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27 Glitter Eye Looks That Are Beyond Stunning

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Beauty truth—when it comes to eye makeup, we’re drawn to a set of gorgeous glittery eyes like moths to a flame. A heavy hit of sparkle on the lids is legit mesmerizing like the gilt-filled eye looks we’ve seen splashed on our Euphoria girl crushes (cue up starry-eyed emoji here). So when it comes to skilling a glittery shadow look, we strongly encourage you to play too. See, we know that there's some finesse required to rock glitter eyeshadow in an “adult” kind of way. It’s also no secret that the sparkly products can be messy and make your looks appear a bit over-the-top. But with a little bit of practice and refinement (and your hype team here at IPSY), glitter can suit any makeup look you’re going for pretty darn perfectly.

Don’t believe us? Below are 27 (yes, 27!) ways to do just that. Whether you’re into smoky eyes, winged eyeliner, subtle shimmer, or chunky sparkles, here are a ton of ideas for how you can rock glitter makeup just like you were meant to.

1. Fairy Sparkles

If a fairy was looking for a signature glitter eyeshadow look, it would be this. This light-reflecting, almost cotton candy–colored look has us wanting to master the perfection of imperfection. The light powder-blue wing and polka dots pull this look together, but the best part is, none of it feels too symmetrical.

Recreate it: This look is easier to achieve than it appears! You’ll want a sticky or cream-based glitter for the all-over sparkles. Something like LEMONHEAD Spacepaste will do the trick, and there are a ton of colors to choose from. For a light blue wing and polka dot accents, use a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil or check out our complete list of eyeshadow stick recommendations!

2. Midnight Blue

“Alexa, play the Midnights album by Taylor Swift”. We love this sultry, midnight blue, and definitely ’90s-inspired glitter eyeshadow look. The dark eyeliner on the waterline makes this look feel deep and perfect for nighttime. Of course, the bold false lashes add a little more drama too.

Recreate it: Luckily, this creator tagged every product they used for this look. Complete your midnight blue eye with ABOUT-FACE Fractal Glitter Eye Paint in Above Santorini.

3. Champagne Eyes 

Strong cat eyes aren’t going anywhere, especially with the return of soft goth makeup looks. This champagne-colored glitter eye look remains edgy with the help of the black winged liner. We would even consider this a smoky eye, but with champagne and rose gold tones.

Recreate it: Is Halsey’s makeup brand, ABOUT-FACE, the go-to for glitter eyeshadow? It appears so. This look was created with ABOUT-FACE Fractal Glitter Dust in Out of Body, which you can apply and press into your eyelid with your fingers or a pressed shadow brush.

4. Peachy Glitter

Close-up of a woman rocking a peachy glitter eye makeup look and nude lips
@katiejanehughes / Instagram

Trying your first glitter eyeshadow look and want something a bit more subtle? This peachy look from makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is perfect. It gives a pop of color while paying attention to neutrals too. We love how it contrasts with her blue eyes.

Recreate it: This look was definitely created with an eyeshadow stick for the peachy parts. Try HOURGLASS COSMETICS Voyeur Eyeshadow Sticks—and if you still want extra shimmer, add a little SAIE Super Glowy Gel.

5. Smoky Silver

This look is almost a NYE spin on a smoky eye. There are no neutrals, instead focusing on silver and black. It was made to be paired with a sparkly outfit as you live out your disco dreams.

Recreate it: This COLOURPOP Trouble Maker Shadow Palette will have everything you need and more. Unsure of your smoky eye skills? Check out our tips from experts

6. Purple Haze

We can’t get enough of this deep purple look. It’s cosmic and feels super sci-fi. But if this particular color palette feels a little too bold for you, try to recreate the look with more of a lavender tone instead to lessen the pigment intensity.

Recreate it: This COLOURPOP Lav_ish Shadow Palette has every hue of purple you could need for this look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering the colors. It’s all about play!

7. Mermaid Eyes

This is how we imagine mermaids would wear makeup: With a subtle, frosty-pink lid and an electric blue eyeliner. These eyes also scream HBO and would fit right in on the set of Euphoria.

Recreate it: Try this sparkling white and pink glitter from MᐧAᐧC. Pack it onto your lids and finish with a blue eyeliner like this one from NYX.

