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30 Flower Nail Art Looks That Prove Florals Work for Every Aesthetic


You’ve stared at the nail polish wall, picked your shade, and you’re thinking flower nail art—but your mind’s gone totally blank. We’ve been there. Take a deep breath—we know it can be overwhelming to land on a single design, especially for us indecisive people (where my Libras at?!). When it comes to nail art, there’s always something new and trending from gemstones and glitter to marble manis and simple, graphic designs. Our latest obsession? Flower nail art.

Roses? Peonies? Happy little trees? The options are endless. Thankfully, spring’s flower nail art designs can be super easy for you or your nail artist to recreate or even to DIY at home. From dotted daisies to petals made from sequins (because who can resist shine!)—read on for some gorgeous flower nail art looks with helpful tips on how to create them. Spring’s best blooms will be at your fingertips in no time.

1. Daisy Half Moons

You know that bright, half-moon shape at the base of your bare nails? Use it as a guide to creating these cut-off daisies nail artist Miss Pop created just for us. Check out her full tutorial above to get this intricate looking design that’s easier to create than it looks (promise!).

2. Mixed Materials

For all the millennials out there, does this mix and match nail design not give off total total Delia’s vibes? We swear the combination of periwinkle, bright green, and soft pink were all over that enviable catalog we used to dogear like it was our job—which is exactly why we love this look.

3. Moody Hues

We’d like to imagine that this is the exact nail art Dianna Ross, Cher, and Twiggy would have rocked in the ‘70s. The deep burgundy, mustard yellow, and mid-tone browns create a retro, mod nail design that’s all about the flower power.

4. Fresh Clusters

The key to re-creating this organic flower look is to not overthink the flower placement. The more random your daisy clusters, the better it’ll look. Start by placing yellow dots sporadically over your nails (be sure to keep some near each other and some spread out), then use a dotting tool or even an orange stick to create petals around the centers you created.

5. Neutral Tones

The neutral-on-neutral tones of this floral mani are not the only reason we’re in love. The creative way that the nail artist layered both embossed and matte finishes took the whole design to the next level. To get this look, start with a matte polish (or matte topcoat) all over, then use an ultra glossy polish to paint on the petal.

6. Packed Petals

I don’t think you could fit any more flowers into this look if you tried, which is exactly why we love it. The jam-packed design was inspired by the flowing fabric seen in the background, and we’d say that nail artist Iman Gabrielle nailed it.

7. Gilded Flowers

There’s something about these layered flowers that remind us of the way a 3D film looks when you take off those special blue and red glasses. The layers to the image are slightly offset, which creates this cool fluid look. The pink, white, and gold elements to these flowers do the same thing.

8. Watercolor Petals

This watercolor trick is absolutely genius. Just mix a few drops of your polish with a bit of acetone to sheer out the shade and give it a watercolor effect. Check out our tutorial above to see exactly how it’s done.

9. Blue Delft

Inspired by Delftware (a type of pottery), these blue and white nails from Gabbie at Trilla Nails make us want to take an Italian vacation pronto. The nails in the photo above are extra long, leaving a ton of room for the design, but it’ll also work on medium and short nails. Either shrink down the design or select your favorite elements to recreate in the space you have.

10. 3D Flowers

We’re not even going to pretend that this intricate, dimensional flower nail art is doable at home. This is a look best left to the professionals. We’ll definitely be screenshotting this and bringing it to our next nail appointment.

11. Silver and Pearl

Proof that flower nail art doesn’t need to stick to realistic flower colors. Exhibit A: these silver and pearl embellished nails. Use a dotting tool with a silver nail polish to create perfect petals, and pick up some half pearls at your local craft store to stick in the center (use nail glue for extra hold). Customize the look by choosing your own base color, but we’ll definitely be trying this look with a millennial pink polish first.

12. Bottega Daisies

Daisy nail art comes in infinite forms, but we’re never seen anything quite like these stacked flowers from Vikki at Nolas Nails. The design gives just a hint of whimsical flowers while keeping the majority of the nail bare, meaning it’ll go with any- and everything.

13. Ultra Luxe

Nail artist Canishiea J. Sams proves that sometimes more is more, like in the case of these 3-dimensional and flower nails. The luxe gold and pearl embellishments complement that soft flower designs perfectly thanks to the addition of little gemstones and gold accents.

