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Celebrating Afro-Latina Excellence: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Luna Magic Co-Founders


In the beauty industry, certain narratives stand as guiding lights of inspiration and cultural representation. The journey undertaken by Mabel and Shaira Frìas, the visionary sisters steering the ship of LUNA MAGIC—an empowering Afro-Latina brand—exemplifies one such story. Rooted in a fusion of their dual heritage and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, these sisters have not only etched their mark on beauty but have also emerged as role models for aspiring business owners and advocates for diversity.

Join us as we chat with the co-founders and delve into how the unique blend of their Afro-Latina identity shapes the ethos of the brand and uncover the intriguing paths they've traversed on their entrepreneurial journey.

The Essence of Duality

Their journey toward reshaping the industry was not a sudden spark but a meticulously crafted fusion of passion, purpose, and shared experiences. "It was years in the making," reflects Shaira Frìas. Collaborative sparks ignited between the sisters, fueled by Mabel's insights into retail and Shaira's pursuit of a post-journalism career and makeup school. "We always bounced ideas off each other," Shaira recalls.

Their conversations often revolved around the challenges Shaira faced in finding cosmetics that matched her skin tone. The glaring lack of representation within the beauty industry struck a chord, giving rise to a vision to rectify this gap. "We came together and thought, why not start something ourselves?" says Shaira. The duo recognized an absence in the market for authentic brands celebrating their Afro-Latina heritage. Unfazed by obstacles, they harnessed their collective knowledge and passion to give birth to LUNA MAGIC—a brand that defies conventions and celebrates the vibrant intersection of their identities.

Although openly embracing their Afro-Latina heritage was not often discussed within their family, Mabel and Shaira found strength in claiming their identity. "We wholeheartedly embrace that term," Shaira affirms, acknowledging the historical significance that shaped their heritage. The duo infused their Afro-Latina essence into an industry yearning for genuine representation, etching their legacy as trailblazing visionaries. As pioneers championing authentic expression, they embraced their roles as educators, gracefully sharing knowledge and insights with those seeking enlightenment.

From Dreamers to Entrepreneurs

The journey from a concept to a thriving beauty brand has been, and continues to be, an exhilarating ride for the co-founders. When asked about the challenges faced while giving birth to LUNA MAGIC, Shaira confidently states, "There have not been challenges, because we came in prepared from day one."

"We're not just selling cosmetics; we're selling culture," declared Mabel, encapsulating the core of their mission. "We're not only selling our identity as women of color, but also affirming that women of color can overcome all obstacles," she adds. Their success stems from a clear vision: Quality prevails over quantity. This commitment has propelled LUNA MAGIC to flourish over the past three years, a journey of continuous evolution and growth.

The debut collection marked a pivotal moment. "I believe the first collection is the most inspiring, as it's what put us on the map," says Mabel. The intentional inclusion of royal blue in homage to a cherished memory of their mother holds particular significance.

Of notable mention are their lashes, which stand as transformative icons. Mabel's journey from being a non-lash wearer to embracing their captivating allure exemplifies the brand's essence. "Our lashes truly transform your eyes," Mabel explains, echoing Shaira's belief that eyes serve as windows to the soul. For Shaira, the Basitos lip liner holds a special place. "I am obsessed with the Basitos lip liner," she says, a lip liner from the brand released in partnership with IPSY earlier this year.

Empowerment for Aspiring Dreamers

Beyond makeup and skincare, LUNA MAGIC serves as a catalyst for empowerment and transformation. Their commitment to nurturing the next generation of creative minds materialized through "Mentor Magic," an initiative fueled by the sisters' belief in paying it forward. "Mentor Magic revolves around how we amplify the next generation of creatives," says Mabel. This initiative seeks to guide aspiring entrepreneurs in turning their business ideas into fruition.

Shaira recalls the birth of Mentor Magic, recounting its inception in Brooklyn. These gatherings provide intimate platforms for burgeoning entrepreneurs to seek guidance directly from Mabel and Shaira. "We are dedicated to offering precise resources and advice," explains Shaira.

Their advocacy transcends words, manifesting in tangible actions. Teaming up with Pro's Haircare in October of this year, the sisters are gearing up to significantly boost emerging talents. "We will offer $10,000 to another emerging entrepreneur," Shaira reveals, underscoring their commitment to creating concrete opportunities.

The journey of the Frìas sisters is marked by resilience and readiness. The number one word I live by is preparation," Shaira affirms. They emphasize the importance of being ready to seize and excel in a world of opportunities. Mabel imparts invaluable wisdom: "You must learn to eat no for breakfast." This sentiment is a testament to their ability to transform setbacks into stepping stones and align their values with each endeavor.

Under the stewardship of Mabel and Shaira Frìas, LUNA MAGIC transcends the concept of beauty as a mere tool of self-expression, evolving into a vehicle for positive change. Through "Mentor Magic" and their unwavering dedication, they illuminate the path for aspiring dreamers. Their Afro-Latina heritage radiates through every product, campaign, and initiative, serving as a reminder that beauty transcends the superficial—it is a profound reflection of identity, heritage, and the audacity to always dream big.

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