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9 Coffin Nail Looks That Look Fire 365 Days a Year (Not Just on Halloween)


Finding your perfect nail shape is like finding your signature scent. When you discover it, you just know, and it can definitely change throughout the year depending on your mood. One nail shape you might not have tried yet: Coffin nails. Coffin nails differ from other shapes, like square nails, because they don’t stay the same width from base to tip. Instead, it’s kind of a slow build. The majority of the nail is a rounded shape, and then it’s filed thinner toward the top. Then, the tip is filed down absolutely flat.

This ballerina-look (often called coffin for the coffin-like shape it resembles) is a favorite of celebs like Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Cardi B, and more. The key to true coffin nails is ample length, meaning this look may pair best with acrylic nails if getting your natural nails to grow that long is out of the question. But if you can get even the smallest amount of growth, you can definitely DIY this nail shape at home. Need some inspo to get you started? Here are 9 coffin nail looks to inspire your next fierce nail look.

1. Extra Long

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These extra long nails definitely make it harder to take a credit card out of an ATM, clasp together a necklace, or even crack an egg, but hey, that’s what makes them so glamorous.

2. Ombré French

We’re loving this glam take on a classic French mani. Rocking coffin-shaped nails is a perfect time to rock a French mani since there's so much nail space to play with. Try an inverted French, neon French, or multi-colored French. DIY an ombre mani at home with these tips.

3. 3D Bedazzled

A bedazzled look this intense takes some commitment, but you can easily DIY at home with decals and stick-on jewels. Expert tip: Grab rhinestones with tweezers and place on slightly wet nails, then seal over the entire nail look with a top coat to keep the rhinestones in place longer.

4. Medium Length

These are super attainable, and can be even filed onto your own nails without acrylics. An easy way to grow out nails without breakage is to get a gel manicure for about two weeks as it grows out. The hardened gel will make you more resistant to chips or breaks in your nails from accidentally running into something or getting them caught on something around the house. Learn how to file your nails into a coffin shape from this guide.

5. Mixed Glitter

Nail shapes will look different on everyone, depending on the width of their natural nail beds. But a coffin shape filed into the tip of your nails can make the nail bed look a bit slimmer, if that’s your desired look. If you like the glittery look shown here, try out a polish like NICOLE BY OPI, that’ll make your nails sparkle like a galaxy.

6. Petal Power

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Add a subtle amount of flower petals to your fingers with this ultra-shine look. This photo is a great example of what coffin nails will look like on someone with thinner, more vertically-shaped nail beds.

7. Witching Hour

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to be a little spooky, and these nails will let anyone know the second they see you that you’re not messing around. A high-shine black nail look goes with everything, like your soul. Try out this look at home with a high shine lacquer from CONTEXT SKIN.

8. Geometric

You don’t have to be super steady with the paint brush to get this geometric, ‘80s-inspired look. You can DIY at home easily with geometric nail decals that you can easily stick on and paint a top coat over to seal everything in place.

9. Matte Neon

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Did you know you can turn any nail look into a matte finish with a matte topcoat, like this one from the_daily_claw? Sometimes a matte look can be a bit more subtle, or just a nice change of pace from the high-shine looks you’re used to.

No matter what coffin nail look you decide to try at home, remember, your nails are always with you so you might as well make them look fierce AF. IPSY can help by letting you try out nail products on a monthly basis. Want in on all the IPSY Glam Bag fun? Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started. Already an Ipster? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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Article Last Updated September 27, 2023 12:00 AM