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12 Winter Hair Trends to Spice Up Your Look—Plus Accessories to Match

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Don’t let the cold weather get you or your hair down. Yes, those pesky knots (thanks to our turtleneck sweaters and scarfs) can be annoying, but don’t let them stop you from experimenting with your hair during winter. It's arguably the best season to accessorize and try new things. 

What’s in store for this winter? Well, that depends, what have you curated on your Pinterest boards and saved from your Instagram explore tab? If you’re seeing lots of bows, gold hair pins, claw clips, and undeniably cute barrettes, you’re on the right track. 

Here are 12 winter hairstyles that we can’t wait to try, plus some tips from hairstylist Julia Mannino on how to make them work for you and your everyday grind. Plus, don’t sleep on the accessory recommendations we linked for you!

About the Expert:
Julia Mannino is a hairstylist and co-owner of RoyaHairNYC.

1. The Half ’n’ Half

Everything about this half-up half-down ’do takes us right back to shopping for butterfly clips and jumbo jaw clips (and we’re 100% obsessed). The trick to making this hairstyle stand out from the rest? Create a clean middle part in the center of your head and pull out two one-inch sections of hair in the front. Give each section a quick coil with your curling iron or straightener and finish with medium-hold hair spray (like LIVING PROOF Style Lab Flex Hairspray). Got flyaways? “Spray hairspray on a toothbrush, and slick back any flyaways to enhance the look. I like to start by the cheekbone and brush back,” says Mannino. Butterfly clips optional—but highly recommended.

2. The Mid-Length Shag

A shag should be short—said no one ever! This updated take on the modern short shag falls at shoulder length adding in movement, dimension, and that hot AF “Messy hair, don’t care” look we all crave. “To recreate that windswept look with maximum volume, spray a root lift product (we like R+CO Trophy Shine + Texture Spray), flip your head forward, and blowdry your roots towards the floor. When your whole head is 90% dry, flip back up and admire the height,” says Mannino.

3. The Icy Blonde

You don’t have to be a natural blonde to have all the fun! Cool, icy versions of platinum blonde hair color are taking the place of the warm, buttery tones of last summer and we’re all for it. This isn’t a look you want to DIY without a pro (especially if you’re going from super dark to light), so take some inspo to your colorist to achieve the look you want without damaging your strands. Want your color to last as long as possible? Reach for a color-preserving shampoo like ORIBE Bright Blonde Shampoo For Beautiful Color to keep your blonde its brightest.

4. The Curtain Call

Bangs are back, baby, and they’re here to stay! There's something about a good set of bangs that can be so transformative if you’re looking for a change. But making the decision to chop yourself a set can be pretty stressful (we’ve been there!). Enter: curtain bangs. We like to consider this version of the trend a means of taking baby steps before the big plunge. They’re subtle, easy to maintain, and flattering on any face shape and hair texture. Here’s a quick styling tip: “After you blow dry, grab your bangs and, using a medium Velcro roller, roll them up and away from your face. Let them set while you get ready,” Mannino recommends. Then, unravel them before you head out the door. 

5. The Middle Part

Nothing says ’90s throwback like a strong center part. And this sleek, straight-as-an-arrow version channels all the Posh Spice vibes. The key here is to skip out on the volume and focus on smooth, shiny strands. Create your center part using a fine tooth comb. Then, apply a smoothing serum to hair from roots to ends to lock your look in place and add shine.

6. The Pin-Straight Style 

If you’re rocking a middle part, stick-straight strands give that effortless ’70s look. But if you’re going for a shorter style like this one, bluntly chopped ends will give a sleek appearance. Start with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. “Then apply a shine spray with heat protectant (like SAINTS & SINNERS Illuminati Divine Shine Holographic Serum) and blow dry your strands straight. Run a straightening iron over your hair in small sections for a sleek, straight finish,” says Mannino.

7. The Blue Black Hue

This season’s color trends are also all about amping up what you’ve already got. Which is why we’re crushing majorly on the re-emergence of blue-black hair. If you’ve got dark hair to begin with, rocking this look is super easy to DIY. The best part? Blue-black color can either be cool and subtle or electric and eye-catching depending on how intense you want your color to be. The common thread? Your hair will look amazing when the light hits (whether it’s sunlight or club lights). To DIY, try L'ORÉAL PARIS Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Deep Blue Black.

8. The Bombshell Babe

Bottom line: Hair like this turns all the heads in the room (and seriously makes us feel like we should be strutting down a catwalk). Big volume that’s a happy balance between old Hollywood glam and modern carefree style is what we’re expecting to see all season. For polished waves with major lift, Mannino suggests using a 1.5-inch curling iron to curl your hair away from your face. Then, brush it out, sprinkle texture powder on top, gently tease every ridge of each wave, and watch your hair expand,” she says. 

9. The Warm Ginger Spice

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In line with cozy season, spiced up versions of ginger and copper hair color are popping up on celebs and Instagram influencers alike. What’s so fun about this shade is the way you can play with the depth and intensity of your color. The key to maintaining cinnamon toned color? Upkeep. Because red hair color fades quickly, skip daily washing and make dry shampoo your BFF. 

10. The ’90s Rachel

“The Rachel,” an ode to our forever girl crush on Friends, is popping up everywhere. Selena Gomez rocked the full volume layered look of Rachel’s Central Perk days, while Hailey Bieber wore the sleek styled version of our girl’s days working at Calvin Klein. The truth? Both looks are timeless and we always and forever will be completely obsessed. To recreate it, “Place each section of damp hair on top of your round brush and roll your hair inwards towards your face. Make sure to keep the brush moving to really curve those ends,” Mannino says.

11. Statement Pins

Need to spice up your hairstyle? No matter your length, winter is seriously the perfect time to accessorize. Not only will pins and barrettes keep your face-framing pieces out of your face when the cold winter air blows but, they will add some serious sparkle to your outfit even when the weather is too harsh to bear. We love using these sparkly bobby pins from KRISTIN ESS to pin your hair back or add them to a chic bun. 

12. Low Knots 

The best way to avoid tangles among your thick turtlenecks and scarves? Low buns and knots. It’s the ultimate chic, model-off-duty hairstyle and makes a great dirty-hair hack to extend wash day just a little bit longer. The only downside is that you can’t wear a hat, but we’ve sacrificed more for style before right? Adding statement hairpins or claw clips are the best way to create your low knots or french twists. Our favorite brands to choose from are DEBORAH PAGANI, DAY RATE BEAUTY and MACHETE

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Article Last Updated January 30, 2024 12:00 AM