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These It’s Official! These Are the Top Makeup Trends of 2022 (So Far!)

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There’s no subtle way to say it—we’re 100 percent freaking out over all the makeup trends that the beauty world has in store for us this year. From soft, glowy skin to crazy cool graphic eye looks, beauty in the remainder of 2022 is going to be all about celebrating you, with a nod to freedom, expression, personalization, and individuality (because beauty after all, is a judgment-free zone).

This year, we’re playing up our favorite features, test driving color palettes we’ve never tried before, embracing '90s makeup throwbacks and current TikTok trends (dark lip liner, we’ve missed you), dabbling with edgy embellishments, and so much more. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get right to it. Here are 14 up-and-coming makeup looks for 2022 that we can’t wait to try, plus all the juicy details from seasoned pros.

About the Experts:

Elke Von Freudenberg is a celebrity brow specialist in NYC.
Lindsay Kastuk is an NYC-based makeup artist.
Mary Irwin is an NYC-based celebrity makeup artist.
Tobi Henney is a bicoastal celebrity makeup artist.

1. Fluffy Laminated Brows

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Brow lamination is great for anyone trying to create a thicker looking brow, regardless of where you are starting from,” says brow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg (she’s pretty much the GOAT of brow gurus). Kind of like a perm for your hair, laminated brows can last for months. And, they’re super easy to tame and maintain. “The brow hairs are still movable and can still fall back into their old pattern, but once you brush them in place, they stay.”

So how does brow lamination enhance the fluff? “It creates a thicker looking brow by making the brow hairs go upwards, instead of sideways. So the brow looks fuller from the top, rather than waiting for new growth to come in along the bottom. You can also hide gaps and spaces in brows by directing hairs over the gaps so your brows look more filled in,” says Von Freudenberg. (FYI: You can also DIY the look with a brow gel.)

2. Natural Flush

When the weather gets warm, consider cream blush your BFF. “There are so many cute hues of pinks and peaches that can be tapped on to the cheeks for the perfect summer sun-kissed glow,” says celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney. (Try JUICE BEAUTY Phyto-Pigments Last Looks Cream Blush for a plant-driven option.) It’s easy-going enough to wear to the beach and gives skin a believable, just-wrapped-up-a-run pop of color.

3. Glossy, Glazed Lips

Yup, the rumors are true—glossy lips are back, and they’ve gotten a major upgrade. This year, it’s all about mixing hi-def shine with pretty pigment and shimmer for juicy, plump lips that stun from a mile away. “I love that glossy lips are back,” says makeup artist Lindsay Kastuk. “It’s so effortless and looks so fresh. Plus it’s nostalgic for me. I grew up wearing lip gloss like crazy.” Ready to embrace the throwback and make it 2022? Try a hi-shine gloss with a tint (we love the ITEM BEAUTY Lip Gloss Duo in Sun + Moon). You can also grab a lip stain, pop it on the center of your lips, blot it out to blend, and top it off with a high-shine clear gloss.

4. Natural Makeup

Not super-minimalist but also not full-on glam, consider this particular trend as no-makeup makeup that’s been taken up a notch. “Think not quite red-carpet, not quite French girl-chic: It’s beautiful skin that looks like skin, a soft but defined eye without a ton of liner, a flushed cheek that isn’t heavily contoured but has a glow to it, and a lip that’s sheer,” says celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin, who counts it among her favorite beauty looks. “All the colors are natural skin toned, just enhanced.” Neutral tones are your friend here, and the bonus is that it works as well for everyday as it does for a night out.

5. Graphic Colored Eyeliner


We’ve got some advice for you. If you’re even the least bit curious about rocking a bold eyeliner look, just do it. You’ll be hooked. This new era of colorful eyeliner takes bright, high-impact pigments and makes them wearable (even if you’re a black eyeliner devotee). Go for a subtle flick, or a negative space design and own it. The key to perfecting a graphic liner look is a little practice paired with the right products. “ I recommend using water activated liners; they are the smoothest in my opinion,” says Kastuk, who also mentions they’re easiest to control. She loves SUVA BEAUTY UV Brights for their super bright neon pigments. “Grab your favorite liner brush (with synthetic bristles) and have fun,” she adds.

6. Lived-in Eyeliner

You know the imperfect eyeliner look you get when you’ve accidentally slept in your makeup? (No judgment here, but might we suggest a cleansing balm?!) This is like that, but more polished—and applied fresh. “Try using a kohl liner to outline the top and bottom lash line for a sultry eye look,” says Henney. Then, smudge it out using an eyeshadow brush. It’s been a red carpet fave lately, she notes, and doesn’t require the precision of a sharp liquid liner. Try REALHER Eye Am Amazing Eyeliner in Black to get the look for yourself.

