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The 8 Best Liquid Highlighters According to Ipster Reviews


Dew you and be a glow getter. How? Add a liquid highlighter to your makeup routine. Even if you don’t regularly use makeup, liquid highlighter gives all skin tones a low-key sun-kissed look. The skin-perfecting qualities of highlighter make it a great addition to your skincare stash, too. Not to mention, it’s lightweight, creamy, and offers an extra burst of moisture in dry or cold weather, which means you don’t have to confine it to your summer look.

Whether you’re swirling a drop or two into your foundation for extra glowiness, or swiping it across your Cupid’s bow and brow bone for definition, let liquid highlighter give your skin a pick-me-up and some extra luminosity. Below are the best liquid highlighters for the job, according to Glam Bag reviews.

WANDER BEAUTY Catch the Light Highlighter & Glowtion in Celestial

1. WANDER BEAUTY Catch the Light Highlighter & Glowtion in Celestial

Customize your glow with this two-in-one highlighter. When you want an IRL selfie filter, try the end with the liquid formula. It contains ultra-fine pearl pigments perfect for strobing and achieving a dewy, high-gloss finish. The other side has a stick illuminator that enhances your natural glow. Both sides of the cruelty-free vegan highlighter are packed with the kind of ingredients you’d expect from ultra-hydrating skincare: aloe leaf, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, all of which refine, plump up, and nourish skin from the inside out.

Ipsters appreciate the double duty of this skin perfector—@wrththerisk says, “I LOVE this product. Definitely became a daily part of my routine. Not as overly shiny as it looks like it will be.” And @jlynnebee agrees, “Gorgeous shade and I love that it’s a 2-in-1! Really nice highlight and glow.”

TRUST FUND BEAUTY That Glo Tho Liquid Highlighter

2. TRUST FUND BEAUTY That Glo Tho Liquid Highlighter

Gravitate towards the light with this ultra-luminizing, buildable, super-pigmented formula. The champagne pop of the liquid highlighter will give you a virtually cosmic glow when you layer it on. Plus, it makes for a creamy, attention-grabbing eyeshadow. The non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free formula plays well with all skin types, especially sensitive skin. 

Plus, our Ipsters love the brand and the product—@gregandregan says, “Love Trust Fund, love highlighter. This is a slam dunk.” It’s also a must-have for your glow starter kit, according to another Ipster: “My first liquid highlighter and I really like it. Smooth texture not cakey at all!! Nice pigment :)”

BENEFIT COSMETICS Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter

3. BENEFIT COSMETICS Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter

Beauty lovers with oily skin, take heart! Now you can fake a dewy look without the extra shine. This glow liquid highlighter will make you appear lit from within, while the refined matte finish will give you an all-day just-applied look. The creamy texture is effortlessly blendable. You can use it all over your skin, but it works just as well as a spot highlighter over makeup if you want your cheekbones or any other part of your look to stand out.

The product gets a stamp of approval from our Ipsters—one Ipster says, “More Benefit products please! They are all awesome!” and @candycane05061986 says, “Works beautifully and very easy to use.”

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator

4. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam or Sunbeam

Shine brighter than a sunbeam with this lustrous liquid illuminator. It offers you just the right amount of shimmer, meaning it’ll invite attention without blinding anyone. Gleam is a golden peachy pearl shade that’s gorgeous on warmer skin tones, while the faint pink of Sunbeam offers fair skin a subtle rose gold tint.

Highlighter can be hard to master, but this one is easy to use. One Ipster says, “I am not a professional makeup artist. This NYX highligher is perfect for us beginners who want to experiment with different beauty products. It is not too thick, easy to blend, and my favorite highlighter.” Another Ipster loves the subtlety and the fact that the product offers a “nice gentle highlight.”

EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Glow Drops in Candlelight

5. EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Glow Drops in Candlelight

Glow on and on with this complexion-brightening highlighter, whose buildable formula can take you from a healthy sheen to a 10,000-watt glow. The formula can be used alone, mixed with foundation, or applied to other parts of your body if you’re really looking to radiate. Not to mention, the formula color-corrects and helps smooth out uneven skin tones, making you look gorgeous...almost as if you were actually lit by candlelight.

One of our Ipsters raves about the formula and color: “This is one of my favorite products I've gotten so far! Goes on so nicely and the shade is amazing,” and another agrees: “Love the shimmer.”

MAKE Skin Illuminator in Llós

6. MAKE Skin Illuminator in Llós

Brighten your outlook and your skin with this life-changing liquid highlighter. It contains pigments that diffuse and scatter light away from imperfections, leaving behind a celestial glow. The hypoallergenic, fragrance-free formula uses natural antioxidants like green tea and ginseng extract to offer an extra layer of skin protection that our Ipsters absolutely love. One says, “Love this. Perfect for under your concealer.” Another Ipster rates it as a daily glow-to: “I use this as my highlighter almost every day.”

BENEFIT COSMETICS High Beam Liquid Highlighter

7. BENEFIT COSMETICS High Beam Liquid Highlighter

This soft pink liquid highlighter will feel like satin on your skin, while giving your cheekbones and Cupid’s bow a timeless fairytale princess glow. You can mix it with foundation for subtle luminosity, pop it on below concealer for a wide-awake look, or use it over makeup to enhance your favorite qualities. 

Our Ipsters love everything about it, ranging from the creamy formula to the flattering shade. One says, “I love highlighters & it's great to have a couple different colors for different looks. This highlighter is pinkish & looked amazing when I tried it.” Another wasn’t deterred by the liquid formula because it feels so good and glides on so well: “I’ve never used a liquid but it’s buttery and I love it.”

SUVA BEAUTY Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund

8. SUVA BEAUTY Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund

Boost your radiance with this hydrating liquid highlighter. It’s water-resistant, meaning you won’t need to constantly touch up your glow. It’s also enriched with beautifying natural ingredients, such as pomegranate extracts, vitamin E, and emollients that’ll give you a smooth and flawless finish.

Our Ipsters are totally into the buttery, cruelty-free vegan formula. One says, “ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Smells amazing, applies smoothly, adds a beautiful touch.” Another says, “Super fun highlighter that gives you lots of shine. The unique applicator makes it easy to apply in all the right places. Dot it on, blend with a brush, and you're good to go. It's fun and the color was right for me.”



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