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"Hitting Pan" Podcast Episode 1: Patrick Starrr Gets to the Bottom of His Journey to Success


On the debut episode of IPSY’s Hitting Pan podcast, we had the absolute joy of sitting down with the one and only Patrick Starrr, a renowned beauty creator turned entrepreneur. Join us as Patrick shares his inspiring journey from building his personal brand to launching his own beauty company and navigating the complexities of social media over his 11+ years online.

Why You Need to Tune In to This Episode

OG beauty creator and ONE/SIZE brand founder Patrick Starrr gets to the bottom of how he went from being his own Instagram boyfriend to becoming a master of communication, a world-class marketer, and beauty BFFs with A-listers like Naomi Campbell and Gwen Stefani. Then he spills the tea on shifting back to a Patrick Starrr wannabe (you’ll have to watch the episode to see what that means!) all while making some lifelong esthy besties!

Key Takeaways: Business School With a Starrr

  • Be a Valuable Partner: “When it comes to really understanding a business, you have to really fuck with yourself and really understand business fiercely. Along the way, I was able to build intellectual property that was totally unique to me and leverage partnerships to build data that was valuable to partners…With brands, investors, distribution partners, like sephora, my reputation has spoken for itself. When I look back and think, ‘How the hell did I get here?’ I think it’s just being an open person, a communicative person, and just really being nice.”

  • Keep the Social Media Math Simple: “If I have 100% in a day, and I have to do 100 things, everything gets 1%. If I do five things today, everything gets 20%—you do the math. So when I think about social media and the means that we want to get noticed, it’s too complicated…but I think if you just really refine what you actually want, you can give a certain piece of social or a TikTok or a YouTube, 100% of what you need.”

  • It All Starts With Intuition and Intention: “When we think about what our next move wants to be, sometimes we defer to what we did last month…I don’t think that’s operating with intuition or intention. You’re deferring to data. When I think about my career as Patrick Starrr, I didn’t wake up one day, and was like, well the beauty community is missing a plus size, bald, gay, Filipino bitch. I never did that. I just did it out of pure interest. If you want to be disruptive, you have to really look inside.”

  • Continuous Learning Is Key: “If you think about it, I was an influencer, and I was working with all different types of brands. Then I became a founder, and I had a dedication to be exclusive to the products I’m launching…Also, being a founder and an influencer for 11 years, I realized I never get out, I never have the chance to make new friends, or put forth something new to learn. So what about esthetician school? I can make new friends, I can learn further about beauty, I can talk about skincare brands that I love because skincare is not a one-size-fits-all, it’s totally custom.”

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Final Thoughts

Patrick’s story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and authenticity in building a successful brand and business. We hope you found his insights valuable and inspiring. Stay tuned for more episodes of Hitting Pan, where we get to the bottom of all things beauty—no topic is off-limits.

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Article Last Updated May 15, 2024 12:00 AM