8. Glitter Orbit

We found this look while searching for more mermaid-inspired glitter eye looks. We love how unique it is, as it almost draws a circle around the eye with the blue and pink colors and features a chunky glitter on the lid that makes the look pop even more.

Recreate it: Two brands will come in handy when trying out a look like this: MAC and LEMONHEAD. Check out the loose glitter from MᐧAᐧC to create the orbit around your eye. For your lid, you’ll want a more chunky and cream-based glitter. Something like this from LEMONHEAD will do the trick, and you have plenty of colors to choose from.

9. Cosmic Glitter

Claudiu Burcă’s eyes have us seeing stars (literally) and we’re beyond obsessed. This high-impact, spacey glitter look reflects all the light around you, lighting up your lids from sunset to nightcap and everything in between.

Recreate it: First, prep lids with primer to help your look stay-put. Line your eyes with a black liquid liner (like EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Liner creating exaggerated flicked out wings. Now here comes the fun part: Mix and match shadows with varying sizes of glitter to achieve that “stars blinking in the sky” effect. Apply in layers with a flat shadow brush (or your finger) until you’ve reached your desired level of glam. Then, tap Smith& Cult Glitter Shot All-Over Glitter Crush in Iridescent, following the curve of your wing and fanning up and out towards your crease.

10. Kaleidoscope Eyes

Channel hippie vibes with Burcă’s colorful, yet subtle glittery eyeshadow look. If you’re not ready to play with heavy duty sparkle, we love this for you. The little pops of colorful glitter here create a stained-glass-in-the-sun effect from every angle for a look so ridiculously cool, they may just write a song about you.

Recreate It: Apply a creamy bronze-orange eyeshadow all over lids like R.E.M BEAUTY Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow in Hot Lava. A cream base will give your glitter something to cling to. Then, apply NYX MAKEUP Metallic Glitter in Beauty Beam to lids, dotting it from your lash line out towards your brown bone for a kaleidoscope effect. Top your lashes off with a lengthening mascara like THRIVE COSMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara in Black for a fluttery effect.

11. Petal Pink Blitz

Close-up Katherine Langford rocking a glittery pink eyeshadow look paired with pink lips
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer / Getty Images

Looking for some date night makeup inspo? Look no further than Katherine Langford. Level up your look with these flirty pink sparkly lids that own the room (and all the attention).

Recreate it: Swipe a high-pigment pink shadow all over lids (such as MEECH N MIA Eyeshadow in Pink) and blend with a fluffy shadow brush. Grab a small shader brush like SLMISSGLAM SS62 Short Shader Brush and lightly smudge the same shadow on your lower lids, along your waterline. For the grand glimmer--filled finale, top off your lids with a rich rose gold glitter like CIATE LONDON Marbled Metals Metallic Glitter Eyeshadow in Entwine.

12. Moondust Sparkle

Close-up of Lupita Nyong'o rocking a monochromatic glittery black makeup look
Photo by Lars Niki / Stringer / Getty Images

Smoky eye shy? Lupita Nyong’o’s shimmery look is surprisingly simple and subtle. And the best part is, it barely requires any blending.

Recreate it: After your primer, swipe a rich black shadow from your lash line stopping at your crease. We’re loving PEEK BEAUTY Multiuse Black Primer because—get this—it’s a deep black shade that you can also use on your lips to recreate our girl Lupita’s pout shown here! Then, top your lids off with a silvery shimmer like PIXI Liquid Fairy Lights in Crystalline for a hint of sparkle.

13. Green Goddess Glitter

Close-up of Margot Robbie rocking a glittery green eyeshadow makeup look paired with nude pink lips
Photo by Gareth Cattermole / Staff / Getty Images

Warm browns, baby blues, gorgeous grays and greens—this green glittery look on Margot Robbie brings out the best in every eye color (and outfit) without channeling costume party vibes. It’s soft, flirty, and not too over-the-top for any occasion.

Recreate it: Two steps make this look quick, simple and clutch if you’re in a time crunch. Swipe a glimmery green shadow onto your upper lids and blend. STILA Double Dip Suede Shade & Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Mint Julep is the perfect subtle green shade. Skip the liner and add mascara for a final femme-fatale touch.

14. Iridescent Glam

Dress your eyes up for a night out with the besties. We love Gigi Hadid’s luxe wet-shadow look that’ll make your eyes look like the life of the party wherever you go.

