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16 Spring Makeup 2023 Looks That’ll Make You Stand Out

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As we ease out of winter, it means only one thing: spring makeup looks ahead! It’s time to brighten things up and embrace all the exciting new spring makeup trends. This means playful eyeliner, matte pastels, and a whole lotta blush. Whether you’re keeping up with these beauty trends or your signature beauty look follows your own unique style, it’s definitely time to change things up with your makeup products for the lighter, floral-focused season. We did some digging, and in 2023, we can happily say striking eye makeup looks do not need to be complicated. That’s right, you can give off glam, celebrity-makeup-artist vibes without actually being a pro MUA.

Grab your favorite eye shadow palette with plenty of pigment (and a glossy lip balm or your go-to lip color to top it off), because our list has something for everyone. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist; a cat-eye stan or a smoky eye lover; a Maybelline girlie or a Pat McGrath loyalist; or you go for glowy over matte; you’re about to bring the fresh season to life, regardless of skin tone, hair color, or anything else.

Prepare to call Getty because you’ll be ready for your closeup. Did someone say Hailey Bieber runway during fashion week? OK, OK, we may be getting ahead of ourselves, but we will say we’re so grateful that creativity has expanded and made it so much easier to create pro-level spring makeup looks from home.

Ready to dive into 16 of the best spring makeup looks below that won’t require an in-depth TikTok tutorial to nail? Keep scrolling.

1. Ethereal Pink

Shimmery, light, and steals the night! This soft, pinky-gold look features pops of color in all the right places. To amp up the intensity, pop a thicker liner on the lids. This user applied the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Blossom palette, which is no longer available, but any shades with shimmer will do! 

2. Shimmery Gold

We’re definitely sensing a theme here: Shimmer is in for spring. This look is easy to achieve. Use a burnt orange base, and pack a light, reflective gold onto the lid. Then grab a thin, angled brush and lightly glide the burnt orange over the lash line. It’s giving springtime sunset, and we’re here for it.

3. Pop of Sunshine

Spring makeup looks can be vibrant without being complicated. This bold yet basic color creation appears to feature just two shades. Cover your lids with a vibrant yellow, and then use a vibrant orange in the crease, extending both colors out to the corner of the water line. A look this simple is perfect for making a statement on the go. 

4. Effortlessly Bold

Whether you’re rushing out the door or you simply want a quick pop of color, grabbing a vibrant eyeliner (à la the turquoise featured above) is an easy way to give your look a springy boost. Top it off with a tiny swipe of white in the waterline for some added flair. 

5. Frosty Pink

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Sometimes less is more—and in the case of this look, a soft swipe of frosty pink says it all. Especially on fair skin and blue eyes, a little frost and a lot of mascara is really all you need to make a spring statement. 

6. Magenta Magic

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Bold springtime looks don’t need to be complex. Go simple while maximizing the drama by adding some vibrant pink to the lid and topping it off with thick, black eyeliner. You’ll be easy, breezy, and on the go!

7. Pretty in Pastels

Do you have three light pops of color on hand? Create an effortless look that gives off major MUA vibes. Aside from the pastels of choice, all you need is a blending brush, and voila—you’re about to turn heads. 

8. Green Goddess

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Whether it’s date night or you’re just in the mood for a high-impact look, you can’t go wrong with a smoky green eye during spring. This user applied MELT COSMETICS Gemini Palette along with black eyeliner to create a sultry look (she calls it a “sparkly green classic eye”) that you can wear with anything.

9. Lovely in Lavender

You can’t celebrate spring without lilacs and lavender, so why not incorporate them into a beautiful seasonal eyeshadow aesthetic? This user applied M⋅A⋅C shadows in Cobalt, Orb, Girlie, and Rose Before Bros, and the look appears easy to recreate at home. And even if you don’t have the striking blue hair hue to complement the colors, you’ll be good simply topping it off with a swipe of coral on your lips. 

Can’t make it to the tropics? Bring the vacation to you! This easy-to-achieve eye look appears almost as fun as a getaway itself. Find the neon palette of your choice and apply a lighter orange to the lid, with a darker neon orange in the crease. Swipe some pastel pink liner onto the lash line and top it off with magenta on the waterline.

11. Hot Pink Alert

Use a piece of tape to guide your shadow color lines and make this look extra sharp. It’s not for the faint of heart! Bonus points if you line your waterline with a hot pink color to boot. This artist used the COLOURPOP Gel Eyeliner collection.

12. Paint ’n Play

This eye look is easier to achieve than you think. First pat glitter all over your top lids. We love NAKED COSMETICS Cosmetic Glitter for this, since you can easily dip your finger in the jar and pat on glitter crystals exactly where you want them. The best part about playing with glitter is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. From there, grab a blue liquid eyeliner (or any color you want!) and draw on a wing from the outer corner of your eye and then fake eyelashes all along the bottom lash line. The result is springtime glittery fairy meets 1970s supermodel, and we’re obsessed.

13. Blushing Beauty

Celeb makeup artist Alexis Oakley (who does Alix Earle’s makeup!) is loving the pink blush trend where you bring the color up from the apples of your cheeks to your eyes. In this look, she swirls pink cheek color up towards the eyes and even adds pink eyeliner in the waterline. If you want to shine even brighter, make sure to tap highlighter on the area between your cheeks and nose for eye-catching sparkle.

14. Crystal Freckles

Spring is the time to head outside! So whether you’re there for a pretty picnic with your besties or your first rooftop party, stand out from the crowd with this crystal freckle look. Just place eye gems on your cheeks and nose area the same way you’d draw on freckles. Bonus points if you put them over your existing freckle pattern.

15. Peachy Pout

Celebrity makeup artist Emily Cheng created this makeup look on Golden Globe–winner Julia Garner. To keep the look simple, Cheng emphasized full lashes on the top of the eye with a jet black liquid line. The bottom of the eyes are virtually untouched to let the star of the show be the peachy pout that pulls together the look and makes Garner appear effortlessly girly and ethereal.

16. Perfectly Tinted

According to makeup artist Sara Egan, skin tint serums and creams will be trending for spring. Skin tints are the easiest way to look dewy without looking weighed down. Plus, you can usually layer skin tints like the HI BEAUTIFUL YOU Skin Perfecting Tint if you need more of a full-coverage look.

Ready to try out these looks and more? Secure everything you need to level up your spring makeup with an IPSY membership! Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started with your very own subscription. Already a member? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and TikTok @IPSY.

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