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These Claw Clip Hairstyles Look Amazing and Are So Easy to Do

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It’s true what they say about trends always circling back around. While the resurgence of Y2K fashions, curtain bangs, and colored mascara have definitely returned full force; there’s one trusted accessory that’s taken on a new life. Claw clips used to have one style and three colors—black, tortoise shell, and clear. But now, you can find just about every color, design, and style you wish in a claw clip.

The age-old accessory has seen a major upgrade as the ‘clean look’, Matilda Djerf curtain bangs, and work-from-home updos take over TikTok. If there’s one thing for sure, there’s a claw clip for everyone and every hair type and TBH, it’s the trendiest, must-have hair item. Read on for 12 easy claw clip hairstyles—we know you’ll want to try them all!

About the Expert:

MJ Snyder is a freelance hairstylist & content creator based in Columbus, Ohio. She also has her very own hair accessory line, MJ Hair Studios.

1. Messy French Twist

Arguably the most popular claw clip hairstyle, it’s always seen on celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. You can sleek back your hair for a clean look or leave texture and wispy pieces to do their thing.

The cute ‘flop’ or ‘spiky hair finish’ (as Snyder calls it) is what makes this look so effortless and beautiful, no matter the outfit. “I love when people show off their natural hair and put a fun twist to a classic look,” says Snyder.

2. Sleek French Twist

This is more of what we know a classic French twist to be. You’ll want a really big clip to use here, especially if you have thick hair. You’ll be gathering all of your hair, twisting it, and laying it vertically from your neck up the back of your head. You can tuck the ends of your hair into the clip or leave them out as shown here.

3. Half-up, Half-down

Another common claw clip hairstyle. You can still aim for that spiky hair finish or secure half of your hair into a tighter bun. Play around with big and small claw clips since you’ll be using less hair. You’ll want to pull out a couple bang pieces here for a finishing touch.

4. Propped Low Ponytail

Think of this as an unfinished French twist. You won’t be tucking as much hair, instead you’ll be securing the look to show off your hair length. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a beautiful cascading ponytail. This is another style where you’ll want a longer clip to cover the back of your head.

5. Hidden Volume

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Similar to the prepped pony but you’ll be hiding the claw clip, using it more as a base to showcase volume and put extra lift into your hair. Approach this updo from the nape of your neck, rather than creating one by pulling all of your hair back.

“These looks look best on second day hair,” explains Snyder, which is when your ends still look flawless but have a bit of added texture to them.

6. Clip Maximalism

This is one of our favorite claw clip looks. It’s a reminder for us to get creative and that these kinds of hair clips are by no means boring or limiting. Try this look with a bunch of mini claw clips, adding in different types of braids and twists. You’ll have a runway-ready, editorial-inspired style in no time.

7. Metal Claw Clips

A fresh take on the classic claw clip. You’ll find tons of variety when it comes to metal claw clips in silver, gunmetal, rose gold, and gold. They’re like jewelry for your hair and often come in abstract shapes, like this triangle, or are embellished with pearls and gems.

8. Mismatched Clips

Another bold style featuring many different claw clips at once. Play with this aesthetic by mixing up patterns and sizes but style the hair in a tight French twist to keep it looking put-together. This one can take some time to really nail; both the hair placement and the clip choices.

9. Butterfly Clips

A classic Y2K staple. Butterfly clips are the ultimate mini claw clips—often found in large packs featuring both bright colored and glittery options. Add these into your hair like a cascade, in bubble braids, to secure bangs, or through a high ponytail. They look great with curly hair as they often sit on top of hair better with extra volume.

"Short hair looks super cute half-up with smaller clips like the small jaw clips or butterfly clips,” Snyder tells us.

10. Side Braids

Want to try your hand at braids? Frenchbraid the crown of your hair and instead of securing with a plain hair tie, grab your favorite claw clip. Just be sure to pull out a few wisps of hair from the braid and front pieces for added texture. Bonus points: This look can become really elevated if you choose to use a metal claw clip or remain casual using a matte claw clip seen in the photo.

11. Low Buns or Messy Buns

This style works amazing with both short hair and long hair styles alike. The claw clip isn’t necessarily used to secure the low bun, but more of an add-on accessory. This is a chance to make your favorite claw clip be the center of your hairstyle, so choose one that’s colorful or uniquely patterned!

12. Crown Twist

Separate your hair as if you’re attempting a half-up, half-down look. Instead, twist the sides to create a crown look on top of your head and secure with a claw clip.

The Best Claw Clip Brands:

  • CHUNKS for bold prints and a variety of sizes (like minis!)
  • MJ HAIR STUDIOS for bold colors and hair inclusive options
  • Amazon for claw clip staples like these
  • EMI JAY for fun shapes like flowers and rhinestoned clips
  • MACHETE for elevated basics like tortoise shells and solids
  • KRISTIN ESS for sleek metal clips

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Article Last Updated April 2, 2023 12:00 AM