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30 Game-Changing TikTok Beauty Hacks Flooding Your FYP Right Now


Getting beauty and skincare advice from TikTok is like The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, where you either hit the jackpot with a foolproof winged liner technique or end up with splotchy foundation—or in some extreme cases, a compromised skin barrier (please always DIY with caution). Sometimes, the allure of a game-changing hack is too strong to resist adding to your makeup routine. So to save you from endlessly scrolling through lackluster results, we sifted out of literally thousands of beauty TikTok makeup hacks to debunk what’s too good to be true and find the gems worth trying.

Not only have we rounded up our favorite TikTok hacks, we’ve even tried them for ourselves so you can be extra sure they’ve got our seal of approval. Keep scrolling for 30 of the best TikTok beauty tips from your FYP right now actually worth an attempt or two—from eyeliner hacks to DIY BB creams.

1. Wednesday Lip Combo 

@ipsy #lipstickhacks #lipcombo #IPSY ♬ original sound - heyy

Netflix’s Wednesday was a massive hit at the end of 2022 going into 2023. The show’s makeup artist revealed the exact lipstick combination needed to nail Wednesday Addams’ soft goth look, played by the gorgeous Jenna Ortega. Simply line lips with MAC COSMETICS Lip Pencil in Nightmoth and add a little clear lip balm to smudge the color. 

2. One Second Eyeliner 

@ipsy #eyelinerhacks #eyelinertutorial #IPSY ♬ muhahahahaha - jerome

Nailing the perfect winged eyeliner takes time—which sometimes you just don’t have. Fake the cat-eye look by starting with thick dark lashes, either from a volumizing mascara or fake lashes. Then, take your liquid eyeliner and draw just a quick flick of a wing at the end. There’s no need to even continue the line across your lids! This is one of our favorite beauty hacks. 

3. Easy Ombré Lip 

@ipsy Replying to @badbadgirl35 #lipstickmixing #lipstickhacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - kennn 💝

The soft gradient of ombré lipstick looks, well, complicated. But this hack makes it easier than ever to nail one of the biggest beauty trends. Take any cream lipstick color and apply it to the first third of your lips. Apply a white lipstick in the second third and finish the lips with the first shade. Press your lips together and blend it together. Gorgeous! 

4. Soften Dried-Out Eyeliner 

@ipsy #makeuphacks #eyelinerhacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - Kaya💕

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your fave eyeliner only to see that it’s so dry, the color is patchy upon application. This hack will save you some serious money. Grab your blow dryer and set it on low. Lightly blow your eyeliner for a few seconds to bring it back to life. Genius. 

5. DIY Tinted Lip Balm 

@ipsy #lipstickhacks #lipbalm #IPSY ♬ creepin - Acquaintedメ0

Take your fave hydrating lip balm and give it a 2023 update! Grab a lipstick shade you love that maybe is a bit too dramatic for everyday wear. Add a few dots of lipstick right onto the lip balm and apply the pigment to your lips. Now you have the perfect hydrating tint that folks will think is the prettiest lip gloss. 

6. Fake Fuller Lips 

@ipsy #makeuphacks #liplinerhacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - oechsleperu

To give your lips a natural-looking fullness, take your fave lip liner and overline the middle of your bottom lip. Skip the sides of your lips and the results will be much more realistic-looking! 

7. Keep Concealer from Creasing 

@ipsy #makeuphacks #concealer #IPSY ♬ wine pon you - A-K:)

Here’s how to bake your under eyes for a flawless, crease-free finish. Be sure to wait for your concealer to dry (this keeps it from looking cakey!), then apply a setting powder with a makeup sponge and finish the rest of your makeup. Brush it all off and you’re done! 

@ipsy @nats_tutorials #makeuphacks #eyeshadowhacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

It’s super easy to turn the perfect eyeshadow shade into an eyeliner thanks to this beauty hack. Just spray a small angled brush with setting spray and dip it into the shadow while it’s still wet. Apply to your eyes like you would an eyeliner and you just created a unique eyeliner color only you have. 

9. Keep Lashes Curled 

@ipsy #makeuphacks #eyelashtutorial #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

Sometimes when you curl your lashes, they fall flat an hour later. It’s the worst! Here’s how to keep them curled and lifted. First, curl your eyelashes as you normally would with your curler. Then, take an eyeshadow primer on a small makeup brush and apply it to your lashes. Apply your mascara and marvel at how well your lashes stay curled. 

10. DIY Liquid Blush

@ipsy In love with this hack & @ITEM blush. ✨ @nats_tutorials #diyblush #blushhacks #makeuptips #IPSY ♬ original sound - shoop

Blush is hands-down one of our favorite products that we can never get enough of (just think of all the shades and formulas!), so when we find a way to help curb our “add to cart” habit, we’re all ears. Instead of finding a liquid dupe for your fave powder blush, scrape off a bit of the powder formula and blend into a few drops of a hydrating primer. The results speak for themselves. 

