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45 Holiday Hairstyles You Can Wear Way Past New Year’s Eve

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From twinkling lights and chilly nights, to embracing sparkles and over-the-top glam at holiday parties, there’s never a better time than the holiday season to pull off your best beauty feats of the year. That applies to your beauty routines and party hairstyles, too. Whether your festivities entail schmoozing with coworkers at the company party, giggling with gal pals over eggnog,  QT with the fam, or spending the night in with your special someone, we’re here to help you find your holiday hairstyle magic.

We’ve got you covered with some gorgeous hairstyle inspo tutorials from some of our favorite hairstylist pros and content creators. With so many options to choose from (everything from a messy bun to embellished hair accessories), we promise you’ll find the fitting hairdo for your hair type. Everyone deserves holiday hair looks for the books, so whether you DIY or make a mad dash for your hairstylist, you’re set. Keep reading for 40 holiday hairstyles that’ll leave you gorgeous and glam from now through New Year’s Eve. 

About the Experts:
Clayton Hawkins is a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist.
Yvette Corinne is a Los Angeles-based model, content creator, and co-founder of Hair for the Girls.
Lauren Sanchez is a Los Angeles-based photography, makeup, and fashion content creator.
Erinn Courtney is a Los Angeles-based Styleseat hairstylist and natural hair expert. Her skilled hands have worked on many notable names, including Rickey Thompson and Adrienne Warren.
Kasper Heemskerk is a Netherlands-based International Education Director for Balmain Hair Couture.
Jessica Page is the Utah-based founder of Blondies Co. salon. She also founded The Mane Collective and hairstylist subscription service, The Stylist Box.
Jennifer Covington Bowers is a Hairstory network stylist.
Gregory Patterson is a celebrity stylist, DIY color & styling expert, and Cosmo Prof educator.
Gregga Prothero is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist, colorist, and owner of a namesake salon.

1. Half-Up With Statement Accessory

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A post shared by SWEETV (@sweetvjewelry)

This timeless look is effortless, chic and makes for the perfect office-to-holiday-party transition. Celebrity stylist and DIY color & styling expert Gregory Patterson offers the following instructions: Take second day hair, or hair that has been waived, curled or textured, and add a dry texture spray to offer grip and texture. Secure half of hair up following the cheekbone line to create the perfect lifting illusion. Then secure with elastic and top off with an oversized ribbon tied into a bow of any color or texture, or some other statement accessory. Finish ends with a soft shaping cream and secure style with a medium hold spray.  

2. Scarf Headband With Natural Curls 

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A post shared by Hortencia (@stylefeen)

Another effortless look, this holiday hairstyle allows you to put your natural hair on full display. 

“It’s easy to achieve, offers beautiful shape, and highlights and accentuates facial features,” Patterson says. “It’s the perfect holiday glam. Flirty, fun and spirited with joy, without having to completely revamp curls.” Patterson instructs to take a festive colored or patterned scarf and securely tie it into position. You can secure the base with bobby pins in a criss cross X pattern to help secure the scarf. You then pull and place curls strategically to frame your face and give it a loose and undone vibe. To really punch up the holiday spirit, he suggests opting for a vibrant vivid shade in a holiday berry tone!  

3. Braided Half-Up on Short Hair 

Patterson says this look is most flattering on a fresh blowout—and from there you can implement the braid of your choice to create your hair’s very own built-in accessory. This is especially great for short hair, which can often be tougher to style. This look is also easy to double-accessorize by way of a festive holiday piece. 

4. Colorful Clip-Ins

Calling this “Santa’s best-kept secret,” Patterson says colorful clip-in extensions are a great way to add some festive flair to your look. Perfect for holiday parties or photo opps, this low maintenance, commitment-free look not only adds pops of color, but also length and volume. Added bonus? There are plenty of hair textures to choose from.  

5. Crop Cut Bob

The crop cut bob (a shorter, modernized version of the classic bob), continues to grow in popularity, as evidenced by Hailey Bieber, among others. It certainly isn’t going anywhere come holiday season, and there are specific ways to jazz it up for the time. Hairstory network stylist Jennifer Covington Bowers suggests adding some wave to the look. 

