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14 Ribbon Hairstyles to Help You Enter Your Coquette Era

Photo by @Emilisindlev/Instagram

The coquette trend and balletcore totally dominated 2023 hair trends, and while they do differ slightly, they have one defining component in common—ribbon hairstyles! That’s right, what was once reserved for dance recitals, summer hairstyles, and girls who were clearly styled by their moms is now a universal trend among the masses. If you’re looking for new ways to spruce up your go-to looks, you’re in luck when it comes to hair ribbons and bow hairstyles. These trendy hair accessories aren’t going anywhere, and we love seeing new twists on a classic. Hair ribbons are a perfect addition to everyone’s favorite low-maintenance styles like air-died beachy waves and messy top knots. But, they can also be dressed up by playing around with textures and colors. From fashion runways, to TikTok, and magazine covers, we’re seeing hair bows pop up everywhere.

They’re the least limiting hair accessory, they offer simple hairstyles, and they work with any hair type. “Bows are having a moment right now,” says San Francisco-based hair stylist and colorist Tylor Johnson. “I’ve been seeing a lot of really sleek skinny ribbons as well as the classic oversized bows. But typically a lot of textured fabrics—like satin, velvet, or tulle.” Keep reading for ours and Johnson’s favorite hair ribbon-inspired hairdos and exactly how to achieve them all.

You can also check out Yvette Corinne’s ribbon hairstyle tutorials for even more hair inspo:

About the Expert:

Tylor Johnson is a San Francisco-based hairstylist & colorist.

1. Chic Low Ponytail

“Some of my favorite styles include the effortless low ponytail tied with a sleek skinny ribbon or scarf,” says Johnson. This look can be seen all over the fashion runways. It’s an incredibly easy hairstyle and always looks clean and polished.

If you want extra volume, tease your hair a bit at the crown of your head before gathering it into a pony. “You’ll need clear hair elastics for any ponytails (because let's be real, we don’t want any of these showing) and, of course, bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to hold whatever look you decide on in place,” explains Johnson. Pro tip: Try using a satin ribbon for this look as they’re extra shiny.

When we’re going for a teased, natural look, we always reach for our AMIKA Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray, which keeps our effortless waves intact. 

2. Braided Loop

We don’t know about you, but we love a little drama! For the long-haired girlies, let your strands cause a stir with this statement-making braid, accompanied by a long, thick ribbon tied into a bow. Best part? The look takes all of five minutes.

3. Statement Tulle

There’s something so statement-making about texture–even the sheerness of tulle, for example. The lightweight netted fabric instantly elevates even the simplest of hairstyles, and you can’t go wrong with whatever color you choose. 

“Ideally, the more texture you have in your hair the better it will allow any accessory to stay in place—especially when it comes to effortless ponytails or buns.”

Whenever we opt for a slick bun or a pulled-back look of any sort, we enlist the help of our trusty CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Daily Hair Cream. It helps minimize frizz, while repairing breakage and split ends, and giving strands body, shine, and light hold.

4. Half Up, Half Down

This is an easy, classic hairstyle for incorporating a hair bow. Separate a section of hair at the crown and secure it with a hair tie before putting your bow in. The Best part? This is a cute hairstyle for both long hair and short hair styles. What you choose to do with the hair once it’s decoratively adorned is up to you. You can wear it straight or slightly waved as pictured. 

5. Braided Crowns

We love a good braid, but we’re the first to admit that some are more difficult for us to achieve than others—crown braids being one of them. That said, they’re chic and stylish, and the ribbon offers added flair. 

Johnson explains that the easiest way to achieve this braided updo is to split your hair in the middle and braid into two pigtails using the ribbon. “Be sure to braid the accessory over the top of each section of hair so that most of it is showing,” she says. 

Pulling pieces of the braid a little after it’s secured will make it look chunkier and more textured. “Arrange each braid over the top of your head like a rainbow and start to secure it with bobby pins,” she says. “If you have any [ribbon] left over on the ends, you can tuck them under the braids and pin them in place.”

Braided crowns can be tough to stay in place all day long, so you’ll want to secure the look with hair spray. Our pick? The SEXY HAIR Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray. Not only will it keep the strands intact, but it fights frizz—and who wants any of that?

6. Braided Ribbon Bun

While buns are easy and can offer a chic, polished aesthetic, they can also get a bit boring. If you opt for a low bun but you want to take it up a few notches, look no further than the braided ribbon bun. While it may appear a bit technical at first glance, this user takes us through the few-minute process, and we’re relieved to say it looks like a breeze.

7. Ribbon Headband

If you need an easy, on-the-go way to amplify your hairstyle, look no further than the ribbon headband. All you need is the ribbon of your choice and less than 60 seconds to spare. As demonstrated in this video, you’ll want to leave two pieces of hair in front, and you’re good to go.

8. Embellished Bows

It’s giving… Blair Waldorf? Instead of an embellished headband, gem or pearl-encrusted bows feel extra special and give an ‘editorial look’. This is a dressier alternative to traditional hair bows—and they pair extremely well with a sleek updo hairstyle, bouncy curls or half-up, half-down as pictured.

9. Minimalist Ribbon Strands

Soft, understated, and seriously chic, this particular look can be achieved with a skinny strand tied into a bow. Whether worn like the headband pictured, or used to secure a ponytail or low bun, the look is effortless and timeless. 

10. Half-Up, Half-Down Ribbon Braids

A little ribbon goes a long way. With just one long ribbon in the color of your choice, your hair can result in a super stylish statement in minutes. The only skill you need? Standard braiding abilities. And if you’re still stumped, this video should answer all your questions. 

11. Double Bun Bows

This user styles the perfect low buns by parting her hair down the middle and leaving two pieces out in front to curl. She then uses UNITE haircare to properly style the strands into place, and then tops off the look by attaching bobby pins to ribbons that are tied into bows. It’s as easy as she makes it look, right? 

12. Rainbow Ribbon Braids

Whether you’re headed to Pride, a music festival, or a lively night on the town, rainbow ribbon braids are an easy way to do a lot without doing much at all. You can grab a selection of rainbow-colored ribbons, or one ribbon ribbon with multiple colors—it’s up to you. But all you have to do is braid the ribbon(s) into your hair and voila, what a vibe.

13. Mini Ribbon Space Buns

If you have a shorter hairstyle, this look is super easy to achieve. You can leave your hair half up, half down to show some texture or fully commit to all of your hair being in the space-buns. After securing, fix a dainty ribbon to each bun.

14. Designer Ribbon

Looking for a unique way to upcycle the packaging of your new designer duds? Look no further than the ribbon turned hair accessory. We’ll bet you’ll have the most expensive strands in the room.

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