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10 Easy Makeup Looks You Can Do In Your Sleep

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We all follow those impossible-to-mimic beauty accounts as an escape from answering Slacks, replying to texts, and in general dealing with the world around us. But that’s just what those accounts are: an escape, a fantasy, if you will. You don’t follow them with the hope of actually recreating any of the looks; you just follow them because they look pretty.

Well, unlike those beauty accounts, we’re here to help teach you how to master looks that you can actually create on your own. Whether that means going for an overlined matte lip, or an electric shade of eyeliner, the below are easy makeup looks for beginners. Here’s everything you need to know about trying them at home.

1. Self-Tanner Contour

This makeup look is also known as “tantour.” It’s basically using self-tanner to contour so the look lasts longer and can even be waterproof for the summer. Use a brush to dab on and then blend self-tanner like the ST. TROPEZ gradual tan tinted lotion. Put it in all the places you would contour, like your cheeks, nose, and around the hairline.

2. Flecks of Color Eyeliner

I get that full-color eyeliner and eyeliner designs can be intimidating, that’s why I love this hack that lets you just add a tiny, haphazard fleck for a pop of color. Draw on a cat eye or regular eyeliner as you normally would, and then dip a flat eyeliner brush in fluid eye paint, like Halsey’s ABOUT-FACE eye paint in Dionysus. Draw on the fleck of color on top of your regular eyeliner, under it, or anywhere in-between.

3. Overlined Lips

This is one of the easiest makeup hacks around because all it requires of you is your tracing capabilities. Simply trace the outside of your lips and keep tracing above that in a fluid, no-tug lip liner. We love the REALHER lip liners.

4. Burnt Blush Hack

Before you freak out, no I’m not saying you should lay out in the sun without SPF (the thought alone even traumatizes me!), but this TikTok-trending look can be easily faked if you want to look a little flushed and sun-kissed.

Simply apply your makeup as you normally would and then, instead of putting blush on just the apples of your cheeks, extend it to right under your eyes, your temples, and across the bridge of your nose. A rose-pink color will do the trick. 

5. Instant Concealer Eye Lift

Using a concealer that’s 1-2 shades lighter than the one you typically use can have a “lifting” effect on the face. Just draw a line with the concealer starting midway under your eye and extend it upwards to match your brow. You can do the same thing by drawing upwards diagonal lines from your cheeks and mouth. We love the DOSE OF COLORS concealer for this hack.

6. Dewy Complexion

By now Miss Hailey Bieber is practically synonymous with the term “glazed donut.” From her nails to her complexion, the dewy look is highly sought-after, even when there’s not a heatwave outside. The secret to achieving this look is ultra-hydrated skin. Look for ingredients in your moisturizer like hyaluronic acid, and choose an oil primer before you apply makeup. We love the SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer Oil.

7. Doll-Eye Mascara

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We all want bigger, more dramatic-looking eyes from time to time, and this is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. Swipe on a tubing mascara on your top lashes as you normally would. Then, rub your mascara wand on the tip of a pair of tweezers. Instead of using the wand to apply mascara to your bottom lashes, pinch small clumps of eyelashes together with the mascara-coated tweezers. The result is larger than life Twiggy-style lashes.

8. Glitter Eyes

Wearing glitter eyeshadow can help your eyes look instantly awake, and it doesn’t take any real skill to apply it. Simply prime eyes with an eyeshadow primer (we’re obsessed with the LOVE+CRAFT+BEAUTY primer), swipe on a base matte eyeshadow nude color, then tap on your favorite glitter shadow. You’ll instantly look more awake, and you won’t have to define where you place it; just spread it all over. 

9. Glazed Donut Lips

For the “clean girl” makeup look, keep eyes simple (seriously, just a few swipes of mascara at most!), and make your lips the star of the show. A juicy lip gloss can pull your look together for errands, a coffee date, or anything the day throws at you. Try a colorless one, like the POWER POSE Complex Culture gloss.

10. Eyeshadow Liner

If you can’t keep a steady hand long enough to create a liquid cateye, practice your skills by starting with an eyeshadow wing. Using a slim brush, just fan out the eyeshadow at the corners of your eye to create a winged eyeliner effect.

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Article Last Updated August 2, 2022 12:00 AM