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How to Get Glossy Lids That Make a Statement (and Actually Last!)


Glossy eyelids might sound like a sticky, goopy mess at first, but products have seriously upgraded over the years to allow this look to really work for you through the day or night or whenever you decide to rock it. Gone are the days of slathering on Vaseline to our eyelids for a light-catching shine. Now, products that are specifically designed for this high fashion makeup look allow you to achieve the look at home without melting off of your face. 

To find out exactly how to achieve this look from home, we tapped in with celebrity makeup artist Gabrielle Alvarez to make it as simple as possible. 

About the Expert:

Gabrielle Alvarez is a celebrity makeup artist.

How to Get the Glossy Lid Look

1. Prime Your Eyelids

Just like when you wear regular eyeshadow, it’s a good idea to prime your eyelids before you get started to make sure you’re starting off with a strong base for your eye gloss to hold onto. We love THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Eye Lift 360° Waterproof Primer. It’s the perfect base that helps fill in fine lines and lock in moisture for a smooth base.

2. Apply Eyeshadow

Alvarez recommends wearing the ABOUT-FACE Matte Fluid Eye Pants under eye gloss because there are so many different colors to choose from, including neutrals if bright colors aren’t your thing. “This creates an opaque and long wearing base for the gloss to pop against,” says Alvarez. You can apply any eyeshadow color or type you want, but using a waterproof matte paint will help it stay in place longer.

3. Get Creative

If you’re trying out a glossy lid look, chances are you’re not trying to be subtle. Reach for a bright colorful eyeliner to really round out the look, or a colorful mascara to seriously make eyes pop from a mile away. We love the TANAÏS Kajal Pencil in Lotus Lake if you’re going for an all-pink look or ITEM BEAUTY’s Boost Juice Dual-Ended Lash Primer & Colored Mascara in Blue & Lilac if you want to go the blue/purple route.

4. Apply Mascara

Eye gloss should be your final step of your makeup application. You don’t want to apply eye gloss and then mascara, only to have your eyelashes getting pushed into the gloss and mascara smudging everywhere. We love TARTE’S Tartlette Tubing Mascara for this since it’s water-resistant, smudge-proof, and truly fans out lashes to perfection. 

5. Grab Your Gloss

It’s important that you reach for a product that’s specifically formulated for use around the eyes, says Alvarez. “Gloss-like products that are not specifically formulated for the eye can have differing effects,” she says. “For example, when Vaseline starts to heat up from the warmth of the skin, it has tendencies to even melt and leak into the eye, which I do not recommend.” 

There are different types of eye gloss products available, but Alvarez loves using ABOUT-FACE’S Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss to achieve this look. It’s specifically formulated for the eye area and is infused with squalane to be moisturizing and never cracky or cakey. Plus it’s non-sticky and high-shine so a little goes a long way. 

6. Apply With a Flat Brush

“A flat brush will lay the gloss down evenly, without disturbing your products underneath,” explains Alvarez. “Eye gloss will last all day, but your eyeshadow underneath it may break up depending on the formulas used, which is why it’s best to use gloss and waterproof paints. For lasting results, avoid the crease of the eye, using gloss specifically made for the lid, and use less gloss.” 

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Article Last Updated August 22, 2023 12:00 AM