll get our nails in shape from the comfort of our couch.

New Year, New ‘Do: 7 Hairstyles You’re About To See Everywhere

Close-up of Ciara looking glam in a neutral makeup look and blowout hairstyle at the red carpet
Photo by Jared Siskin / Stringer/Getty Images

Getting rid of dead weight—a.k.a. split ends? Time to refresh your tresses? Ready to make a big chop? We got you. Two industry pros share the biggest hair trends, from cuts to styles to colors, they’re excited about for 2022.

Say Goodbye to Dry, Flaky Skin with These Game-Changing Tips

Close-up of a model posing while lying down

It's a bright new year but for many of us, our skin has not gotten the memo. If your skin is struggling to fight off the elements (dry, indoor heat, and frigid winds), these tips will help stave off the flaky patches that are all too common this time of year.

*This* Is How Long Your Skincare Takes To Work

Close-up of a smiling model putting on face cream under her eyes

Spoiler alert: The good stuff comes to those who wait—but there are some fast-acting products. Triple-board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano (whose IG vids we can’t get enough of, btw) walks us through the most popular skincare ingredients and how long we have to wait until we see the glowy results we’re dreaming of.

Beauty Through The Black Lens with Michelle Carter

Portrait of Michelle Carter inside pink frame

This multi-hyphenate (Olympic athlete, commentator, mentor, makeup artist!) is showing the next generation how to break barriers—like becoming the first American gold medalist shot putter—and stay unapologetically true to yourself.

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Article Last Updated December 23, 2021 12:00 AM