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These Genius Blush Hacks Will Change the Way You Do Your Makeup Forever


One of the best gifts to come out of TikTok has to be the endless makeup tutorials, tricks, and beauty hacks that have come along with it. From contouring with self tanner, to broccoli freckles, to soap brows, slugging with Vaseline, nose highlight, and winged eyeliner for hooded eyes, BeautyTok has the ability to churn out makeup hacks almost faster than Swifties can sell out a stadium (almost). And while not every tutorial or trendyou come across on social media may be worth trying (for example, the idea of piling on a bottle of foundation for a GRWM in our car had our skin silently screaming), there are tons of viral hacks that are totally worth trying.

One category that’s a gift that keeps on giving? Blush hacks. With endless content on applying blush to create lifted, sculpted, glowy, radiant blush looks created by makeup artists and influencers alike, it can be tricky to weed out which ones are life changing and which ones are just posted for the likes. Luckily, we live for this stuff. Read on for five of the best viral blush hacks that’ll take your makeup looks to the next level (and won’t waste your time).

1. “L” is for Lifted Blush Hack

@ipsy How to apply blush! #blushhack #makeuphacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

This may just be one of the best blush hacks (and the easiest!) that we’ve ever come across. Instead of swiping your blush in circles around the apple of your cheeks, make an “L” shape with your thumb and index finger. Angle your thumb so that it rests right along the edge of your cheekbone. Then, apply your blush with a blush brush in upwards swipes from the middle of your thumb toward your index finger for an instant lift. We love a shimmer-packed and high pigmented powder blush like the V KOSMETIK Lightweight Powder Blush in Rose Gold because it gives our cheeks a rosy glow with a hint of built-in highlighter.

2. Sunrise vs. Sunset Blush Blush Hack

@ipsy Which side do you prefer? 🌅 #sunsetblush #blushhack #makeuptutorial #IPSY @GlamWithSuzan 🧿 ♬ original sound - SPAZN

If you love to play with pigment, these dueling hacks are for you. Both slay for day and night, giving your skin a warm sun-kissed glow, but one’s a little moodier than the other—can you guess which one?

For sunrise blush, all you’ll need are a few liquid pigments (you can also use a liquid eyeshadow for this), and a liquid highlighter (yellow, pink, coral, and peachy pink shimmer highlighters are our faves for this). Dab the yellow, pink, and coral in a row on the highest point of your cheekbones and add two dots of shimmer just above. Then, blend them with a makeup blender. We tried ACE BEAUTE Blushed Up Liquid Blush in Berry Bust which was the perfect rosy-coral shade that blended beautifully with the rest. Top it off with CHARLOTTE TILBURY Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk and you’re giving gorgeous.

For sunset blush, you’re going for the same technique with deeper pigments. A magenta pink, a burnt orange (dip a wet brush in NARS Single Eyeshadow in Persia), an eggplant purple, topped off with a golden shimmer like ITEM BEAUTY Hey Hi Halo Liquid Highlighter in Bolt is all you need to channel sunset drinks on the sand.

3. Patrick Ta’s Viral Cream-Over-Powder Blush Hack

@patrickta Try Using My Technique Using My Major Headlines Cream Blush Over Powder @patricktabeauty ♬ original sound - patrick ta

This blush hack had us floored the first time it popped up on our FYP. Why? Because it went against every blush rule we’ve ever been taught by applying a powder blush under a cream blush, rather than the other way around. Sounds crazy, right? But we trusted the process, and saw the vision. The result? An Instagram filter glow that’s become a permanent part of our makeup routine. The key to this is a damp makeup sponge which will help your makeup products blend seamlessly. First, apply your powder blush to the apple of your cheeks. Then, squeeze all of the water out of your makeup sponge and press and roll your cream blush over your powder blush to “Bring back the glow,” as Ta says. Naturally, we used PATRICK TA Major Headlines Double Take Cremé & Powder Blush Duo to achieve this because it has the perfect blush pairings and variety of shades for any skin tone. 

4. The Double C Blush + Bronzer Hack

@adityamadiraju Double C Makeup Hack for Bronzer & Blush Placement 🤎🌶️✨ #makeuphacks #makeuptips #bronzertutorial #blush #makeuptutorial #doublectechnique ♬ Sunshine - WIRA

No lie, we were skeptical about going overboard with this one until we tried it and fell in love. This trick blended out into a sun-kissed, sculpted, filtered-effect look we’ll be using all summer long. To achieve it, reach for a cream bronzer for your larger “C” like MILK MAKEUP MATTE Cream Bronzer Stick, and a creamy liquid blush like RARE BEAUTY Soft Pinch Liquid Blush as your mini “C.” Blend everything together with the same makeup brushand apply your concealer last. Trust us, you’ll be hooked on this makeup tip.

5. The Viral Setting Spray and Powder Blush Hack

@ipsy Let’s see how this goes! 💫 #blushhacks #blushtrend #makeuphacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - jovynn

If you’ve got oily skin or if you’re spending the day in the summer heat, you know that a good stay-put makeup routine is a must. That’s why this blush hack instantly had us at hello. Spritz your favorite powder blush with a dewy setting spray (we’ve always got KAB COSMETICS Hydrating Setting Mist in our makeup bag) and apply to skin with a beauty sponge or blush brush for a dewy look that'll last all day.

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Article Last Updated June 25, 2024 12:00 AM