11. Revive Dry Mascara

@ipsy Reply to @makeuplover38192 All you need is eye drops and a little TLC. ♥️ #mascarahacks #makeuphacks #mascarahack #IPSY ♬ original sound - Zeus Collins

It’s true: Eye drops or contact solution can bring your beloved mascara (for us, it’s BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Curling Mascara) back from the dead. Add a couple drops down the tube and mix, mix, mix until your mascara is no longer dry and crusty, but back to its former volumizing glory.

12. Jelly Nail Polish 

@ipsy What color do you want to see next? ✨ #nailpolishhack #nailhacks #manicurehacks #IPSY ♬ sad women luv money - xxtristanxo

The Y2K jelly trend is back, baby. If you aren’t trying to drop a pretty penny at the salon for a set of multicolor jelly extensions, or if you just want a more subtle take on the trend, we’ve got you covered. Sheer out your dark fall and winter colors for spring by mixing with a top coat. Just a heads-up that this will come at the expense of a bottle of clear polish, but if you’re not into that you can mix separately until you reach your desired opacity.

13. Frozen Makeup Sponge

@ipsy @Gwmakeup is a genius for coming up with this idea! 😍 @PinkLipps Cosmetics @Purlisse #beautyspongehack #makeuphacks #beautyblenderhack #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

You’ve heard of icing your skin (it’s one of our fave DIY depuffing remedies) and the benefits of using a damp makeup sponge, but what would happen if you combined the two? Pop your blender in the freezer for just 30 minutes (you don’t want it to be rock hard) before it’s time to apply makeup and you’ll have a soothing treat and a dewy foundation finish. 

14. Easy Cut Crease

@ipsy This hack changed the game! 🤍 @ABH Cosmetics @theBalm #cutcreasehack #cutcrease #makeuphacks #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

The cut crease is one of those makeup looks that can take some patience to master, because your technique depends entirely on your own anatomy and eye shape. Thankfully, this hack gives an easy shortcut in determining the perfect placement for a cut crease. Prime your lids, apply concealer, look up, aaaand you’re done. Now go and create some epic cut creases. 

15. Lash Glue Application

@ipsy This has happened to me more times than I like to admit. 🙃 #lashgluehacks #makeuphacks #lashglue #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

If you love the look of faux lashes but always manage to create a gloopy mess, you’ll want to stick around for this. Instead of applying lash glue directly to the strip, apply a small amount of glue to the handle of a makeup brush and drag your tweezers through the glue for a thin, even layer. It’s a small—but super effective—switch. 

Looking for the perfect pair? We’re big fans of the M·A·C 80 Romantic Lashes.

16. Transfer-Proof Lipstick

@ipsy I am ✨amazed✨. @kimchichic @Farah Brushes @Karmela Cosmetics #makeuphacks #liphacks #lipstickhacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - kennn 💝

You could search endlessly for a long-lasting, transfer-proof lipstick, or you could make one yourself. With a bit of translucent setting powder tapped over your favorite lipstick, you’ll have a finish that stays put from morning coffee to happy hour with friends. 

17. Quick French Tips

@ipsy Don’t forget to moisturize. ✨ @Polaar ❄️ #nailhack #nailpolishhacks #frenchtiphack #IPSY ♬ all for us x god is a woman by altegomusic - ALTÉGO

If you’re not a nail pro, a crisp French manicure can be harder than it looks to DIY—until now. This viral hack that uses a makeup sponge with a thin stripe of polish to “stamp” a tip onto nails took #BeautyTok by storm. The verdict? A must-try.

18. Made-For-You Lipstick

@ipsy The perfect lip combo brought to you by @benefitcosmetics and @DanessaMyricksBeauty. ♥️ #liphacks #lipcombo #makeuphacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - Kenzie B 🐝

Finding a lipstick that complements your skin tone and its undertones can take some trial and error, but if you have a go-to blush and brow pencil you love, it just got a million times easier. Just line your lips with your brow pencil (yep, you read that right), fill it in with your blush (a liquid or cream works best), and top with gloss. 

19. Custom Fit Sheet Masks

@ipsy @AVA is a genius for this hack!! ✨ #skincarehack #beautyhacks #skincare #IPSY @bentoncosmetic ♬ sad women luv money - xxtristanxo

With a few smartly placed snips, you can get a bespoke fitted sheet mask that delivers its benefits straight to the skin, without the annoying gaps that come from a poor fit. Bring a facial roller into the mix for extra absorption and tension release and you’ve got yourself a luxe treatment.

20. Sharp Wings

@ipsy Stay calm and ✨trust the process✨. @nats_tutorials #oddlysatisfying #eyelinerhacks #makeuphacks #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

There are tons of winged liner shortcuts, hacks, and tips floating around, but we always come back to the trusty TikTok tape method for a sharp edge. This foolproof method uses a small strip of tape along the outer corners of your eye (don’t press down too hard or you’ll make for an uncomfy removal) and eyeliner or eyeshadow applied as usual. Remove the tape for a satisfying reveal. 

21. Broken Palette Repair

@ipsy It’s called ✨abstract art✨. @nats_tutorials #blushhack #makeuphacks #brokenmakeup #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

If you’ve dropped your favorite eyeshadow palette (we’ve all been there), don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Crush up the powder until you’ve got a uniform texture and add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to make a paste, then smooth with the back of a spoon. It might not look as picture-perfect as before, but the function is all that matters. 