To achieve this, she suggests adding HAIRSTORY Dressed Up heat protectant to completely dry hair before parting the hair how you desire. Using medium-sized curling tongs or an iron, take medium sections curling away from the face to create the light waves. Lastly, finish the look by working HAIRSTORY Dressed Up in the palm of your hand and run through the hair from roots to ends for a light hold. 

6. Middle Part, Sleek Low Ponytail

This is one of Bowers’ favorite holiday hairstyles because it’s chic, no fuss and you can easily amplify it with your favorite festive jewelry. To create the look, you’ll want to start by blow drying your hair straight with a smoothing lotion, like Dressed Up. Then, using a fine-tooth rat tail comb, make a middle part. When doing a ponytail, Bowers says it’s best to work in sections, so clip the front section of hair away before applying mousse to the back section. Using a MASON PEARSON brush, begin brushing and gathering the hair at the nape of the neck. Once complete, repeat with the front section. When the hair is smoothed into the desired position, secure it with a hair tie and finish with Hair Balm on the edges and length of the ponytail.

7. Box Braid Top Bun

“When it comes to box braids in a top bun, it’s all about the versatility in a hairstyle,” Bowers says. “More than just a protective hairstyle, box braids can work for going out to social gatherings and holiday events as well.” 

To create the perfect on-trend box braid top bun, she suggests working HAIRSTORY’s Hair Oil through the parts. Then, gather the hair on top of the head and secure it with a hair tie designed for thicker hair, before separating the loose hair into two sections and twisting it into a bun. Secure the bun with hairpins and finish the look by using Wax on the edges.  

8. Natural Texture

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A post shared by INES RAU (@supa_ines)

They say hair is your best accessory, and this look is a prime example of why! The natural waves combed over to the side not only look instantly “done,” but they’re voluminous and fun and ready for the occasion.

Bowers says to start the look by spraying HAIRSTORY’s Undressed on damp hair and diffuse. If time allows, you can also let it dry naturally. Then, once the hair is fully dry hair, spray on a heat protectant, like Dressed Up, and use smaller sized curling tongs, or iron, to take random small pieces of hair from mid to end of the strand and wrap around iron for few seconds to create variation in texture and movement. Finally, finish the look by using a pick comb just at the roots to lift and add a little Powder to create texture. 

9. Velvet Bows

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A post shared by LELET NY (@leletny)

Does anything say holiday season more than velvet and bows? Put the two together and you’ve got the ultimate seasonal staple. Large, small, one, or a few, this is the foolproof accessory Bowers stands by through the holidays and beyond.

10. Messy Tousled Bun

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A post shared by Megan Fox (@meganfox)

Who needs the holiday party when your hair is the main event? To achieve Megan Fox’s stunning look, LA-based hair salon owner Gregga Prothero says you can use DAVINES This is a Sea Salt Spray to give it that tousled, effortless beachy wave. Then twist into a messy bun, but pull some of the front pieces of the hair out so it gives it a more party fun look instead of formal.

11. Slicked-Back Wet Look

“This trend is giving edge with glam,” Prothero says, adding that the hairstyle can work with all hair types. She recommends grabbing DAVINES This is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel, and applying it to damp hair, gliding the brush or comb from root to tip, then molding the sides and top of the hair back. After, finish with DAVINES This is a Shine Wax for its light-hold, creamy wax to polish the slicked-back look. 

12. Tousled Layers

Jenna Ortega never fails to wow us, and this jazzed-up layered look is no exception. Prothero says you can bring out all the texture and layers in your hair by using DAVINES This Is A Dry Texturizer.

13. Retro Waves With Heavy Side Part

The holidays are all about the glam, so go all out with these classic retro Hollywood curls, as seen here by Margot Robbie. Prothero suggests starting with DAVINES This is a Texturizing Serum before your blow dry to give you a texturizing effect without sacrificing softness or workability.

