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These 10 Nail Polishes are Ipster Faves


So you’re on the hunt for the perfect nail polish? It doesn’t really matter if you want to rock a classic nude nail polish or a glittery shimmer. When it comes down to it, nail trends come and go, but it’s all about finding a long-wearing formula that you can turn into a beauty staple. We’re talking chip-free, non-staining, fast-drying, bright, glossy, and fun.

So whether you're rounding out your nail polish find with some DIY nail art or rocking it as-is, we've got you covered. Continue reading below for our roundup of the best nail polishes, which are all the highest-reviewed nail polishes according to Ipster reviews from past Glam Bags.

PRETTY WOMAN Nail Polish in Don't Be Jelly

1. The Best Chip-Resistant: PRETTY WOMAN Nail Polish 

You’ll love this high-quality, fashion-forward nail polish for its long-wearing, magical crack- and chip-resistant properties, which will keep your manicure looking sharp. One Ipster loved this cruelty-free and 10-free nail polish, and wrote that it “dries really fast as well,” while Ipster @veronicababyface has nothing but good things to say about the brand: “Pretty Woman makes such great, lasting polishes.”

TRUST FUND BEAUTY Nail Polish in Adulting

2. The Best Quick-Drying: TRUST FUND BEAUTY Nail Polish

Embrace your inner and outer beauty with this long-lasting, chip-resistant nail lacquer. TRUST FUND BEAUTY is all about formulas that dry fast, so this is the one to spring for when you’re crunched for time and need to put on your top coat, stat! The color also goes on smooth and evenly, and there’s a color for all seasons. One Ipster wrote, “Sturdy with no chipping with regular activity for 3 days now. Nice packaging. Will look for this brand again.”

CUCCIO COLOR Nail Polish in Gaia

3. The Best Long-Wearing: CUCCIO COLOR Nail Polish

Need a creamy nail polish in a variety of colors? Want rich coverage and triple pigmentation technology that’ll make you look like you just stepped out of a salon? This is the polish for you. A single coat can give you the nail look you want. As one Ipster says, “Beautiful color. Easy and smooth application.” Another Ipster wrote, “The formula and the brush were exceptional. I would stick with this brand on those two points—made it a breeze to do my nails myself.”

NATURE'S CARTEL Nail Polish in Bro's Gold

4. The Best for Subtle Shimmery Shades: NATURE’S CARTEL Nail Polish

If you’re all about subtle hues that’ll still manage to draw attention to your hands, this polish has a variety of stunning shimmers that are beautiful against all skin tones. Add a subtle sheen to your overall look, and be assured that the neutral shades are versatile enough to withstand an outfit change. Ipster @jaxton70054 loves the metallic rose gold nail color: “My new favorite color, super pretty.”

SUNDAYS Nail Polish in No. 35

5. The Best for Pigmented Color: SUNDAYS Nail Polish

Manicurists love this vegan nail polish formula. And with its high shine and vibrant color that pops—what’s not to love? This nail polish brand includes a massive shade range with timeless colors that’ll always be on trend. The non-toxic formula delivers strength and shine, and even the bottle shape and brush were made for precise, easy application. Ipster @pandabjammin says it “goes on smooth and lasts!” Just remember to use a base coat before applying the polish, which will keep your beautiful pigment intact for a longer time.

COLOR CLUB Nail Polish in Ghosted

6. The Best Color Variety: COLOR CLUB Nail Polish

So you want to change up your color on the daily? No problem! Each of this brand’s 250 nail polish colors offers you something unique and different—from the boldest neons to the brightest holographics. The highly pigmented formula, full coverage, and long wear are second to none. But aside from going on smooth and easy, the lacquer also comes off effortlessly with nail polish remover—meaning that a change-up is practically effortless. One Ipster says, “This color and brand has got me into a nail polish addiction frenzy. This color is amazing. It's long lasting and dries fairly quickly. Love this color and brand!”

BETTY BOOP™ X IPSY Nail Polish in Little Red Dress

7. The Best Red Polish: BETTY BOOP x IPSY Nail Polish in Little Red Dress

This is the nail polish equivalent to the classic red lipstick. The shimmery opaque red is gorg on all skin tones and perfectly represents the iconic cartoon bombshell. It’s also long-wearing, highly pigmented, and sure to create a flirty, sexy vibe. Ipster @deejd2002 says, “This product is amazing. I only put one coat on and it was thick and beautiful,” and another Ipster says they “love bettyboop and this color is great for the toes and fall:).” While the limited-edition polish is exclusive to IPSY members, you can also opt for a similar color like this one.

NAILS INC. Nail Polish in Weekend Superpowers

8. The Best Nourishing Polish: NAILS INC. Nail Polish

For flawless, cuticle-strengthening nails that look like they’ve been professionally done, look no further. This glossy, long-lasting polish is infused with vitamins and glides onto nails smoothly—no streaks or messy clumps. One Ipster says it “doesn’t chip like a cheap polish would,” and Ipster @suziq0715 liked the “lovely shade for when I want a subtle natural look, but with just a hint of color!”


9. The Best Pastel Polishes: LAW BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Nail Polish

Go from work to the weekend with LAW BEAUTY ESSENTIALS’ luxurious nail lacquers, which offer a gorgeous array of pastels that’ll make you look as cool and delectable as an Easter egg candy. The high-shine, chip-resistant pigments allow for flawless application and bold expression. The polish’s brush shape is also flatter than most polishes, which helps prevent streaks and gloppiness. One Ipster is a self-proclaimed fan of this brand, and a “nailpolish-holic—luv it!”

KASCA Nail Polish in Velvet Black Matte

10. The Best Matte Color: KASCA Nail Polish

If you want bold, statement-making nails in a dramatic matte look, this is your pick. The polish’s inky shades go on totally opaque—plus, they dry quickly and don’t chip. The wide brush makes application easy and velvety-smooth, and the formula is as chic as it is nourishing. One Ipster says, “I’m in love with this polish, stays on for so long and is very light,” while another Ipster agrees: “The color is super pigmented and lasts a long time. I used it on my toes and liked the pigmentation!”



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