22. Q-Tip Eyeliner

@ipsy Easy eyeliner hack using a q-tip! 🙌 #eyelinerhack #eyelinertutorial #makeuphacks #IPSY ib: @molchanovamua ♬ august - chloe ✧

If you struggle with creating the perfect winged liner, you’re not alone. It usually takes a pro to create a super-clean, sharp wing, but thanks to this TikTok beauty hack that’s no longer true. We love this hack because it takes all the trouble of trying to have a steady hand and uses the edge of a Q-tip to do the work for you. We also recommend using a liner like the GIVE THEM LALA BEAUTY Precision Tip Eyeliner because of its super-sharp precision tip.

23. DIY BB Cream

@ipsy @ROSE How to make your own BB Cream! #foundationhack #makeuphacks #IPSY ♬ Marky Style X Viva La Ice Spice - Marky Style

Hitting pan on your fave foundation is the worst kind of a heartbreak, but this tip takes the pain away. Just mix your fave moisturizer into your foundation bottle to use up any leftover product (we don’t waste over here!) and you’ll have yourself the lightweight BB cream of your dreams.

24. Long-Lasting Perfume

@ipsy #lifehacks #perfumehack #IPSY ♬ I NEED A BIG BOYYY - 𝓚✧

When you have a scent that smells as good as the PINROSE Secret Genius Eau de Parfum, why wouldn’t you want it to last all day long? With this hack, all you need to do is apply a little Vaseline on the inside of your wrists and spray your fave scent right on top. Trust, you’ll turn heads with how good you’ll smell.

25. The Cat-Eye Effect

@ipsy Easy mascara tutorial!@Madisonortizz #mascarahack #mascararoutine #IPSY ♬ original sound - iheart.cxk

Cat-eye makeup will never go out of style, so pick up your go-to mascara (we’re in love with the FLOSS Rise Above Lengthening Mascara right now) and try this TikTok beauty hack. The trick is to focus the coats of mascara at the corner lashes to create that narrow, sultry look.

26. Flawless-Looking Under Eyes

@ipsy Struggle with dark circles? Try this concealer tip! #concealerhacksthatwork #concealerhack #concealertutorial #makeuphacks #IPSY ♬ agora hills - sockkurr

We know the YouTube makeup gurus of the early 2010s were infamous for using a lighter concealer under the eyes for that brightening effect, but we think that trend is one of the best. Try out this TikTok beauty hack instead and we promise you won’t be disappointed. The key is finding a creamy concealer like the TARTE Shape Tape Radiant Concealer in a shade as close to your skin tone as possible. Using a lighter shade can actually do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve and accentuate your under eyes.

27. Off-Duty Model Brows

@ipsy Struggle with brow gel? Watch this video on how to apply brow gel correctly! ✨ #browgel #browtutorial #laminatedbrows #browhacks #makeuphacks #IPSY ♬ original sound - The Late Late Show

Not everyone was blessed with feathered model brows, but thanks to this TikTok hack, you can fake it with just one product. Just take a brow gel of your choice (we’re obsessed with the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Clear Brow Gel at the moment) and apply it over your brow hairs in an angled motion. Doing it this way will keep them looking effortless and natural.

28. The Perfect Nose Highlight

@ipsy #makeuphacks #nosehighlight #IPSY ♬ original sound - oechsleperu

Applying nose highlighter can be tricky—too much of it and it’ll look unnatural and funny. But this TikTok hack is here to save the day. We like to use a highlighter like ORYZA Baked Opaline Highlighter with a small tapered brush and apply it just at the tip of the nose and along the bridge without connecting the two spots.

29. A Plump Pout

@ipsy Don’t do this mistake! Moisturize those lips! 👄 #lipstickhacks #lipglosshack #drylips #glossylips #moisturizelips #makeuphacks #IPSY Lipgloss from @Shaina B. Miami ♬ last xmas - kpopvrycs

As tempting as it may be, do NOT lick your lips before applying your lipstick. This TikTok beauty hack suggests taking a moisturizing lip balm and applying it to your lips before a lipstick (like the  HUDA BEAUTY Liquid Matte Ultra-Comfort Transfer-Proof Lipstick) to provide a perfect canvas for the lippie to glide on to. Do this and you’ll have the most plump, perfect pout.

30. Seamless Eyeshadow Look 

@ipsy Easy eyeshadow hack! #eyeshadowhacks #eyeshadowtutorial #IPSY eyeshadow palette featured in BoxyCharm this month by @Laura Geller Beauty ♬ Lost It All Sped Up By Dre The Hero - Dre

When you’re in a pinch but still need to slay your makeup look, try out this TikTok beauty hack. First, grab your fave shadow palette (this LUCK CHICK Daydreams Eyeshadow Palette is our go-to right now) and a fluffy brush. Next, apply three (or more if you’re feeling extra!) shades in vertical lines on your lids. Lastly, blend them all together with your fluffy brush to create a seamless shadow look. 

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