“It’s the perfect choice for creating body, structure and shape while you blow dry,” she says. Then she advises using a one-inch curling iron and pinning your hair into place. Wait for the hair to cool down before taking the pins out. Then brush the hair out gently and finish with hairspray.

14. High Pony With Front Curled Pieces

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A post shared by Gemma Chan (@gemmachan)

“Similar to the messy bun, the high ponytail gives a playful chic vibe to any party dress outfit,” Prothero says, suggesting you use something to give the hair lift, like a volume-boosting mousse. Do this when hair is wet because it adds airy volume to any type of hair. You want light and natural-looking body, which will prevent your ponytail looking flat.

15. Star-Studded Side Braid

Clayton Hawkins rocking a star-studded side braid hairstyle

And just like that, a star is born. Here’s a sparkly braid worn on the side of your head that’s sure to put a twinkle in your eye. Wanna DIY it? Grab some star charms and copper wire, and you’re ready to start styling. Los Angeles-based hair stylist Clayton Hawkins says, “It’s a face-framing side braid that I adorned with blingy star charms I bought at a craft store and secured with copper wire. It’s almost like decorating your tree, but instead, you decorate your hair. This style is super affordable and a literal show-stopper.”

We suggest: Embrace (and enhance) waves and curls for an extra touch of glam when you prep with MARC ANTHONY PROFESSIONAL Strictly Curls Defining Lotion—it’ll give you perfectly smooth, frizz-free hair every time.

Watch the full star-studded braid tutorial here:

16. Rhinestone Fishnet Braid

Clayton Hawkins rocking a rhinestone fishnet braid hairstyle

We love a good scarf braid, and this blinged-out version will take you from the holidays straight through New Year’s Eve. “This look is a long side braid that I integrated rhinestone fishnet into,” says Hawkins. “I played off the TikTok trend of braiding your hair with a scarf, but instead I used a blingy fishnet material. This is another bang-for-your-buck, show-stopping hair moment. Plus, it literally takes 5 minutes!”

Watch the full rhinestone fishnet tutorial here:

17. Silver-and-Gold Top Knot

Clayton Hawkins rocking a silver and gold top knot hairstyle

Looking for something glam and super easy to do? A high top knot is always a stylish idea—and with gold and silver thread, it’s a red carpet-worthy NYE look. Hawkins says, “This was a half-up, half-down bun that I wrapped with gold and silver elastic thread. This look screams expensive and chic, but it’s super simple to achieve. I even added a few gold chains that I secured with a bobby pin to really take it over the edge. You’re gonna look like you’re Met Gala-ready with this lewk!”

Watch the full glam top knot tutorial here:

18. DIY Snowflake Headband

Clayton Hawkins rocking a DIY snowflake headband

Spending more time cozying up inside? Why not get crafty (and have fun!) like Hawkins with a snowflake headband that’ll make you look like the ultimate snow angel? To create it, fasten sparkly accessories—like snowflakes, flowers, gemstones, and more—atop your favorite headband using pins or a glue gun. Then, create a center part and place the headband behind your ears, leaving the front sections of hair loose. Leave your hair as-is, add a light wave—any way you wear it, you’ll light up every holiday selfie.

We suggest: Whether you have straight hair, waves, or curls, make your hair shine like a diamond with R+CO Centerpiece All-In-One Elixir Hairspray. Spritz it on to lock in hydration, tame flyaways, fight frizz, and more.

19. Ribbon Ponytail

Yvette Corinne rocking a ribbon ponytail hairstyle

Ribbons aren’t just for wrapping, they make great DIY accessories, too. Create a low pony like L.A.-based content creator Yvette Corinne by tying your hair back at the nape of your neck with two elastics, separated about one inch apart. Then, take the prettiest ribbon from your stash (or you know, the drawer where leftover wrapping stuff sits all year), and wrap it around the elastics. Secure it all with a bobby pin and voila—you’re a gift.

