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Forget Touch-Ups! These 8 Hacks Will Help Your Lipstick Last All Day and Night

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Let’s face it: We put our lipsticks through a lot. Apart from the constant talking and movement of our mouths, our lip products need to endure our morning iced matcha, an afternoon snack and can of Spindrift, plus at least three meals a day. If you find yourself taking constant touch-up breaks—or just forgoing lipstick altogether to save yourself the hassle—we can help. Keep scrolling for eight tried-and-true makeup hacks that will help make your lipstick last until you reach for your cleansing balm before bed.

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How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

1. Try Translucent Powder

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The best thing about this lipstick hack, aside from the all-day wear, is that you most likely already own everything you need to make it work. First up, apply your lipstick like normal (we’re loving the peachy nude LUNA MAGIC Lipstick in Park Ave Medium for every day. Once you have the shape and color how you like it, swirl a small fluffy brush into your favorite translucent powder, tap off a bit of the excess, then gently press it over your lips… press being the key word here. Swiping the bristles across your lipstick can cause the pigment to transfer.

2. Use a Lip Primer

You probably know all about face primers, and you might even have a holy grail eyeshadow primer in your makeup collection, but did you know that lip primers are a super easy prep step to help make your lipstick last for ages? They function the same way as the other primers you’ve tried. They create the perfect base for lipsticks by adding more grip while still feeling silky smooth. Many formulas also come with hydrating and plumping benefits to keep your lips happy and healthy, so that they look great with or without makeup.

3. Fill Your Lips In First

There’s a reason makeup artists keep a whole stash of lip liners in their kits. They’re incredibly versatile products. You can apply lip liners to even out the shape of your lips or draw outside the lines to help create a fuller-looking lip, but our favorite way to use them is to make our lipstick last for hours. Outline your lips using a pencil similar to the lip color you’ll be using (when in doubt, nude works with everything), then fill in the middle using the same lip pencil. We love the MISCHO BEAUTY Lip Liner Set in Madam and Ijama because it comes with a universal nude and a darker shade. The liner will give your lipstick something to cling to and tend to have a waxier texture that stays put even if the color you top it with wears off.

4. Stick to Multiple Thin Coats

Think of applying lipstick like painting your nails at home. Any nail artist will tell you the key to a long-lasting manicure is multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat. Thick coats take forever to dry (or in the case of lipstick, set), leaving a ton of room for error. Pat your lipstick color on the center of your lips, and use a lip brush or your finger to spread the pigment out to cover the full surface of your lips. Then swipe on another layer or two.

5. Choose a Long-Wear Formula

Liquid lipsticks are known for their longevity, but they tend to get a bad rap for their overly drying, uncomfortable past. The good news is, liquid lipstick formulas have come a long way. Exhibit A: BEAUTY FOR REAL Be Seen Weightless Liquid Lipsticks in All In or Maxed Out. They offer full coverage with one swipe, dry down, and set, but leave your lips feeling smooth and hydrated thanks to the addition of antioxidants and essential oils that magically don’t mess with the staying power.

6. DIY a Lip Stain

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Lip stains are the OG of long-wear lip products, but it can be hard to find the exact shade you’re looking for in a stain formula. Now you can DIY your own lip stain using any long-wear lipstick you already own. Add a few dots of lipstick over your lips, then use a Q-tip to spread out the pigment and create a tint of color across your lips. The color will sink in and stay put, then you can top it with a gloss or lip balm for a bit of healthy-looking shine.

7. Blot, Then Powder

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This hack takes the translucent powder trick from above up another notch. Before you go in with the powder, blot off the excess lip color on a tissue. This will remove that surface-level color that is usually the first to wear off anyway, then tap on some powder directly through the tissue using a fluffy powder brush. Applying the powder through the tissue will help you to avoid an overly powdered lip look.

8. Exfoliate Your Lips

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The same way that your foundation applies better and lasts longer on exfoliated, smooth skin, your lipstick will perform at its peak capacity on freshly exfoliated lips. There are a few ways you can get there. First, a lip scrub is never a bad idea (you can even DIY your own lip scrub), or you can use a clean toothbrush or eyebrow spoolie brush to manually slough off rough, dry skin.

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