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12 Best Eyeshadows to Illuminate Hazel Eyes

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Having hazel eyes is a spectrum. Whether you have flecks of green within a mostly brown iris, or brown and gold colors with flecks of green, it’s a beautiful eye color to have, and there are so many ways to play up your eyes with the right makeup. 

If you’ve been wanting to play around with eyeshadow but have no idea where to start (we get it, having gorgeous hazel eyes can make choosing a single color intimidating!), don’t worry—because we’ve tapped makeup artist Cassandra McClure to break down what to look for in an eyeshadow for this unique eye color. 

About the Expert:
Cassandra McClure is a makeup artist and advisor to JUICE BEAUTY.

What to Look For 

According to McClure, “For hazel eyes, you want to choose colors that enhance the unique blend of green, gold, and brown tones typically found in hazel irises.”  These colors include rich browns and golds that “can help amplify golden flecks in the eyes,” she says. Additionally, she notes that earthy greens, soft pinks, and warm taupes can help naturally brighten hazel eyes. “Plums and deep purples can draw out the hidden tones in hazel eyes, adding depth and intensity,” she says.

Although eyeshadows come in many different textures and formulas, McClure says the type you go for depends more on the occasion and vibe you’re going for, rather than having hazel eyes itself. “For example, matte textures are excellent for daytime or professional settings, while shimmer or metallic can be perfect for evening events,” she adds. 

About the author
Brittany Leitner
Brittany is an award winning beauty, health, and lifestyle writer and author of the poetry book "23 Emotions." She has eight years of experience writing for brands like Elite Daily, The. Dr. Oz Show, Shape, Stylecaster, Bustle, and more.
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Article Last Updated May 2, 2024 12:00 AM