Recreate it: Introducing duochrome eyeshadow: These shimmery potions use light to bounce back and forth between reflecting two ranges of colors. Swipe our fave, MILANI Hypnotic Lights Eye Topper in Luster Light onto lids, starting from your inner corners blending outwards focusing more pigment between your inner corners and center of your lids. Then, blend a neutral shade such as VIOLET VOSS Single Eyeshadow in Nude Sparks into creases with a fluffy shadow brush for selfie-worthy sparkle.

15. Pride-Inspired Lines

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A post shared by kale teter (@kaleteter)

These rainbow glitter lined lids (done by makeup artist Kale Teter) make the perfect accessory to your already awesome personality and channel super fun party vibes (be it Pride, a parade, your bday or all of the above).

Recreate it: The not-so-secret secret to making these eyes pop? We did a deep dive into the artist’s comments which confirmed it: white eye liner! Line your lids with a medium-thick layer of white liner such as NYX Vivid Matte Liquid Eyeliner in White. You can play with thickness depending on how much real estate you want for your colorful dots. Next, grab a high-pigment shimmer palette (like NYX Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette) and go nuts! Add spots of color in layers until your liner is completely covered.

16. Lavender Lights

While purple shadow shades can be tricky to pull off, Shay Mitchell’s glitzy purple look is totally doable (and it emits total Boss Babe vibes—just like Shay).

Recreate it: The COLOURPOP Lav_ish Shadow Palette we mentioned earlier is your go-yet get again. Play with your look with one or all of the four matte shades, and top of your lids with a mix of its sparkly purple duochrome colors. Add a set of fanned-out falsies for a sultry finish.

17. Bold Blue Babe

This look (from makeup artist Yasmin Istanbouli) channels serious glam royalty and babe, you’re a Queen. The glitter-meets-metallic eyeshadow almost instantly transports us to a yacht on the ocean—champagne in hand and ready party.

Recreate it: All you need is a little inspiration and a whole lot of drama. Grab HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Sapphire and swipe the shimmery blue shade from the top middle row all over your lids. Be sure to exaggerate your curve, extending color around the arch of your brow bone. Next, layer a heavy-duty pigment all over lids like MAKE UP FOR EVER High Impact Eyeshadow In Electric Blue. Hint: Spritz your shadow brush with a little water before applying your shadow to intensify its effect.

18. 24K Gold Glam

Close-up of Priyanka Chopra rocking a glittery bronze eyeshadow look, deep red lips, and intricate gold headdress
Photo by Roy Rochlin / Stringer / Getty Images

Gleaming gold eyes that you can see from a mile away? Yes, please! We’re stoked to take a note from Priyanka Chopra and create this luxe gold look that’ll make you look like you’re dripping in it.

Recreate it: This look is ultimate glam goals. To make it work for you, first apply a glitter adhesive to your lids for extra stick. Then, reach for a chunky gold glitter like LEMONHEAD Spacepaste in Metallic Champagne Gold and carefully pack it onto your lids. Sweep a shimmery bronze shade across your water line and coat lashes in an extra-black thickening mascara for envious eyes all night long.

19. Rhinestone Cut Crease

Makeup artist Danessa Myricks knows there’s no better time than summer to pull off a glitterized cut-crease eye. While this may have a super complicated look, the execution isn’t all that tricky.. And the results? SO worth it.

Recreate it: For this look, you’re going to have to do a little (fun!) drawing. Grab a smudge-proof gel liner such as BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Gel Liner (in any shade you like) and line your eyes as shown above. Once your liner dries, swipe a glitter adhesive along your outline (work in small sections), and pop on your sparkles.

20. Ice Queen Glitter

Bottom line: Selena Gomez’s icey, sheer glitter shadow is sexy AF. Pair it with an extra dramatic wing and you’ve got the most gorgeous eyes in the room.

Recreate it: Reach for the ICONIC LONDON Glaze Crayon in Quartz to create this sheer, frosted look. Top off your look with a thick, exaggerated wing and wispy falsies. Trust us, it’s a vibe.

21. Grunge-Inspired Glitter Wings

An image of a model wearing a glittery thick cat eye look and bold red lipstick

Is it possible for grunge makeup to also look red carpet ready? You bet. Case in point: this perfectly balanced makeup look. It's a look that's ideal for spicing up any formal event with a little bit of rebelliousness.

