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17 Colored Eyeliner Looks to Show Off Your Creativity

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I will never forget the first charcoal black eyeliner pencil I bought in middle school and insisted on wearing every single day of 7th grade. I smudged it onto my lids and waterline each morning, sometimes layering it over yesterday’s eyeliner in a vastly missed attempt at a “smoky eye.” While my love for eyeliner has (hopefully) elevated and evolved since then, so have the eyeliner trends and the tools we use to create them. Today, there is a beautiful market of vibrantly pigmented eyeliners, so you don’t have to settle for the standard black and brown eyeliners we’ve grown accustomed to. Middle-school me would be gagging at the options.

No matter which beauty trends you’re itching to try this year, there’s always a case for tapping into your playful side with colored eyeliner. Whether you want to go bold and graphic, minimal and understated, or full-blown editorial—there’s a colored eyeliner look out there for you. Keep reading to get inspired by our favorite colored eyeliner looks.

1. Red & Pink Winged Eyeliner

For those who aren’t afraid of a look that will surely turn heads, this look is equal parts romantic and fierce. It starts with a bold red winged eyeliner with extended pigment into the inner corners, followed by a hovering pink line on the lids and smudged-out pink eyeliner on the water line. NYX COSMETICS Vivid Brights Liquid Colored Eyeliner has the gorgeous pink and red shades you’ll need to recreate this look.

2. Splash of Gold Eyeliner

Just a few dainty flicks of gold make a major impact in this elevated take on a classic black winged liner.

To recreate this look, reach for PIXI BEAUTY Endless Silky Eye Pen in 24K. Simply start with a traditional black winged liner, and add gold accents with a slim line at your crease and two lash-like lines at the outer corners of your eyes.

3. Icy White Eyeliner

It’s giving fairy ice princess. There’s something so daring and feminine about this thick white wing at the lash line.TRESLÚCE BEAUTY Intenso Eyeliner has a creamy gel texture in a shimmery white shade that is perfect for creating this look. Plus, it won’t smear or smudge for 13 hours.

4. Ultra-Violet Eyeliner

The secret to creating this captivating look? The URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Psychedelic Sister. This celebrated eye pencil is sold every 20 seconds and is loved by makeup artists and enthusiasts alike for its easy-to-apply, smudge-proof formula. Plus, it comes in 38 colors, so you can get as creative as possible.

5. Icy Blue Double Wing Eyeliner

Take your traditional winged eyeliner to the next level with a floating double wing and an icy blue eyeliner. For the floating wing, follow the natural shape of your eye for a pop-art effect. Not sure which blue liner shade is for you? Use the GLISTEN COSMETICS Wet Liner Blue Bundle and your favorite eyeliner brush to recreate this look with four different shade options.

6. Emerald Waterline Eyeliner

No matter your makeup skill level, you can stray from the ordinary by adding a vibrant jewel tone to your waterline. The ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is perfect for this look, because you can apply the gel formula as precisely as you want or use the smudger tip to soften or smoke out the line. 

7. Negative Space Cocoa Eyeliner

Who knew brown eyeliner could be so dramatic? The HAUS LABS Optic Intensity Eco Liner in Deep Cocoa Matte is the star of the show in this negative space cat-eye. The taupe eyeshadow is framed by a sharp wing that effortlessly transitions into a bold line at the cut crease of the lid and finishes at the inner corner. The gel formula is also waterproof, making it perfect for a long night out.

8. Turquoise Eyeliner

Elevate your everyday lash line with a bold yet flattering shade like turquoise. Whether you have brown, green, blue, or hazel eyes, this is sure to make your eyes pop. Try it for yourself with The ESSENCE COSMETICS Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Tu-Tu-Tourquoise.

9. Green Floating Eyeliner

When it comes to graphic eyeliner, there are no rules—except to choose a product that is going last. The DIOR Diorshow On Stage Liner in Matte Green has an ultra-flexible tip to give you the control and precision you need to create standout eye looks.

10. Plum Winged Eyeliner

In the words of Katie Jane Hughes, wings don’t have to be boring, and she has totally proven her point with this gorgeous plum winged eyeliner look. WANDER BEAUTY Skyliner Automatic Gel Eyeliner has just the right amount of gold flecks inside to add a bit of shimmer to your look. The creamy formula is infused with olive and jojoba oils, making it effortless, buildable, and blendable.

11. Metallic Reverse Cat Eye Eyeliner

While a traditional winged eyeliner focuses on the lash line, a reverse cat eye is all about the waterline taking center stage. This metallic blue eyeliner is a great option to add a bit of edge to your look, no matter your skin tone. Try the FENTY BEAUTY Glitter Lid Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner in Peacock’y to recreate your own metallic beauty look.

12. Pear Green Sparkle Eyeliner

The perfect shade of green eyeliner does exist, and it’s this gorgeous, shimmering pear shade. With a simple swipe of the HALF MAGIC Glitterpill Eye Paint + Liner, you can have long-wearing, reflective color to add drama to your makeup. Wear it bold and defined, as seen in the image above, or smudge it out for an airy look.

13. Starry Eyed Blue Eyeliner

This fun, starry-eyed look is a great reminder not to take your makeup too seriously. Try it for yourself with the VIOLETTE_FR Yeux Paint Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner. It’s a striking royal blue that is heavily pigmented to show up intensely on all skin tones. The blendable liquid formula is lightweight and blendable, giving you the freedom to create whatever eyeliner or shadow looks you desire.

14. Pink Underbrow Eyeliner

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Sometimes, less is more. This simple bubblegum pink eyeliner highlights the brow and is a great eye-catcher on an otherwise simple makeup look. To create this look, you simply follow the arch of your brow with a pastel pink shade like ABOUT-FACE Line Artist Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Leave Me Breathless.

15. Highlighter Yellow

Bring on the neon! If you’re not afraid to stand out, this look is for you. JUVIA’S PLACE Garden of Juvia’s Liquid Liner in Electric Lime is the perfect neon green/yellow shade to try this look for yourself. The brush applicator allows you to create clean lines as precise as you want.

16. Flame-Inspired Eyeliner

Get ready for the compliments to roll in with this fire eyeliner look—pun all the way intended. A violet and hot pink double wing frame the eyes while yellow and orange flames decorate the lids. If you know you want to create colored eyeliner looks for days without being limited in your shade options, invest in the COLOUR POP Pop The Total Package Creme Gel Eyeliner Vault. With 25 liners in one set, the options are endless.

17. Subtle Rust Floating Eyeliner

The best thing about experimenting with colored eyeliner is that you get to make up the rules. Show all of your skills in one look or keep it more reserved with a single floating line. This orange rust shade is a gorgeous earth tone that’s perfect for a less-is-more look. Try it yourself with the GLOSSIER No. 1 Pencil in Kiln. It’s creamy, soft, and buildable, yet dries down and doesn’t transfer, so your lines can stay in place.

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