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Your August 2022 Glam Bag Design Reveal Is Here


Warm breezes, lush landscapes, major glow. This month, your Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus designs should inspire you to check in to a vacay state of mind (hello, massages and matching mani-pedis), unwind, and go ahead, order room service. Want a behind-the-scenes look at what went into designing our August 2022 Glam Bags? We spoke with IPSY designer Joanne Wong to give us all the details, from inspiration to design to bag construction. Keep scrolling for your inside scoop, and don’t forget to check out the stunning past Glam Bag designs for June 2022 and July 2022.

About the Expert:

Joanne Wong is an LA-based senior designer in fashion and accessories.

August 2022 Glam Bag

August 2022 IPSY Glam Bag on pink and green background

A monthly theme like hotel paradise wouldn’t be complete without a nod to summer vacations and stunning hotels. “The color and the print of the bags are inspired by the iconic modern interior design of The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles,” says Wong. Think pink everything, tropical gardens, and of course the signature banana-leaf and pink wallpaper. “We wanted the glamorous and refreshing bags to activate your summer vacation mode.”

The tropical vibes don’t end there. The beautiful print (made of a lightweight, soft faux satin material) is paired with peach zipper tape and lining, plus the zipper pull is shiny gold and tropical leaf-shaped to match the pattern. “This Glam Bag is so light, and I can easily pack my makeup in there,” says Wong. “I will be carrying this anywhere I go when I’m traveling this summer.”

August 2022 Glam Bag Plus

August 2022 IPSY Glam Bag Plus drawstring bag on pink and green background

Are you a Glam Bag Plus Ipster? The Hotel Paradise theme is just as fab for you. The same tropical pink and green banana leaf print and lightweight faux satin material will also be featured on your Glam Bag Plus. Plus, the pop of peachy orange drawstring cord and woven IPSY logo keeps the vacay vibes coming.

“This Glam Bag Plus is full of summer vacation memories,” says Wong. “I can pack my travel essentials in this bag easily. I’m going to put my phone, sunscreen, and my book in this Glam Bag Plus pouch, hang out by the pool, and enjoy the book and my summer favorite drink!”

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Article Last Updated July 7, 2022 12:00 AM