7. Lit-From-Within Glow

Clean, dewy, radiant skin is forever and always in trend. And even well into the year, soft, natural, no-makeup makeup looks that puts the skin first—meaning it’s as much about your skincare routine as it is your actual makeup—is still going strong. Kastuk’s secret to looking lit-from-within with minimal makeup: “Always start with great skin prep. Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is key.” Skip the urge to pile on the foundation. “With a very light hand, focus your foundation on the center of your face (forehead, under the eyes, around the nose, and chin). This is a great way to let the rest of your skin show through. Add a soft blush and a lip tint to finish the look,” says Kastuk.

8. Perfectly Imperfect Brows

Von Freudenberg is seeing a trend towards “a more natural feeling brow.” Basically, working with the brows that you have to create the best natural look for them. “It can be frustrating to try to create a very thick, full brow if your brows are still trying to grow in from the ‘90s,” she says. “So work with what your brows want to do. If your brow hairs are growing long, let them grow and create a fuller look that way.” Love that! And if your brows are on the thinner side? Fake it till you make it with these easy ways to give them body.

To create thick, fluffy brows there’s the tried and true soap brow hack. Von Freudenberg suggests dragging a clean dry spoolie, across a dry bar of clear or amber colored soap and brushing brow hairs up. “Once dry, the hairs stay in place; it's an old theatrical makeup trick from the theater to keep hair in place under the hot lights of the stage,” she says. “Another trick is to use a strong hair gel, and apply it lightly with a damp spoolie. The water will soften the feel a little so your brows won’t look too stiff or get crunchy as they dry.”

9. Dark Lip Liner

Not gonna lie—dark lip liner is a trend that we never thought would make a full-blown comeback (and yup, we’re pretty pumped about it). Perfectly lined and defined lips paired with soft nude to caramel to brown lipsticks are popping up on runways, makeup artist IG’s, celebs, models, influencers, and more. Make it work IRL by choosing a lip shade that’s a shade darker than your skin tone, Then, pair it with a lip liner (try VINTAGE BY JESSICA LIEBESKIND Cashmere Lip Pencil in Mocha) that’s one to two shades darker to perfect this look like the pros.

10. Glazed Donut Skin

It’s true: A single Instagram post from Hailey Bieber can spark a brand-new trend. “I love this because it combines taking incredible care of your skin with glow, glow, glow,” says Irwin, who notes that it’s all about prep. “Start with a heavy load of moisturizer on top of a hyaluronic acid serum, and an oil over all that at night.” Then, in the a.m., queue up your makeup products: Layer a creamy highlighter under your foundation and concealer, then set it with a powder highlighter—and, of course, seal it in with setting spray for all-day glow.

11. Eye Embellishments

This year is all about making our eyes pop (and not just by going the smoky eye route). By far one of the coolest trends that we can’t wait to try involves adorning our eyes in rhinestones, foils, gems, and crystals to create customized looks that make us feel like a cast member on Euphoria. “You can find great smaller flat back rhinestones and beads online in so many places. Just use a dab of lash glue to attach them to your skin. Wait for it to get a bit tacky before you apply them (just like you would with lashes). You can wear them in an eyeliner shape, on the inner and/or outer corners, or sporadically all over,” says Kastuk.

12. Statement Blush

When it comes to making our cheeks pop, we’re so over the saying “less is more.” This year, it's all about a bold, sculpted cheek using obviously placed blush paired with heavy hitting highlighter. Instead of sculpting with your contour kit, blend a hydrating cream blush over the apply of your cheeks, swiping upwards towards your temples. Then, top off your look with a shimmery highlighter (we’re been loving FENTY BEAUTY Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby lately).

13. Eyeliner-Turned-Eyeshadow

If graphic eye makeup isn’t cutting it for you, take it to the next level by using eyeshadow as eyeliner—yes, really. “One of my favorite ways to do a dramatic liner is with eyeshadow,” says Irwin. “Scrape a tiny bit of shadow onto a palette and mix it with a mixing medium.” Then, apply it for the look you want, whether it’s a colorful cat-eye or winged eyeliner. Since eyeshadow is available in a wider array of colors and finishes, from matte to pastel, you can turn the drama all the way up.

14. Lightweight Base

Who wants to wear a full-coverage foundation in the summer? Thanks, but no thanks. “Instead of wearing a full base this summer, try switching your foundation to a tinted moisturizer or just wear concealer where needed,” says Henney. “This trend is popular as during the warmer months, it is much easier to wear less on the skin—especially on vacation.” She’s a fan of IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+, which, bonus, doubles as a moisturizer and sunscreen while offering light coverage.

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