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2023’s Top Makeup Trends Are Here

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From the NYFW runways to our favorite makeup artist recommendations, we’ve been not-so-patiently watching (OK, scouring social media daily) for the upcoming year’s beauty trends to drop. Will makeup get bolder? Will bleached brows make a comeback? (Spoiler alert: Yes!) And, most importantly, will we know how to recreate them ourselves?

If you’re just as excited as we are for 2023’s beauty forecast, you’ve come to the right place. We chatted with Nick Lujan and Jamie Greenberg, both celebrity makeup artists about 2023’s most exciting makeup trends and how to re-make them your own.

So, what’s changing this year, and what’s here to stay? Lujan’s topline intel: “Feathered brows will still be in, but we are also seeing a re-emergence of the bleach brow look. And with the lifting of pandemic mask mandates, lips are taking the lead with bold reds, purples, and a lot of high-shine gloss toppers.” Some more great news? “Statement eyes are staying! Blues, greens, and adornments will carry into 2023,” says Lujan. And for skin, “Skinimalism, the barely-there foundation, and skin tints are going to be everybody’s best friend.

Ready to dive into 2023’s best makeup trends? Continue reading for our top 12, with pro makeup tips to create them all at home. 

About the Expert: 

Nick Lujan is the celebrity makeup artist and Global Director of Artistry and Education for Kevyn Aucoin.
Jamie Greenberg is a Celebrity Makeup Artist, content creator, and founder of Blighlighter and Bloss.

1. Glazed Temple Highlight

You’ve probably seen dewy, glazed skin or the glazed donut trend all over TikTok. It’s all about getting that glossy look with hydrating skincare and glow-enhancing makeup. According to Lujan, in 2023 we’re “Pushing the limits of highlight and glass skin to the next level, and focusing placement on the temple and orbital bone, versus the cheek.”

The glazed temple trend, Lujan adds, “is an eye-catching, light reflecting, flash of highlight on the temples. In essence, we are shifting all the cheek highlight to the temple and orbital bone, so when you angle your face or turn on your personal catwalk, the light reflects with a flash.”

Here’s how to create it: “As a final step in your makeup application, add a drop [of liquid highlighter] (Lujan loves KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY Glass Glow Face) to the part of your palm between the thumb and wrist, and press this part of the palms together to evenly distribute between the two. Then, stamp gently onto the temples, outside of the eyes and closer to the hairline.”

2. Bleached Brows

When it comes to brows, feathered brows are here to stay, and (surprise!) bleached brows are making a comeback. Lujan describes this year’s bleached brow trend as being used to, “soften the frame of the eye area and put all attention on the lashes and lids.”

Lujan adds, “Rather than committing to the bleached brow effect full time, I love to employ a “faux bleach brow” application that’s easy and very effective.” Here’s how: First, Lujan recommends choosing KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY Sensual Skin Enhancer in a shade that’s closest to your skin tone. “I apply it against the hair growth pattern of the brows with a brow brush. Then, use the same brow brush to style the brow hairs in the direction of growth. Repeat the process until the brows fade into your skin tone.”

We love: BILLION DOLLAR BROWS Eyebrow Brush is a dual-ended brush that makes filling, shaping, fluffing, and taming your brows a piece of cake.

3. Patent Leather Lips

Red lips never go out of style. This year’s red has a decidedly edgy feel Lujan describes as a “bold red, long-wear lip with a high shine gloss topper.” To create it, Lujan increases the wear-time of color by lightly layering on translucent powder during application. “Apply a neutral pencil to shape the lips and create a base. Set with translucent setting powder. Apply a bold matte red lip color and set with translucent setting powder. Let the powder sit for a moment on the lip, then dust off excess before applying a juicy clear lip gloss.”

We love: COMPLEX CULTURE SET, GO • Translucent Finishing Powder to set, blur, and mattify in one simple step.

4. Minimalist Blush

With skinimalism still going strong, there’s also a focus on letting your natural beauty shine with a few easy adjustments to your beauty routine. Instead of layering products in their usual order, we’re building up a natural glow. “There is a shift from bolder blush application to a soft, subdued blush-from-within look,” Lujan says. “Cream Blush or Lipstick are the ideal product to work with for this method. After your skin is prepped and primed, apply a sheer layer of skin tint or light foundation all over skin (Lujan uses KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY Stripped Nude Skin Tint). Then, use a blush brush to pick up a bit of cream pigment and test it out on the back of your hand before applying to the cheek. After you apply your blush, stipple another layer of skin tint on top to create the “blushed from within” look.

5. Bold Blue Eye Makeup

“Blues can be intimidating; I would suggest starting with a blue mascara for a subtle step into color,” Lujan says. “If you are comfortable in blue mascara, you will be comfy with a blue eyeliner in the waterline. These two tips can be partnered with any makeup look, natural to dramatic, just subbing in blue for your normal brown and black liner or mascara.

