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Power Moves: Gear Up For March’s All-New Theme


March is definitely the most exciting month of the year. Hear us out: It kicks off a new season (buh-bye winter!), we get an extra hour of sunlight, and bright colors reenter our routines to kick our neutral fatigue to the curb. This month’s Power Moves theme is here to help you make the most of March’s fresh energy—whether that means amping yourself up or resting and recharging—to reach your goals. And with International Women’s Day around the corner, it’s important to remind yourself just how much power you hold.

So before you embark on changing the world, take a second to scroll through this month’s round-up of statement-making looks, inspiring tell-alls, and ways to take your skincare game up a notch.

Celeb Hairstylist Justine Marjan Isn’t Afraid to Be the Breadwinner

Portrait of Justine Marjan inside pink and blue frame with text BEAUTY TRAILBLAZER

For Marjan, there’s no room for ego. From getting her big break to navigating motherhood, Justine Marjan shares her journey of hustling alongside Jen Atkin, making a name for herself, and finding balance in it all.

8 Wearable Ways to Get Bold With Your Makeup

Portrait of Megan Thee Stallion against colorful pink background with floating makeup products

Get ready to bust out your colorful palettes and neon liners. We’re swapping our no-makeup makeup obsession for something a little punchier with eight bold looks that anyone—yes, anyone—can pull off.

Beauty Through the Black Lens with Cosmetic Chemist Esther Olu

Selfie of Esther Olu inside light pink frame

The brains behind @themelaninchemist on Instagram, Esther Olu, MPharm-CS, BSc., B.A., talks to us about merging science with social media, combating misinformation, and her formula for the future—and of course, all things skincare.

How Mixing Skincare Ingredients Can Unlock Next-Level Glow

Skincare products from various brands on glass bathroom shelf

Don’t worry, you don’t need a chemistry degree for this one. A dermatologist walks us through the ways to pair active ingredients (and the combos to avoid) to help you minimize irritation, boost protection, and maximize benefits.

Full Face in Five Minutes? These Brushes Can Make It Happen

Model applying eye makeup using a brush

Designed with the multitasker in mind, COMPLEX CULTURE’s versatile brushes are the secret to getting into full glam fast. And you guessed it, they’re pure magic.

14 of the Best Cream Bronzers the Pros Swear By

Studio portrait of a beautiful woman with shimmery orange and yellow eyeshadow look

Cream bronzers are synonymous with a dewy, sun-kissed finish (hello, spring glow!) and we’ve rounded out the best formulas and formats to fit every skin type and concern.

The 101 on Skincare Microdosing and Why Sensitive Types Might Want to Try It

Young woman in a white bathrobe putting on serum on her face with a dropper

This derm-approved technique could help ease the red, flaky side effects of your fave active ingredients (looking at you, retinol) with a lower concentration and we’re so here for it.

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Article Last Updated February 28, 2022 12:00 AM