14. Half Blooms

We’ll never get enough of the stunning effect dried flowers can give your nail art, and these itty bitty flowers pressed over a delicate glitter fade are no exception—not to mention the eye-catching robin’s egg blue base. Even better? They’re totally DIY-able. Check out our full tutorial with nail artist Kristin Gardner above.

15. Bridal Bouquet

A quick Google of bridal nails will reveal every nude polish on the color spectrum sprinkled with some French nails. And although we’re loving the resurgence of that ‘90s beauty trend, we were excited to see a new floral take on bridal nails. The minimal petal outline over a sheer nude base is still understated enough to feel timeless but different enough to create long-lasting and beautiful wedding memories.

16. Gold Leaf

An image of a model's fingers with dried flowers and gold leaf nail art

Any time we can incorporate gold leaf into a beauty look, we know it’s going to be a winner, and this dried flower and gold leaf combo is no exception. To create this ethereal floral nail design, manicurist Hannah Lee pressed tiny tried flowers and leaves over a still-tacky base coat, then pressed some gold leaf in the negative spaces. Hannah opted for a gel topcoat to ensure her hard work lasts, but the same technique will look beautiful with traditional polish, too. Want to see exactly how Hannah created this mani? Keep scrolling.

17. Floral Stickers

Close-up of a model's hands with MANIME Stick On Gel Mani in Floral Cuticles

When you can’t get an appointment at your nail salon, can’t master a DIY nail art mani, or let’s be honest, don’t want to wait the 30 plus minutes it would take for your floral nail art to dry, the MANIME Stick On Gel Mani in Floral Cuticles (in May’s Glam Bag Plus) are a total game-changer. The best part? There’s zero messy or damaging removal process. After 14 days (or sooner if you’re ready to switch up your look), the stickers peel right off. Check out this video tutorial where Hannah shows you exactly how to apply nail stickers like a pro.

18. Warhol-Inspired

Unless you’re a serious art collector with an even more serious art budget, purchasing an original Andy Warhol flower painting is not in the cards. The good news is, channeling the artist’s pop art vibe on your floral mani comes free of charge! Lay down a coat or two of a neutral base (we love CONTEXT SKIN Nail Lacquer in Take It Off from May’s Glam Bag), then use the bottle brush of a few primary color polishes to dab on the abstract petals, layering colors as you go.

19. Falling Florals

We’re calling it: This floral mani from editorial nail artist Miss Pop is the prettiest, most feminine nail art we’ve ever seen. Perfect for a bride, a formal luncheon, or when you’re just feeling really fancy on a Tuesday (we don’t judge!). Look for the tiniest dried flowers you can find at your local craft store or even on Etsy, then follow similar steps to the gold leaf mani, placing them over a still-tacky base coat. Only this time, keep them around the free edge and sides of your nail, overlapping as much as possible to create a bouquet effect.

20. Black and White Blooms

Nail artist Steph Stone proves that flower nail art doesn’t need to be colorful. Her black and white take on the floral nails trend is equal parts graphic, bold, and retro—and we’re obsessed. The look can be recreated with only two polishes and a dotting tool. Don’t have a dotting tool? The eraser end of a pencil or ball end of a pin work just as well.

21. Flowers on Vine

Looking for a daintier, more detailed approach to floral nail trend? Look no further. This vining flower design from Steph Stone is everything, and even better, it’s so much easier to recreate than it looks. All you’ll need is a striping brush (those brushes with long, thin bristles) and a dotting tool (see hacks above). Paint on some green squiggles, add dashes to a few to create, then dot on a few flowers.

22. Petal Pops

For all the minimalist mani lovers out there, here’s your ideal version of a flower nail art design. Channel Steph Stone and paint the little floral accents in a variety of bright colors, or keep them in all the same tone or color family if you want a more understated version.

23. Leafy Blooms

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A post shared by Amy Tran (@amyytran)

First, we can’t get over how cheerful and happy this floral mani by nail artist Amy Tran makes us. The poppy pink petals and turquoise leaves bring so much whimsy to the mani, and the sheer lilac base is such a fun take on the typical nude versions we’re used to seeing. Second, do you think this pattern comes in sundress?

24. Soft Petals

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A post shared by Amy Tran (@amyytran)

This floral mani from Amy Tran is giving us all the relaxing-milky-bath-topped-with-flower-petals-at-a-swanky-spa vibes, which makes perfect sense as the look is referred to as “milk bath” nails. The technique seen here involves dried flowers being embedded in a milky colored acrylic.

