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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Argan Oil


There’s a reason argan oil is typically referred to as “liquid gold” by skincare buffs. Extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree, it’s a choice ingredient in high-end skincare products because there’s seemingly nothing this exotic oil can’t do. It’s jam-packed with fatty acids and vitamin E, and aside from making your skin more supple and youthful, it’s also a great antidote to split ends and thinning hair. 

Want to know even more about all the ways argan oil can be a gamechanger in your hair care and skincare routine? Keep reading below to find out how you can reap the benefits of argan oil today.

So, What Exactly is Argan Oil?

You already know that it’s magic in a bottle, but you might not be aware that argan oil has been used in Moroccan dishes for ages for its healthy fat content and delicious nutty flavor profile. At some point, people discovered that it’s also pretty awesome when you slather it onto your skin. That’s due to a variety of fatty acids, like oleic and linoleic acid, that are believed to be anti-aging and skin-repairing. 

Argan oil is well-loved because it tends to be multi-purpose—you can use it for acne and blemishes, as a hydrating fix for dry skin, or to address redness and irritation in skin barriers that have been compromised by harsh ingredients and environmental stress. On top of that, you can use it as a leave-in conditioner to combat frizz and lock moisture into your hair (and to hydrate dry cuticles, too). Pure argan oil is the poster child for healthy fats, and the results—clear eyes, lit-from-within skin, and silky hair—pretty much speak for themselves.



What Does Argan Oil Do?

Below, we've listed a few of the many benefits of argan oil in your beauty routine. 

Benefit #1: It’s Super Moisturizing

The most common use for argan oil is as a super-rich moisturizer. That’s not surprising, given the high ratios of vitamin E and fatty acids. It’s silky and super-absorbent, meaning you can load it onto your skin without worrying that you’ll be left with a greasy feel. A few drops go a long way, and when used on a regular basis, can seal in moisture and also help your skincare products penetrate even deeper into your pores. It’s a low-maintenance fix for dry skin, but the effects are anything but.

Benefit #2: It Won’t Break You Out

We all probably know that the right oils can work beautifully on oily and acne-prone skin without leading to breakouts. The great thing about argan oil is that it’s way less comedogenic (blackhead-causing and pore-clogging) than other oils and can even be used as an acne treatment. In fact, argan oil scores an impressive zero rating on the comedogenicity scale, an honor shared by very few skincare ingredients. Because of argan oil’s natural anti-sebum effect, it also has the power to regulate your skin’s oil production and lead to smoother, less blemished skin.

Benefit #3: It Has Anti-Aging Effects

We all want baby-smooth skin, and argan oil practically airbrushes away fine lines and other visible signs of aging. Argan oil’s linoleic acid content is known for its age-defying effects, as it tightens pores and makes skin more supple and firm. The changes you’ll see after applying argan oil aren’t just skin-deep; they’re tissue-deep. Because linoleic acid is a tissue strengthener, it’s believed to discourage wrinkles from forming in the long term.

Benefit #4: It Prevents Hair Damage

Thicker, stronger hair? Sign us up! Argan oil is a lifesaver when it comes to strengthening your strands and keeping shedding at bay. The fatty acids in argan oil can clarify your scalp, prevent dandruff, seal split ends, and fortify brittle hair, meaning your dreams of having a mane like Rapunzel’s might not feel like just another fairy tale, after all.

Benefit #5: It’s Good for Your Nails, Too

If you’ve ever suffered from brittle nails and ragged cuticles, argan oil definitely deserves a place in your nail-care regimen. Because of its protective and moisturizing properties, it works to soften the tough skin around your nails and provides the kind of hydration that prevents peeling. Check out HELIOS Argan Drops Cuticle Oil for a non-greasy, cuticle-softening fix.


How to Use Argan Oil

One of the reasons we love argan oil is that it’s so easy to use. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to applying it to your skin and hair for an enviable glow and down-to-there locks. You can use it:

APHRODITE SKINCARE Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream with Argan Oil

1. As an anti-aging serum and moisturizer: Simply massage a few drops of pure argan oil into your face and neck after cleansing your skin. Or, reach for APHRODITE SKINCARE Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream with Argan Oil to smooth and firm your skin.

2. As a DIY mask ingredient: Add a few drops of argan oil to a homemade face mask for some extra brightening and toning (it’s especially amazing with yogurt and honey).

THEORIE Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask

3. As a scalp & hair booster: Use BAREFOOT VENUS 100% Argan Oil as a healing treatment for dandruff or thinning hair by massaging the oil thoroughly into your scalp and leaving it in overnight. While you’re at it, replace your leave-in conditioner with argan oil by rubbing it into damp or towel-dried hair two to three times a week. Don't want to DIY? Pick up an argan oil hair mask like THEORIE Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask for a quick, store-bought fix of hydration and moisture.


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