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12 Nail Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2023

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Whether you love trying new nail designs or prefer a single nail polish color when you get a manicure, the latest nail trends can offer inspiration—and help you break out of a rut. The beauty of a good nail idea is that they’re relatively low-stakes; if you don’t love it, you can always swap it out during your next mani. The upcoming 2023 nail trends, however, make it way more likely that you’ll find a nail color or nail-art designs to keep in rotation.

Plus, who would know better than a pro nail artist? “I think trends are going to be clean and minimal, but still make a statement,” says celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein. The latest manicure trends involve a range of shades, like metallics, and fun add-ons, such as stickers and stamps. Whatever vibe you’re going for, it’s bound to deliver something good. With that in mind, consider these 12 up-coming trends.

About the Experts:

Elle Gerstein is a celebrity manicurist known for her cutting-edge nail shaping and cuticle grooming, along with her understanding of color, texture, and trends when creating nail art. She is a structured manicure expert, who has practiced Russian gels/manicures and extension techniques for over a decade.
Holly Falcone is a celebrity manicurist and nail artist known for her love of embellished nails. She regularly works on editorial shoots, red carpet awards shows, and backstage at NYFW.

1. Subtle Statement Art

Ideal for gel nails since this is a design you’ll want to stick around, this statement nail features one bold feature against a simple backdrop. “A statement example would be with delicate flake metallic gold on a beautifully structured manicure that’s flawlessly placed,” says Gerstein. Another good example is this wiggle of metallic silver polish, such as PRETTY WOMAN Nail Polish in Platinum Status. The advantage of this is that it works with any nail shapes, since you can customize the design to accommodate short nails and long nails alike.

2. Watercolor Nails

Bring out your inner artiste with watercolor nails, which involve pretty, colorful swirls on the nail—like, of course, artwork. “Watercolor is achieved by a few different techniques—either using alcohol in a brush to bleed the color, or using actual watercolor paints or alcohol inks,” Gerstein explains. You can also use nail polish remover to thin it out and create a cool effect on the nail; even a single shade, like the periwinkle hue of ESSIE Nail Color in You Do Blue, makes for a killer nail look.

3. Earthy Hues

While they’re often associated with fall nails, earthy hues—think olive and even rust-red nails—will have year-round appeal in 2023. Try “grounded colors in moss greens, like LECHAT Dare to Wear Olivia, and burnt neutrals,” says Gerstein. They’re moody enough to make an impact, but since they’re a single color, they’re still incredibly simple to DIY.

4. Layered Textures

Who needs ombré when you can have different textures? This makes the most of the various finishes out there. “They’re encased in separate layers to create dimension,” says Gerstein. “Matte and shiny options in polish and gel make it easy to achieve the layered texture look for DIYs.” One easy way to pull it off: Incorporate it into French tips by doing a matte layer for your base and glossy for tips, or vice versa, depending on the look you’re going for.

5. Nail Stamping

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Trendy? Yes. Cool? Also yes. The concept of nail stamping—in which you apply a template to a stamp, cover it in polish, and then stamp it onto the nail before sealing it all with top coat—is a genius way of getting a pro-level look without having to actually book a manicure (or rely on press-on nails). Bonus: You can even use stamps, like the WINSTONIA Stamp Set, with gel polish for a longer-lasting effect.

6. Natural Nails

Give French manicures a rest and instead, consider the au naturel look, which is ideal for an understated nail. It’s simple enough if you’re still DIY-ing your nails—or just a manicure newbie. Plus, it works with either pastels or light-colored neutrals. Try OPI Nail Lacquer in Baby, Take a Vow, which delivers pink nails in an understated, yet still super-feminine way.

7. Double Arch Nails

Simple yet sophisticated? Absolutely. These “double arch” nails (as we like to call them) are so easy to do on yourself. They take everything we love about a colorful French manicure, and add a little something by outlining your “nail moon.” It’s different and trendy, yet a spin on a classic.

8. Confetti-like Embellishments

“Whether it’s a metallic single-shade confetti over clear nails or a rainbow confetti over French tip, confetti toppers are everywhere,” says Holly. Confetti-like nails and twinkly embellishments have been all the rage in 2022, and in the new year they’re still predicted to dominate.

9. 3D Textured Nails

“Nails featuring a lot of 3D texture will be big in 2023. There were already looks in this category in 2022 and it’ll carry on over. Think 3D bubbles, gemstones on metallic shades, and super long rhinestone chains,” says Holly. We love these beaded charm nails from Holly and think they fit this 3D texture trend.

10. Jelly French Nails

Who doesn’t love jelly accessories? Jelly bracelets, jelly sandals—it all brings us back to Y2K fashions and beauty. Next in line are jelly nails, and you’re about to see them literally everywhere. These translucent manicures give off the illusion of a two-toned French manicure. We’re totally hopping on this trend in 2023. Check them out in red too!

11. Contoured Nail Trim

This contoured nail is so chic, especially if you pick colors to suit your wardrobe or makeup. Try a spin on this trend by using two colors like the manicure in this photo–all you need are some small nail brushes.

12. Metallic Tips

Metallic nails aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And they’re not just on trend for the holidays—you can wear them year-round! Bold French tips were especially popular in 2022 (especially in electric blue), but 2023 will show us how versatile and chic metallic tips can be.

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