Recreate it: To get this eye makeup look, begin with an eyeshadow primer. Once that has set, jump straight to eyeliner. Using a glitter eyeliner pencil, create a thick winged line on both eyes. For an extra-smoky look, create your cat eye using a black liquid liner and use a liner brush to top the line with glitter eyeshadow. Top either version of the look off with a coat of mascara and a bold, matte lip.

22. Kissed by a Rose

An close up image of a model with a shimmery baby pink eyeshadow look paired with glossy berry lipstick

Less is more when it comes to this sweet, shimmery style. Here's a look that will perfectly suit everything from date night to a Sunday brunch with your BFFs.

Recreate it: To rock this style, apply a matte pink or rose gold eyeshadow all over the eye and use a liquid glitter eyeshadow like CIATÉ LONDON Eye Lustre Glitter Crème-Liquid Eyeshadow as a highlighter. To achieve the little bit of sheen you see here, top the look with a dab of clear or rose-tinted lip gloss. Skip the eyeliner and finish up with a quick coat of mascara to make your eyelashes pop.

23. Shimmering Smoke

A close up image of a model wearing a shimmery smoky eyeshadow look

If a classic smoky eye tends to feel a bit too heavy for you, an easy way to illuminate it a bit is by incorporating a touch of sparkle. This shimmer-inspired take on a classic smoky eye will translate seamlessly from dinner to drinks and all types of formal or semi-formal events.

Recreate it: Begin by applying a matte gray shadow like LAURA MERCIER Matte Eyeshadow in Deep Night all over the lid. For a more intense look, choose a matte black shade, like something from the KALEIDO COSMETICS Aquaholic Eyeshadow Palette. Over that base, you'll add a layer of glitter shadow in the same hue. If you're going dark, we love the MEECH AND MIA Eyeshadow in Grey. To lighten this look up a bit, simply choose lighter shades of gray. A wash of gray shadow from BUXOM COSMETICS the Grey-Eyed Glamazon Eyeshadow Palette will look fab topped with some pressed silver glitter like the ILLAMASQUA Jewel Vinyl glitter in Wizzard.

24. Confetti-Crazed

A close up image of model's sequin and glitter eye makeup look

This crazy cool look is chic, playful, and fully party-approved. Best of all, it's surprisingly simple to recreate–no eyeshadow or eyeliner required.

Recreate it: Get this confetti-inspired style by first applying a strong glitter glue like NYX Glitter Primer to adhere sequins or loose glitter decals on your lid. Lash glue also works well. Apply them all over for an all-out party vibe, or only in the corners of your eye for a more subtle version.

25. Garden Party Glitter

A closeup image of model wearing shimmery light green eyeshadow look

While this look may be sparse product-wise, thoughtfully placed glitter eyeshadow helps it pack a big punch. Whether you're a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, this whimsy green-hued glittery eye makeup is perfect for nuptial affairs. And if you just so happen to have a summer garden party in the works, there truly isn't a more ideal look than this.

Recreate it: Replicate the look by blending SUVA BEAUTY Empire State Eyeshadow across the lid and top with PHASE ZERO Satin Eyeshadow in Banana Beige. Then, use the dark green shades from the KALEIDO COSMETICS Aquaholic Eyeshadow Palette (Rainforest and Daydream) in both the outer corners and inner corners of the eye, and swipe across the top of your eyelid to create a green cut crease. For a more dramatic version of this eye look, try spreading the dark green shade all along the upper and lower lash line.

26. Sweetheart Sparkle

A collage image of model wearing rose gold eyeshadow look with heart sequins

Are you really ready to embrace Valentine's Day all year long? Show off your soft side (through your eye makeup) with this romantic, glittery look.

Recreate it: First, you'll want to apply a rose gold shadow from the VIOLET VOSS Berry Burst Fun Sized Shadow Palette on primer-prepped lids. Top that with the TONY MOLY Lovely Beam Bling Eye Glitter in Pink Beam. As a final touch, use glitter glue to apply small heart decals around the outer corners of your eye.

27. Glistening in Gold

For those days when you want to feel like a bold, gold Grecian goddess, swipe on a glittery gold eye makeup look and take on the day in style.

Recreate it: Reach for the MAKEUP GEEK Champagne and Rosé Palette. The execution here is super simple: Use the lighter gold shade in the palette all over the eye and blend the darker gold shade into the crease. Finish by also applying the lighter shade along the lower lash line.

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