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Feather Brows: How to Try This Fluffy Brow Trend


Every era has an eyebrow moment, from the thin, penciled brow era of the ‘90s to the impeccably bold, photo-ready brows all over Insta today. Lately, we’ve sent our tweezers off to an early retirement thanks to the popularity and ease of thick brows. So we’re extra pleased that the newest brow beauty trend is a low-maintenance, natural hair look that requires no stencils, microblading, or other semi-permanent beauty treatments. We're talking, of course, about feather eyebrows.

An image of a blonde model with a no-makeup makeup look and feather brows paired with a nude pink lipstick

What Are Feather Brows?

Feather eyebrows take their inspiration from...well, feathers. Feather brows aim for light and fluffy brow hairs that follow your brows’ natural shape and color, kinda like bird feathers. At their most dramatic, feather brows can feature brow hairs pointing in all directions, while the more subtle versions feature wispy feather brow hairs that just reach up over your natural brow arch.

Whether you're all about this beauty trend or are fine with your current brow routine, feather brows are a totally inclusive look that works for brows of all shapes and sizes. We especially love that this new brow trend is easy to copy, whether you’re a budding makeup artist or brow expert with every type of brow gel tucked in your makeup case or you’re just beginning your brow journey. And feather brows are understated enough to keep the focus on your other makeup, like bold eyeshadow or lip looks, but are understated enough to simply pair with mascara or clear lip gloss.

Ready to try out this new brow trend for yourself? Continue reading for our tips on how to become a feather brow expert, step-by-step.


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How to Get Feathered Brows

We get it: The last thing you need is another item on your To-Do list. Save your time and sanity by snapping up a brow kit that includes everything you’ll need to perfect the feathered brow look. We’re huge fans of the BILLION DOLLAR BROWS Best Sellers Kit, which packs an eyebrow pencil, highlighter, brow gel, and brow brush in one convenient package. Not only are these products cruelty-free, but they’re also long lasting, meaning you can officially cross “makeup touchup” off your list.

An image of a model taming her eyebrows using a spoolie

Step 1: Create your shape.

Start your brows after you've applied your skincare and face makeup, so that you won't have to worry about messing up your brow hairs as you massage and blend. Once you've applied your face makeup, begin taming your brow hairs. Using the brow spoolie end of the Universal Brow Pencil (or a clean mascara wand), brush and fluff your brow hairs up. You’ll want to start with feathered strokes upwards, lifting and pumping up the volume. Move toward the center of your eyebrows as you brush, and brush up along the natural arch of your brow until you reach your desired feathering.

An image of a model brows being filled with eyebrow makeup product

Step 2: Define and fill.

Flip the Universal Brow Pencil over, and you’re ready to define and fill in your brows. The key to feathered brows is starting small, with a light touch to only the areas that need some extra filling. Tackle the sparse areas first, usually the areas on the outer parts of your brow. Apply the pencil with soft, upward hair strokes before you move on to the fuller areas. If you accidentally overdo it with product, simply blend away the extra pigment with your spoolie or clean mascara wand and begin again.

Step 3: Lock it in.

Once you’ve got the feathered brows of your dreams, don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Lock ‘em in place with a long lasting brow gel. Applying the Clear Brow Gel won’t darken or change the natural color of your brows, like it would if you used a dark brown eyebrow gel and or tinted eyebrow pomade. Why choose a clear brow gel? Since you’re going for a more natural look with feathered brows, the key is to stay as close to your actual brow hair color as possible.

To apply your brow gel, start in the center of your eyebrows and move outwards and upwards. Apply your brow gel to any areas you filled in, too, to make sure the color sticks. Don't worry about applying too much: the Clear Brow Gel formula is lightweight and the spoolie distributes it evenly across your brow hairs so it’s really hard to go overboard.

An image of a model blending concealer over her eyebrow with a smudge brush

Step 4: Conceal & highlight.

After you’ve defined your eyebrows, you’ll want to clean up the area above your brows with a lightweight concealer that's just a few shades lighter than your brows. We love the convenience of the Brow Duo Pencil’s two-in-one concealer and highlighter packaging. Start with the concealer end and whip out your Smudge Brush. Run the short bristles over the concealer to pack on product. Using short, gentle brush strokes, brush the product on just above your brow hairs, until it’s blended into your skin.

Then, it's time to bring on the shimmer and emphasize your feather brows even more. Twist the Brow Duo Pencil over and you’ve got a highlighter that’s guaranteed to make your brows pop. Even better, you don't need a highlighter brush to apply it. Simply swipe the pencil under the arch of your eyebrow, using light strokes to create a soft, somewhat dotted line under your brows. The highlighter will draw attention to the shape of your eyebrow, while also giving your skin a subtle glow. Blend it all in using the Smudge Brush.


And that's it–the feather brow beauty trend in minutes. Want in on all the Glam Bag fun? Take the beauty quiz now to get started. And don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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