Already a bold blue fan? Lujan adds, “For makeup enthusiasts, try out a blue color wash eye. Essentially, it is a smokey eye technique, subbing in blue in place of dark matte black. With so many variations of blue, you choose navy, royal or brilliant blue.”

For more inspo, check out our list of stunning blue eyeshadow looks for every occasion.

6. Fun Metallic Lids

Metallics are a year-round favorite—and we’re loving a kiss of metallic eyeshadow on lids for 2023. Here’s how Lujan applies it: “After your complexion and brows are complete (using your concealer and setting powder as a base to the eye area), use your finger to pick up a bit of your favorite metallic shadow shade. Note, fingers are always the best application for metallic shadows. Dab and swipe the metallic shadow from the center of the upper lash line outward, stopping just shy of the crease. Finish the look with waterline eyeliner application and a healthy application of mascara.

We love: CIATE LONDON Marbled Metals Eyeshadow in Wicked—it goes on easy with minimal fallout and blends out to a metallic, glittery finish that’s totally scene-stealing.

7. Monochrome Makeup

We’re always fans of multitasking with makeup, so we’re thrilled to see that monochrome makeup is going strong this season. Lujan suggests using, “a blush color that doubles as a soft lip tint and touch of warmth in the crease of the eye.”Whether you love monochromatic makeup in rose or peach, or you want to go bold with plum or red, this easy and impactful makeup trend will always steal the show.

We love: PATRICK TA Monochrome Moment Velvet Blush in She’s Passionate for an easy and eye-catching, peachy-rose monochromatic makeup look. It lasts long, it’s easy to blend, and leaves your skin subtle radiant wherever you apply.

8. Colored Lashes

“I hope to see colored lashes come into the trend space as I feel like color is really making a comeback, and colored lashes are a fun way to switch it up,” says Jamie. Colored lashes are so ‘90s and with many ‘90s trends coming back around, we’re surprised we haven’t seen this trend dominate sooner. But don’t worry, you don’t need to scour the internet for falsies—you can get colored lashes with a quick swipe of mascara. 

We love: LIME CRIME Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara. This mascara is the easiest way to get the colored lashes of your dreams. They come in three vibrant colors (blue, green & purple) and a black shade if you fall in love with the formula like we did. 

9. Non-Traditional Blush Placement 

“Using blush the same way you would use your bronzer—forehead, cheekbones, temples,” says Jamie. In recent years we’ve seen blush being used just about every which way. We still remember Doja Cats’ Vogue video where she expressed her love of blush over her nose. But Jamie suspects this trend to carry on in 2023, with people wanting to experiment using blush in place of bronzer. 

We love: BENEFIT Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain will always be a beloved product among the makeup community. It’s a staple to have in your makeup collection and it has so many multipurpose uses. It blends well and gives the perfect flush of color to use traditionally or on your forehead, nose, or temples. Of course, powder blush works too!

10. Blurred Lips

The blurred lip trend is coming out of the lip mud trend made popular in Korea. This lazy, slept-in lip look is as chic as ever and you can apply it a couple different ways. We suggest using a fluffy brush, blotting after application, or even going in with your fingers for the ‘barely there’ look. You can use a lip stain or lipstick that skews a bit matte.

We love: Persona Cosmetics E-Balm Tinted Lip Balm or Glossier Generation G for this look. Add a little to your fingers and work in the product to your lips. If you like a bit more shine, add a tiny amount of clear gloss. It will make the blurred effect stand out even more. And remember, perfect application doesn’t apply with this trend! 

11. Colored Eyeliner

“Colored eyeliners are going to rollover as a trend in 2023. We’ve seen some graphic eyeliner looks inspired by Euphoria, and I expect to see even more next year,’ says Jamie. It’s true – colored eyeliner isn’t going anywhere and everyday we see new ways on how to use it via social media. Try a tightwaterline look, reverse cat eye, or an inner corner pop of color. 

We love: NYX Epic Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Stick comes in 27 colors and holds all day long. We love the lilac colors for a pop of color. They also have great neutrals other than black if you want to ease into the trend and practice your eyeliner looks before going all out. 

12. Cream Sticks 

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Along with the skin minimalism trend, multipurpose makeup has been super popular and we expect it to roll over into 2023. The easiest way to up your multipurpose makeup game and lean into skin minimalism is with cream sticks. We’re talking foundation sticks, bronzer sticks,  blush sticks, and highlighter sticks! Everything your complexion might need – there’s a stick for it. They give that airbrushed look and don’t feel too cakey on skin. Plus – they  last forever! 

We love: Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer and Merit Beauty Flush Balm are two cream sticks that you must pick up. They glide on and melt into skin making it look like you have nothing on at all – just the best complexion ever. Pro tip: don't swipe directly onto skin. Warm up the product with your finger and dab it on your skin, you won’t run the risk of a harsh line!

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