20. Silver-Lined Braids

Yvette Corinne rocking silver lined braids

If the last few years needed a silver lining, this is it. Corinne’s silver-threaded braids are equal parts festive and glam—and they’re super easy to create. To DIY it, fold two ribbons in half and pin the center at the top of your head, under a small section of hair. Then, take a small section and braid all the way to the ends, incorporating the threads as you go. Secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side, or as many times as you want, wear your hair up or down like Corinne—it’s the perfect way to add a festive touch to every hairstyle. Plus, it works with short hair, long hair, and everything in between.

Want more DIY ribbon hairstyles? Watch Yvette Corinne’s full tutorial:

21. Cozy, Cute Earmuffs

Lauren Sanchez looking cute with fluffy, cozy earmuffs

Braids are one of our favorite hair trends—French braids, fishtail braids, braided ponies, and more. But when it’s cold and snowy out, wearing braids that stay in place and keep your ears warm can be a struggle. Meet this easy earmuff-friendly hairstyle that’ll look cute even when it’s dampened by snow. The trick? Sanchez created two braids down either side and gently tugged at them to add fullness and volume. And the earmuffs? They keep your braids in place no matter how windy it is outside.

Tip: Try smoothing some USE ME HAIR Wave + Curl Cream through your hair before creating your braids—it’ll keep them flyaway-free and when you come in from the cold, you can shake them loose for instant waves.

22. Blingy Low Bun

Lauren Sanchez rocking blingy low bun hairstyle

There’s a bun for every season, and this cold weather-approved low bun by L.A.-based content creator Lauren Sanchez can literally be created on the go. Just split your hair into two sections, then use a hair tie to pull them into two loops at the nape of your neck. Pull one loop through the other, then secure with bobby pins. Top it with a fun headband (like Sanchez’ rhinestone-covered one) and you’re ready to wow through snowball fights, bonfire chats, ice skating, and more.

23. DIY Beanie Ponytail

Lauren Sanchez rocking beanie ponytail hairstyle

Have a beanie lying around that you never wear? Here’s an easy way to DIY a warm accessory for your last-minute outdoor holiday activities. Sanchez took a pair of scissors and snipped a small hole at the very top of the beanie, then tied her hair into a high ponytail and pulled it through the top of the beanie. It’s as easy as that—you’ve got an instant cozy-chic hairstyle (and you’ll give an old beanie new life).

Watch Lauren’s full tutorial for more winter hair looks:

24. Gold Threaded Side Braid

Hawkins’ Tip: “For Isabel Merced’s Cleopatra-inspired glam, I wove golden thread into her face-framing side braids for a simple but impactful moment! It’s super easy to do, but obsession-worthy!”

25. Velvet Ribbon-Tied Hair

Hawkins’ Tip: “I started with a classic roller set so that her hair was super bouncy, then I pulled it half back and secured it with a giant velvet ribbon that I made myself with black velvet.”

26. Blingy, Braided Ponytail

Hawkins’ Tip: “I actually used lash glue to secure different colored rhinestones to the braid for a show-stopping vibe.”

27. Star-Adorned Braid

Hawkins’ Tip: “For Emma Furhman’s look, I braided her hair down the back and added rhinestone starry hairpins.”

28. Glam High Pony

Hawkins’ Tip:: “I pulled all of Milan’s gorgeous hair up into a high pony and fluffed it out.”

29. Classic, Bouncy Bob

Hawkins’ Tip: “I gave Lucy Hale an old Hollywood roller set, and then brushed it out and sprayed it with a shine spray for a bouncy, modern effect.”

30. Retro Glam Waves

Hawkins’ Tip: “For Lexi Underwood, I curled her hair with a 1.25-inch curling iron all going the same direction. Then, I brushed it out with a wet brush and finished it off with a medium-hold hairspray.”

31. Bantu Knots 

To achieve this stunning style, Los Angeles-based Styleseat hairstylist Erinn Courtney suggests parting the hair into boxed sections and using edge control to smooth each and put it into a rubber band. Then braid each section and roll the braid around itself. Secure with a rubber band.

