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February’s Glam Bag Choice Products Are Next-Level Amazing


What’s better than a Glam Bag full of five deluxe beauty samples personalized just for you so you can play, explore, and express your unique beauty needs? Honesty, not much—except maybe getting to choose one of the products that goes into your next Glam Bag assortment. That’s where Glam Bag Choice comes in.

So what’s in store for your February Glam Bag Choice? We’ve got the exclusive sneak peek of the buzzworthy beauty you might get to pick. So mark your calendars now because Choice starts on January 22, and you won’t want to miss out on any of the below.

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February 2024 Glam Bag Choice Spoilers

Members who signed up for a Glam Bag in February might get to choose from these products:

1. PEAR NOVA Eyeshadow Palette

PEAR NOVA Eyeshadow Palette

This stunning eyeshadow palette is the perfect combo of mattes, metallics, and neutrals to create anything from an everyday look to a night-out glam. It features seven highly-pigmented shades that stand out on their own and also blend effortlessly together.

2. REINA REBELDE Highlighter


If you’re in the market for a velvety-smooth highlighter, look no further. This one practically melts into the skin while giving off a lit-from-within glow.

3. WANDER BEAUTY Baggage Claim™ Eye Masks

WANDER BEAUTY Baggage Claim™ Eye Masks

Pop on a set of these cute masks to help brighten up dark circles, reduce puffiness, plump fine lines, and soothe your skin. It’s all thanks to a combo of soothing plant extracts, firming peptides, and hydrating amino acids.

4. REALHER Mini Lipstick in I Break Free

REALHER Mini Lipstick in I Break Free

Wear your affirmation every day with this matte lipstick that has everything you could want in a formula: it’s lightweight, highly-pigmented, and long-lasting. And thanks to jojoba oil, it gives you that matte brick-red finish you want without drying out your lips.

5. SONÄGE SKINCARE Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask

SONÄGE SKINCARE Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask

Self-care night just got a whole lot better thanks to this hydrating mask. Vitamin-rich saffron, rejuvenating ginseng extract, and moisturizing squalane team up to help revitalize, brighten, and nourish your skin. Basically, be prepared to glow!

6. FEEL BEAUTY Probiotic Moisturizer

FEEL BEAUTY Probiotic Moisturizer

Want to help your skin fight the good fight? This moisturizer has got your back (well, face). It’s loaded with high concentrations of probiotic actives to help your skin battle all kinds of negative daily stressors. It also helps smooth your complexion and boost firmness and hydration levels.

7. ACE BEAUTÉ Hydrating Face Primer

ACE BEAUTÉ Hydrating Face Primer

Need your makeup to last? This hydrating primer is on a mission to keep your makeup looking fresh and locked in for as long as you need. Plus, it doesn’t dry your skin out. Instead, it helps skin stay moisturized and radiant all day long.

8. KVOSSNYC Fairy Dust Pressed Highlighter

KVOSSNYC Fairy Dust Pressed Highlighter

Want your skin to really come alive? This silky, skin-loving highlighter knows all about that. The one-of-a-kind formula adjusts to your skin’s undertones and helps amplify your natural radiance. And thanks to ingredients like crushed minerals, artichoke leaf extract, and evening primrose oil, it has a creamy feel that applies seamlessly (and doesn’t cake!).

9. LUNA MAGIC Superstar Highlighter Brush

LUNA MAGIC Superstar Highlighter Brush

Finally found the perfect highlighter and now in search of an equally perfect brush to apply it with? Your quest is over! With soft bristles and an easy-to-hold handle, you’ll reach for this every day.

10. BYROE Beet Glow Boosting Serum

BYROE Beet Glow Boosting Serum

Want to revive dull skin without all the irritation? This gentle formula is powered by polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) to help buff away dead skin cells while a beet and panthenol combo helps to make sure redness and irritation stay far away.

11. SACHAJUAN Hair Repair


Is your hair need of some serious TLC? This intensive mask is designed to help repair damaged and stressed hair to leave it looking frizz-free and healthy. Thanks to the brand’s Ocean Silk Technology, it helps promote cell regeneration while also deeply moisturizing your strands. 

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