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Soak It All In: Our July 2022 Theme Is a Reminder to Savor All of Summer


The sun. The shimmer. The SPF. This month’s theme, Soak It All In, is a reminder to savor every moment. Whether it’s an impromptu dip in the pool or full-out self-care spa day from the comfort of your own home, we urge you to leave your to-do list ‘til tomorrow and just soak in the summer.

Ready to get started? We’re bringing you everything you need to kick-start your best summer ever—from makeup tips to help you beat the heat to skincare tricks and advice for a glowy complexion and your nail color mood board for the season (and honestly, the rest of the year if we’re being honest). Keep scrolling to see what’s in store for your July.

13 Ways to Incorporate Self-Care in Your Beauty Routine

Image of various beauty, skincare, and makeup products from various brands scattered on dark blue background

Self-care is having a major moment. Everyone from celebs and influencers to your BFFs are showing off their bubble bath pics, meditative journaling, and yoga poses. If you’re curious, but not sure where (or even why) to start with self-care, we’ve got you covered. We’re breaking down a few self-care activities that will have you feeling like your best self.

How to Apply Sunscreen for the Best Possible Protection

Woman putting on sunscreen under her eyes while sitting at the back of her car

Photo by Jordan Lutes / Getty Images

If there’s one non-negotiable in your skincare routine, it’s sunscreen—and for good reason. The good news is that sunscreens have come a long way from the chalky, greasy versions of summers past. The latest formulas not only provide adequate UV protection when applied (and reapplied) properly, they can also feel nice on the skin, which can make it easier to stick with them on a daily basis. Here’s the right way to use sunscreen and give yourself the best possible protection against sun exposure.

Forget Touch-Ups! These 8 Hacks Will Help Your Lipstick Last

Close-up of young woman applying red lipstick on her lips

Photo by Caroline Tompkins / Refinery29 for Getty Images

Slip-and-slides are for backyard BBQs, not your lipstick, so don’t let the summer sizzle melt your beauty plans! If you find yourself taking constant lip touch-up breaks—or just forgoing lipstick altogether to save yourself the hassle—we can help. Click through for eight tried-and-true makeup hacks that will help make your lipstick last until you reach for your cleansing balm before bed.

Get Clear, Glowing Skin for Summer With These 11 Derm-Approved Skincare Tips

Various skincare and beauty products from various brands arranged on teal background

Vacay fun wreaking havoc on your complexion? Get your skincare game back on point without a head-to-toe overhaul. With a few routine tweaks, you’ll steer clear of summer’s biggest breakout woes and keep your glow going strong.

In a Rush? Here’s How to Do Your Makeup Super Fast

Close-up of young woman setting her under eye makeup while holding and looking at herself at a compact mirror

We’re all about anything that makes life a little bit easier, especially when it comes to our makeup routines. After you’ve hit snooze once or twice (okay, maybe three times), and you’re left with five minutes to complete an entire makeup look, multipurpose products can be a total lifesaver. Makeup products that cut down on your skincare routine (like hydrating BB creams or tinted moisturizer with SPF) are a good place to start. Ready for a five-minute makeup routine that's ideal for anytime you don’t have any time? We got you covered!

30 Must-Try Summer Nail Colors for 2022

Young woman's hands applying yellow nail polish on her nails

Photo by Jonathan Knowles / Getty Images

Ready to make a splash? Cannonball into the season’s hottest summer nail colors. Nail expert Evelyn Lim has a few nail-related words to live by. For one, she encourages DIY nail artists to never be afraid to wear any nail polish color they feel a connection with. If you plan to experiment with summer nail trends and nail art, Lim suggests choosing shades within the same color family for a harmonious look. Here are 30 summer nail polish colors you're about to see everywhere this year. Read on to find your new fave (or faves!) so you can plan your nails all summer long.

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