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This TikTok Makeup Hack Totally Changed My Foundation Game—But Not for the Better


There’s a reason there are so many makeup hacks out there using foundation. It can be one of the most difficult beauty products in your makeup routine to truly nail. That’s because foundation takes into account skin tone but not as often skin type. What works for someone with oily skin might be disastrous on someone with dry skin. And those with combination skin have totally different struggles. We’re talking cakey skin, foundation separating from primer, and other not-so-pretty results. Luckily, there are foundation hacks like one viral TikTok makeup trend that can help your complexion products (including concealer!) lay smooth and last the entire day without fading.

TikTok user Jarida’s (previously ridaaaamat on the platform) video blew up earlier last year with more than 600 likes, hundreds of shares, thousands of comments and 5.6 million views. She explained how she makes her skin look like it’s been filtered using setting spray, setting powder and primer before foundation. What?! Yes, for real. And she’s not the only one. Makeup artists have been posting about this trick on YouTube to various degrees but to gorgeous results.

What’s especially stellar about this foundation hack is that it doesn’t add a lot of time to your makeup routine. Instead, it switches up the order of the process for maximum efficiency. But there is one catch. Not everyone with dry skin loved the results. It seems this makeup hack is best for those with oily skin who like matte makeup without an ounce of shine. As someone with dry skin, I knew I had to try it.


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Here’s how it works:

As Jarida explains in her makeup tutorial, you apply moisturizer first and then take some translucent powder and “lightly dab it” all over your face. “Not too much,” she warns. Then, take a setting spray and mist your face. Wait for your setting spray to fully dry and apply primer. Finally, apply your foundation “and just see what happens and how amazing your f****** makeup is going to look.” She even promises the makeup will stay on the entire day without creasing. She recommends a few products but you can use anything in your beauty bag. If it works for your skin, it’s more likely to fit well into this beauty tip. She also missed one major step: SPF. Don’t forget sunscreen if you’re doing this makeup look during the day.

Jarida makes it clear that she didn’t invent this TikTok makeup hack, not wanting to take credit when this is something makeup artists have done before. “I heard that it’s been used by people for a long time but I just heard about it,” she says. “Look, I don’t have a beauty filter on.” She gestures to her flawless skin and it’s hard to believe she even has foundation on.

Comments started pouring in after Jarida posted her makeup tutorial. Many called this a “game changer.” One TikTok user said: “I have oily skin. It’s amazing and it lasted so much longer surprisingly because usually nothing lasts too long on my skin.” Unfortunately, many folks with oily and combination skin found the trick made their face look dry and patchy. Jarida and other TikTok users in the comments note that if it doesn’t work for you, a different type of primer–perhaps more hydrating—might help. At the end of the day though, this is a foundation hack that gives you matte skin so that has to be a makeup look you like.

My results:

I already knew this probably wasn’t the DIY foundation hack for me but I like to try most TikTok trends to see if they’d work IRL. I have dry skin and I don’t have any trouble getting my foundation to stay on all day. I also don’t love matte makeup. Oops. Still, I went to town following Jarida’s steps. I applied moisturizer, focusing a little extra in the areas I tend to get flaky. I grabbed my translucent powder, which I almost never use except under my eyes, and lightly dabbed it over my face. This time, I actually avoided the places I’m most dry. The key is to minimize the cakey look.

Next, I misted setting spray all over my face. When I say I was matte, I mean I was matte. Once it dried, I applied a hydrating primer. Finally, I dabbed a natural-looking foundation all over my face, blending it in with a makeup sponge. Jarida noted in the comments that she sometimes adds a little setting powder again at the end but I decided to skip that step. I was already dry enough. I finished with concealer, cream blush and bronzer, liquid highlighter and eyeshadow using my favorite eyeshadow palette. A little mascara and I was ready for my close-up.

In photos, my makeup did look great. My skin looked smooth and very even-toned. But up close, all I could see was dry, cracked places. It didn’t feel great, either. I felt like there were too many makeup products on my skin and it made me want to bust out the skincare and get working to undo all the damage I just did. Sigh. It seems not all trending makeup tutorials are for you. That being said, I can see how making some adjustments would give me more success.

First of all, my dry skin probably needs a more hydrating moisturizer than the oil-free version I used. I can also try a dewy—instead of matte—setting spray to decrease the likelihood of a cakey look. The same goes with foundation. One made for dry skin is less likely to fully dry down. It’ll give the skin more of a natural finish, which I personally prefer. But even I have to admit, doing this routine made all my makeup stay on until bed. While I probably won’t do this trick for an everyday look, it might work well for a special occasion when I want more of a full face beat. For now, I’ll be over here doing a 10-step skincare routine that includes all the hydration.

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Article Last Updated January 28, 2021 12:00 AM