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16 Must-Try Blush Looks No Matter Your Mood or Undertones

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Blush comes in all different shapes and sizes, that’s why we love it so much. Not only are there so many different types of blush in terms of consistency and color but the possibilities for looks are quite endless.

Blush is the ideal product to switch up your day-to-day makeup looks. It’s just as versatile (if not more) that eyeshadow and you can use it to create the most subtle or dramatic of vibes. One of our favorite blush gurus to look towards is makeup artist Patrick Ta, who showcases his signature velvet blush look below.

Whether you’re into the no makeup, makeup look or always chasing that sunkissed glow—we have a little bit of blush inspiration for everyone. Plus, we have some makeup tips you won’t want to miss. Grab your blush brushes and get ready to experiment!

About the Expert: 

Jessica Thomas is an Ohio based freelance makeup artist. Her work can be seen in editorial spreads, in your favorite TV shows, and on the runways at New York Fashion Week.

1. Baby Pink Face Frame

We often forget that blush is a multi-use product and not just for our cheeks “I have used blush as a shadow, as a correcting or brightening powder under the eyes to tone as well as a setting powder for creamy lip product in addition to on the cheeks,” says Jessica.

Try this baby pink face framing look, starting with the blush color on your eyelids. You’ll want to work the color onto the apples of your cheeks after, creating a natural frame that lifts the face.

2. Rosy Flushed

Often we use blush to put some color onto our complexions, and make it so we don’t look so washed out but rather have a nice flush to our face. The key to a natural rosy flush is picking a blush that matches your own undertones.

Cool undertones (red or blue hues) or neutral undertones (same color as your skin) do best with a rose or mauve colored blush to achieve this look. Placement is important as you’ll want to start close to your nose and flick the blush out towards the middle of the cheekbone.

3. Sunkissed Glow

The perfect just-had-a-beach-day look is totally in right now. Try blending a peachy shade with light bronzer to achieve glowing skin. People will wonder how (and where!) you got your healthy all-over looking glow from. This is a great look to try with a liquid blush as well, which will make the color seamless and natural.

4. Dewy Sculpt

Katie Jane Hughes is the queen of the dewy sculpted cheek. You’ll want to use a cream blush and a liquid highlighter to get this look. Go in first with a cream blush similar to your skin tone or one that matches your undertones. Then, dab a bit of liquid highlighter on the apples of the cheeks. Our favorite is the Saie Super Glowy Gel.

5. Peachy Freckles

Nothing says summer more than peach shimmer and freckles. We like to blend Benefit Cosmetics Georgia Golden Peach Blush and GALifornia Blush for the perfect peach. Lastly, go in with a little bit of the Freck Beauty Freck OG. Don’t forget to go over your nose!

6. No Makeup, Makeup Blush

The no makeup, makeup look and the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic are inescapable makeup trends when scrolling through TikTok. Lili Reinhart nails this look with the slightest swash of color across her cheeks. The key to this natural-looking flush is skincare - making sure your skin is prepped and hydrated. Then, go in ever so gently with a powder blush. You just need to dust your cheeks with a light shade, using a blush brush is best. Polish the look with brow gel, mascara, a bit of concealer, and lip gloss.

7. Royal Flush

This look displays the true ‘art’ of blush looks. It may seem like a lot of blush is used here but there isn’t! It is just used strategically. Application is key when achieving this kind of natural flush, one wrong move could consider this look at stage makeup and too pigmented.

Start slow when applying blush, dusting the cheeks and bringing below the apple. Try this with a matte blush to get an easy handle on the application technique first.

8. Heatwave

Now this look, is quite the opposite as the one above. We often see this level of cheek pigment in editorial spreads but who says you can’t try it out? As much as beauty trends are showcasing subtle blush looks, they are for bold looks too.

Create a c shape, starting with the apple of the cheek and bringing up into the hairline. You can match the color onto your eyes for a seamless transition.

9. Lilac Haze

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Purple blush is definitely unique. It’s soft and pretty and can match more than you think! Pay attention to your undertones if opting for a purple blush. For cooler undertones, you’ll want to choose a lighter lilac shade. For warmer undertones, try experimenting with deeper purple tones.

10. Barbie Pink Skin

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This specific look was actually created with Glassy by EspressOH. Glassy is a clear liquid blush that interacts with the pH of your skin to give you the perfect barbie pink flush every time you use it. Consider this the most dewy and natural flush ever.

11. Low Rosy Glow

If you haven’t used a cheek-stain before, let this look be a sign to do so! Cheek-stains swipe onto skin effortlessly, can be buildable, hydrating, and are easy to taper on the cheek.

This Floratint from Benefit can be seen all over TikTok and it is so easy to use. Just remember to work quickly as the product can dry fast.

12. Juicy Orange

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“Depending on the creamy blush product, it can have hydrating benefits to the skin,” says Jessica. If you have dry skin, cream blushes may work better for you than matte or powder. Plus, they’ll leave you with a dewy sheen!

Try the BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm in Golden Hour from Tower 28 for the perfect orange color. It’s safe for sensitive/eczema prone skin and is super hydrating.

13. Pink Chrome

It doesn’t get more glam than this. Follow the same tips as the ‘Heatwave’ look, choose your favorite pink shade, and add in a liquid or powder highlighter to your cheekbone as the last step in application.

14. Starry Cheeked

Who says you need blush for a blush look. If anything, you can always add a little embellishment on TOP of your blush! We love this fun look on Mckenna Grace. Why would you ever say no to glitter?

15. Neutral Contour

Remember when we mentioned neutral undertones? That means your undertones are most similar to your skin color. Just like brown lipstick was popular in the 90s, neutral blushes or ‘brown’ blushes are trending now. Try it out and see what you think!

16. Fever Dream

This deep red look is the cheek version of popsicle lips. If you have a darker complexion or warm undertones, deep reds, purples, and mauves will be the key to a sunkissed look. Dab a little on your nose and lips to tie it all together.

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Article Last Updated July 4, 2022 12:00 AM