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Revealing the Designs of the July 2021 Glam Bag: Official IPSY Spoilers


July’s theme, Stay Golden, is more than just a’s a state of mind. Inspired by long summer days, sparkling blue waters, bronzer, and warm breezes, the golden July Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus is a reminder to shine everywhere we go. So get ready dust on your favorite highlighter all over, pack your sunnies, and live it up all summer long.

Want to know more about what went into the design and construction of July’s design? Keep scrolling!

July 2021 Glam Bag

July 2021 IPSY Glam Bag

“I wanted to design simple and modern bags in a metallic gold for the summer—bags that you can carry out to the beach or dinner date with your cute summer outfitters,” says IPSY’s bag designer Joanne Wong. With a matte-finish faux leather in a striking yellow gold and contrasting blue topaz accents, it comes as no surprise to learn that this bag was directly inspired by the sun and sea.

Every detail on the July Glam Bag was added with intention, from the celestial sun zipper pull to the inspirational “Stay Golden” message that’s embossed on the exterior and inside. “Every time I pull the zipper puller to open this bag, I also touch and feel the message. It’s like a reminder to myself that I’m doing great and I should keep doing what makes me feel beautiful,” adds Wong.

July 2021 Glam Bag Plus

July 2021 IPSY Glam Bag Plus bag

Whether it’s beach days, lake getaways, or dipping your toes in a pool, this lightweight pouch will be by your side for everything under the sun. “I love to put my sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer spray, and hand cream inside the pouch, making sure my skin stays hydrated and is protected from the sun on the sunny days,” says Wong.

Design wise, the July Glam Bag Plus is a whole mood with a shimmery gold print that adds a metallic shine on the soft beige backgrounds and pops of topaz in the center of the eye, drawstrings, and woven label along the side. Curious about the symbolism of the eye-in-sun design? “The blue topaz-colored eye in the middle of the sun is a message of seeing the beauty in everything and being with yourself,” Wong explains. We can’t think of a better message for summer and beyond.

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Article Last Updated May 27, 2021 12:00 AM