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September’s Mystery Bag Is Proof That Our Uniqueness Is What Makes Us Beautiful


From embracing your big, beautiful curls to expressing yourself through colorful eyeshadow looks and bold lips, this Hispanic Heritage Month is all about moving to the beat of your own drum and exploring makeup that honors your unique beauty. Whether you prefer to identify as Latine, Latinx, Latino, Hispanic, and more—we’re here to help you celebrate it.

That’s why reaching out to Jessica Resendíz, designer and founder of RAGGEDYTIFF, to guest-design this month’s Limited Edition Mystery Bag was a no-brainer for us. As a talented fashion designer inspired by her ancestors, parents, and Mexican roots, Resendíz embodies what it means to celebrate and create pa’ la cultura. Keep reading for your exclusive behind-the-design look at September’s Limited Edition Mystery Bag.

About the Expert:

Jessican Resendíz is a fashion designer and founder of RAGGEDTIFF based in the Los Angeles area. Designing since she was nine years old, Resendíz pulls inspiration from her family and Mexican heritage, creating colorful, culturally-relevant designs.

Keeping Tradition Alive Through Design

“My design style comes from different important areas in my personal life—from my ancestors and parents to childhood memories from where I was born in Queretaro, Mexico,” says Resendíz. So, when she was approached to design our September Limited Edition Mystery Bag, she saw it as an opportunity to showcase to the beauty world the culture and hometown she’s so proud of: “From the color schemes to the nopales (it's my favorite vegan dish) to the bota (boots always remind me of family fiestas/carne asadas), this bag is basically my childhood and the love I have for being proud of where I come from.”

Resendíz’s designs are personal in a relatable way—each graphic on the bag (like the dove, which symbolizes her abuelita Lorenza) is representative of her own childhood memories, but designed in a way that anyone with a connection to this colorful, vibrant culture can relate to.

Being from Queretaro, a city in central Mexico known for its grand mountain areas and striking pink stone aqueduct, it made sense to design the bag with “soft neutrals and accent colors like hot pink, red, and yellow,” says Resendíz. “These colors are everything and make me smile. I love how we used a gold zipper and star pendant for the accessories.”

From the vibrant colors to the playful, personal graphics, Resendíz’s bag design reminds us how important it is to embrace our own traditions, cultures, and passions. “This bag is a tribute to mi abuelita, mi rancho, and my community,” says Resendíz. “My mission is to preserve and celebrate my culture through my designs as much as possible, with the hope to inspire my younger generation to keep our traditions alive.” The limited-edition bag is just as much a colorful way to stash our everyday necessities as it is proof that celebrating your unique beauty is the truest way to honor who you are.

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Article Last Updated August 29, 2023 12:00 AM