32. Over-the-Top Knot

The holidays are all about being extra, and this sky-high top knot is perfect for making your bold statement! Courtney makes this magic happen by using edge control to smooth hair into a very high ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. She then smoothes the free hair in the ponytail with edge control and twists it until the hair starts to fold into itself. She then pins the twist down til secured—and voila!

33. Sparkly Hair Tinsel

Holiday season is the busiest time of year, so you may not have time to glitz and glam for every occasion. This pictured look features none other than sparkly hair tinsel weaved through the strands. Top off the look with a dainty sparkly hair clip for good measure!

34. Snowflake Braids 

This look isn’t for amateur hour, but if you can find someone who specializes in french braids, it’s worth a shot! There aren’t many other times of year that this look will be a fit, so go big or go home.

35. Christmas Tree Braid

Bubble braid? French braid? None of the above? While we can’t say we’d be able to tackle this look on our own, the good news is minus the accessory choice, the stylish ‘do can be recycled year-’round. But for now? Grab this photo and head to your nearest salon, stat!

36. Chignon Chic 

When in doubt, low bun it out. Always elevated without mess and stress, you’ll never go wrong with this elevated aesthetic.

37. Twisted Bubble Braid

For the winter queen of the castle, this look is screaming your name. With or without the floral touch, this breathtaking style is the ethereal aesthetic holiday season’s dreams are made of. If you have luscious, long locks, show this to your hairstylist immediately—and prepare to be the topic of convo at the holiday dinner table.

38. Braided Updo

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A post shared by @makeupgoals

If salon-level locks are what you’re after, nail this pro look from your home in minutes. This quick video tutorial takes you through the process in a few easy steps. Sleek and chic, the holidays are callin’ for ya!

39. Elegant Updo

‘Tis the season for elegance, and this classic updo paired with fine, dangly jewelry will have you stepping out in style. The three main steps, as instructed by Jessica Page, Owner of Blondies Co. salon in Utah: loose curls, knotted bun, pinned up.

40. Voluminous Teased Pony

Effortlessly chic, this slicked-back pony requires little effort with big payoff. Page says she’s a fan because it doesn’t take expert-level skills to achieve. And wrapping a section of the hair around the tie elevates the look in an instant.

41. Flipped Ends

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A post shared by JESS XU (@thejessxu)

We’re a huge fan of the ‘90s and early 2000s making a comeback—this hairstyle is a fun, modern take on the super popular flipped ends look from that era. We love this take on the hairstyle for the holidays because of its sleek look and cute addition of playful hairclips. Plus, it’s simple to do: Just take your hair straightener and flip the ends outward, away from your face, and then apply hair spray to the parts you’ve flipped.

42. A Slicked Bun With Effortless Bangs

You can never go wrong with a slicked-back bun. This take on the holiday hairstyle includes an effortlessly, lightly curled bang that hangs down the side of the face. It’s chic and modern, and goes with pretty much any holiday outfit. Just pull out your handy dandy curling wand and lightly curl the bang with a short 5-second hold.

43. Curly Bangs

This take on the classic slicked-back bun requires a little more effort than others, but the payoff is worth it (we guarantee you’ll turn heads). The most important part of the hairstyle is using a strong-hold gel that’ll not only hold your bun in place, but will also be strong enough to keep your curl intact all night long.

44. Two Cute Buns

This one is simple, but it never fails to deliver on holiday style. Plus, it looks good on all hair textures and lengths. We suggest first parting your hair down the middle and separating it into two even sections. Then, grab your fave scrunchie (or even a ribbon if you’re feeling extra festive) and tie up each section as low or as high as you want it—that’s all up to you.

45. Natural Wave With a Headband

When you’re in a pinch to get your holiday roast in and out of the oven, we suggest going for an effortless holiday hairstyle like this one that always looks good. The best part? All you really have to do to make this  work is keep your natural wave, slip on your fave headband, and then add a little hair oil to tame any flyaways.

Now that you have all the inspo to nail those holiday hair looks, you need the goods to get the job done! Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started with your own IPSY beauty subscription. Already an IPSY member? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and TikTok @IPSY.

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