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14 Ribbon Hairstyles That Are Whimsical, Chic, and Easy to DIY

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If you’re looking for new ways to spruce up your go-to hairstyles, you’re in luck when it comes to hair ribbons. It seems 2022 is the comeback year for trendy hair accessories and we love seeing new twists on a classic. Hair ribbons are a perfect addition to everyone’s favorite low-maintenance styles like air-died beachy waves and messy top knots. But, they can also be dressed up by playing around with textures and colors. From fashion runways, TikTok, and magazine covers; we’re seeing hair bows pop up everywhere.

They’re the least limiting hair accessory and can accompany any hairstyle from ponytails, braids, and buns. “Bows are having a moment right now,” says San Francisco-based hair stylist and colorist Tylor Johnson. “I have been seeing a lot of really sleek skinny ribbons as well as the classic oversized bows. but typically a lot of textured fabrics—like satin, velvet, or tulle.” Keep reading for Johnson’s favorite hair ribbon inspired looks and exactly how to achieve them all.

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About the Expert:

Tylor Johnson is a San Francisco-based hairstylist & colorist.

1. Chic Low Ponytails

“Some of my favorite styles include the effortless low ponytail tied with a sleek skinny ribbon or scarf,” says Johnson. This look can be seen all over the fashion runways. It’s an incredibly easy hairstyle and always looks clean and polished.

If you want extra volume, tease your hair a bit at the crown of your head before gathering it into a pony. “You’ll need clear hair elastics for any ponytails (because let's be real, we don’t want any of these showing) and, of course, bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to hold whatever look you decide on in place,” explains Johnson. Pro tip: Try using a satin ribbon for this look as they’re extra shiny.

2. Wrapped Low Buns

Like an elevated messy bun, you can achieve this look by weaving a silk scarf into your bun and leaving a little extra out to make a bow at the bottom. This is a great hairstyle to incorporate embellished bobby pins or hair clips, too.

3. Statement Tulle

This style is best done with darker colors, ideally black ribbon. Definitely seek this fabric out at a craft store to DIY instead of buying a tulle bow. You can pair this with the low pony style or a low bun.

“Make sure you have a texture spray on deck for this! Ideally the more texture you have in your hair the better it will allow any accessory, including bows, to stay in place—especially when it comes to effortless ponytails or buns,” says Johnson.

4. Half Up, Half Down

An easy, classic hairstyle to incorporate a hair bow. Separate a section of hair at the crown and secure it with a hair tie before putting your bow in. The Best part? This is a cute hairstyle for both long hair and short hair styles.

5. Braided Crowns

We’ve all seen the perfect Frida Kahlo inspired crown. This summer hairstyle is so universal and truly works for all hair textures.

Johnson says the easiest way to achieve this braided updo is to split your hair in the middle and braid into two pigtails using a hair scarf. “Be sure to braid the accessory over the top of each section of hair so that most of it is showing,” she says. Pulling pieces of the braid a little after it is secured will make it look chunkier and more textured. “Arrange each braid over the top of your head like a rainbow and start to secure it with bobby pins. If you have any [hair scarf] left over on the ends, you can tuck them under the braids and pin them in place,” Johnson tells us.

6. Braided Buns & French Braids

Similar to braided crowns, braided buns and French braids are a fresh take on the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic. Ditch your claw clip and try this low bun hairstyle instead. It’s easy to take a hair scarf or a hair ribbon attached to a scrunchy for this look. Feel free to slick back the sides of your hair or leave some wispy strands out. And if you prefer a single French braid without throwing it into a bun, that works too!

7. Textured Ribbons

Velvet hair bows definitely fit more of a fall, winter, or holiday look. It’s a hair accessory that we often see on the fashion runways or on the red carpet. Owning a simple, velvet black ribbon is definitely a must. Plus, you can pair them with gold or rhinestone-studded hair pins for a maximalist hairstyle.

8. Gem Embellished Bows

This gives total Blair Waldorf vibes. Instead of an embellished headband, gem-encrusted bows feel extra special and give an ‘editorial look’. This is a dressier alternative to traditional hair bows—and they pair extremely well with a sleek updo hairstyle or bouncy curls.

9. Minimalist Ribbon Strands

Soft, understated, and seriously chic, this particular can be achieved with a skinny ribbon or delicate cord (like in the photo) tied into a bow or knot over a low ponytail. Remember those clear elastics Johnson mentioned? They’ll really come in handy when securing this look.

10. Wound Fishtail Braids

We love how this look can be a bit messy—in fact, a little undone is a good thing. To keep the hairstyle from appearing too clean or perfect, you’ll want to tease your hair a bit first. Then, you can partially braid a fishtail into your hair and wind or wrap a ribbon until it feels and looks right according to your own taste. This simple hairstyle throws rules aside and makes it easy to add different elements.

11. Lengthy Bow Scrunchies

The longer, the better. Try playing with the lengths of your ribbons and hair bows. Do you want the loops to be extra long and billowy? Maybe have the tails dangle past your shoulders? It’s totally up to you! This customizable look is best paired with statement earrings to complete the soft, effortless style.

12. Rainbow Ribbon Braids

Here’s another look that’s easy to DIY and it screams Coachella. Stick with the rainbow variety of ribbon or choose another color palette. Simply split your hair into two braids and weave the ribbons in as you go.

13. Mini Ribbon Space Buns

If you have a shorter hairstyle, this look is super easy to achieve. You can leave your hair half up, half down to show some texture or fully commit to all of your hair being in the space-buns. After securing, fix a dainty ribbon to each bun.

14. Patterned Hair Ribbons

Patterned hair ribbons are definitely a statement. They work well in the braided crown (like the example above) or on their own, fixed to a ponytail or low bun. They’re perfect for summer hair styles and, as a bonus, you can tie these ribbons around your favorite bag handle whenever you’re not using it.

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