25. Hand Painted Poppies

Close-up of a model's hand with hand drawn poppies nail art holding the April 2020 IPSY Glam Bag

Soft, delicate, and slightly romantic—these painted-on poppies look like they took hours to grow, but just a few dots and swipes create beautiful blooms that you can wear anywhere. “The great thing about this flower nail art look is that it doesn’t have to be precise,” says celeb nail artist Mel Shenagaris (whose seriously cool clients include MGK and Post Malone). Dab random shapes of polish onto your nail and let it dry. Then, add another color in the center, and a small black dot in the middle of that. Use a striping brush (it’s an ultra thin nail art brush) to add the green stalks with a quick flick. You can even add random stalks here and there, with no flower head. Finish with a shiny top coat.

26. Sequin Blossoms

A close-up image of a model's hands with holographic sequins nail art

Fact: We can hardly say no to sequins—on our clothes, on our lids, and now on our nails. This shining, flower nail art look is made entirely of little sequins that glint and glimmer whenever they catch the light. This 3-dimensional mani is packed with a wow-factor for any occasion. To recreate it, paint a neutral base coat on each nail. Then, add a coat of clear, working one nail at a time. While it’s still wet, use a tweezer and place a small sequin on it (for the flower’s center). Repeat, placing five slightly larger sequins around the center sequin to create the petals. Lock it in with another layer of clear top coat.

27. Dotted Flowers

A close-up image of a model's hands with pastel colored flowers nail art

A little ‘90s, a lot cute—dotted flowers are one of the easiest (and most popular) flower nail art looks to DIY. Wanna try it? A dotting tool (it’s usually double-sided, with two rounded tips for creating dots, marbling, and more) is your best bud. This dotted flower mani is easy peasy if you’ve got one, but if not, a toothpick will work in a pinch. Use the larger end of your dotting tool to place a dot of color onto your nail. Use the smaller end to shape it (while it’s still wet!) into petals. Then, take the small end and place a tiny dot of a contrasting color onto the center. To keep it interesting, alternate the centers with different colors, like CONTEXT SKIN Nail Lacquer in Slow Down (brown-rose), Rocket Queen (metallic gold) and Don’t Cry (plum rose). Check out the video tutorial below!

28. Pretty, Pressed Flowers

Close-up image of a model's hand with dried flowers nail art

The closest thing to carrying real flowers everywhere you go? Dried flower nail art. We’re seeing this spring mani trend—where tiny pressed flowers are placed onto your nails—all over our Insta Feeds. Want in? All you need are scissors, pressed flowers (from a crafts store or online), a thin brush, and your fave polish shade. According to Shengaris, it’s super easy to create. “Cut up tiny dried flowers. Then, paint a sheer, natural-colored base coat on the nails you want to add your flowers,” she says. “Add a top coat, and while it’s still wet, use tweezers to pick up and drop the dried flowers onto your nail. Then paint on an additional top coat layer to keep them in place and add shine.” HELIOS Livin’ Lovely Nail Polish in Livin’ Lovely, a mauve-purple shade, makes a beautiful base for your pressed flowers.

29. Delicate Daisies

Close-up of a model's hands with white daisies nail art holding tulips

Daisy nail art is cropping up everywhere this spring—this look is cute, easy to create, and because it’s nestled near your cuticle (further away from the tip of your nail) it won’t chip very easily. “Choose a nice opaque base color,” says Shengaris. “Once that’s dried, use a striping brush to make a plus-sign shape, then add an X-shape over it to create the petals of the daisies. Finish by adding a small yellow dot in the center, followed by a shiny top coat.” Wanna glam it up? We suggest: CONTEXT SKIN Nail Lacquer in Rocket Queen for an opaque, metallic gold base that lasts...and lasts.

30. Polka-Dotted Poppies

If you’re not feeling a bright base color, these scattered poppies are the perfect way to brighten up your nail look. It’s a mix of two red nail polish shades (for dimension) over clear polish. And the best part? You can throw precision to the wind—each poppy should be imperfect and unique. Using a dotting tool or toothpick, place a dot of the lighter red polish onto your nail, and squiggle around the edges to create the petals. Then, place a dot of the darker red shade in the center.

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