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Why Siren Eyes Are The Tik Tok Trend You’ve Got To Try


It’s no secret that TikTok has seriously leveled up our makeup game over the past year. From winged eye makeup hacks, to glass skin, glazed lips, doe eyes, and ombre blush, TikTok brought us a wave of beauty trends, tips, and secrets that we never saw coming, but 1000 percent needed. Our latest viral eye makeup obsession to come out of the TikTok beauty world (which is more of a nod to a not-so-new smudgy winged liner trend) is called siren eyes, and trust us—it's a total vibe. 

While many beauty trends are fleeting, the siren eyes look has quickly become an eye makeup trend that is here to stay, with celebs, influencers, and everyday babes like us flaunting the sultry eye makeup look on the regular. Think Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Zoë Kravitz, Selena Gomez, and Alexa Demie for instant inspo. Want to learn how to recreate the look for yourself? The good news is, it's easier than it looks. We talked to makeup artist and Beauty Creative Director of RÓEN, Kate Synnott, for tips on how to create your own set of siren eyes.

About the Expert:

Kate Synnott is a makeup artist and Beauty Creative Director of RÓEN.

What Are Siren Eyes?

The interesting fact about siren eyes is that the trend isn’t all brand new. “Angelina Jolie is probably the first celebrity that comes to mind who definitely rocks this as her signature look. I think it’s been done many different ways by a lot of other people throughout the years, but TikTok is definitely responsible for the name and the social media buzz at the moment!” says Synnott. The term “siren eyes” was made popular in a tutorial by Danielle Marcan, who gave a name to the technique that involves creating a smudgy cat eye using liner and/or eyeshadow. The liner is more dramatic than that of a smoky eye, and elongates the look of the eye, almost like you’ve had a fox-eye thread lift. “The siren eye look that’s trending at the moment is similar to a smokey cat eye, but the difference is the cat eyeliner is much thicker,” Synnott tells us. 

How to Get the Siren Eye Look

Ready to get practicing? Follow these tips for beginners to help recreate the look.

1. Choose Your Eyeliner

“To recreate this look, you’ll need a liner that smudges and sets! Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in Black or Ash works really well as it glides on like butter and you’ll have time to smudge before they set like a gel. The hardest part is keeping the liner thin, so I would recommend using pointy q-tips for this if you make any mistakes,” says Synnott. TANAÏS Kajal Pencil in Divine Kalo is also great for creating siren eyes—it’s super creamy, easily blendable, and lasts for the long haul. Basically, any eye pencil or liquid eyeliner that you feel comfortable holding and gives you time to smudge before setting will do the trick.

2. Outline Your Wing

Start with a fluffy eyeshadow brush (like VASANTI COSMETICS Professional Contour Eyeshadow Brush), and use a lighter shade of eyeshadow to blend up and out to create the outline of a wing. Focus on creating a sideways “V” shape extending out from both your upper and lower lids. 

3. Line and Define Your Lids

“To achieve the siren look, you start the liner halfway on your lid and extend it out to elongate the eye. You also keep it pretty thin and straight. Then, add a thin line into the socket (your inner corner),” Synott recommends. You can also extend the wing out from your lower lid and connect it to your upper line for a more dramatic, elongated look. 

4. Blend Your Shadow

“Use a wash of silver or gray eyeshadow across the eye and under the eye and blend out,” Synnott adds. Grab a thin, angled brush (such as SLMISSGLAM E61 Angled Shadow Brush), and start from the center of your upper and lower lash lines, blending outwards to elongate your wing. 

5. Fluff up Your Lashes

Last but not least, grab a lengthening mascara (like EYEKO Rock out & Lash Out Mascara), and concentrate your application to the outer corners of your eyes to exaggerate the shape of your eyes. 

Got hooded eyes? Siren eye makeup is GOALS for you. “The reason it’s flattering on hooded eyes is because the style of liner is much thinner. Hooded eyes have very little space on the lids, so when you do heavy liner, it can really close them in. If you do a super thin liner and get the wing right, it opens them up completely!” Synnott adds.

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Article Last Updated April 2, 2023 12:00 AM