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E-Girl Makeup Is All Over TikTok—Here’s How to Spot The Trend

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There’s a new makeup look blowing up TikTok, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere: the E-girl. Although you might think of an E-girl as a type of aesthetic not unlike a VSCO girl, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Sure, they’ve got the emo, glam-goth vibe down, but an E-girl actually has some serious roots.

Some say E-girl stands for “electronic girl,” meaning a woman who is “very online.” Unfortunately, this has misogynist roots back to gaming. Even the Urban Dictionary definition is dripping with anti-women energy. But E-girls have taken back their subculture, and pushed it into popularity.

Like the VSCO girl trend of 2020, folks on TikTok are transforming themselves into E-girls (or boys) using the “E-girl factory.” That means, pop on some eyeliner, a colorful wig, and add a black heart or two with makeup. E-girl makeup varies and is more about individuality. Not into bold hair colors? An E-girl can absolutely have black hair. Or maybe you’re more about the grunge side than the glam. That’s totally cool too.

About the Expert:

Nicole da Costa is a Mexican makeup artist and content creator, currently working with Bodyography on its Muse Series to showcase new talent.

What is an e-girl?

Nicole da Costa, a Mexican makeup artist and content creator describes the E-Girl look as “a type of makeup that takes aspects from anime and goth aesthetic, creating a cute yet edgy look.” She adds: “You could say it’s a mixture between a punk/rock vibe with a fun doll-like twist.” That doll vibe is often portrayed in the Harajuku and anime subcultures, even in the K-pop world. The E-girl look takes all of these aesthetics and adds a punk edge with thick black eyeliner and the choker to match. Just look at Doja Cat, for example. The LA-born musician isn’t shy about her E-girl look and favors pastel hair color, faux freckles, and lots and lots of blush.

Here’s how to create the E-girl look:

To nail E-girl makeup, you need a few products on-hand. “Some must-haves for an E-girl makeup tutorial are black eyeliner—you want to wing it up to the gods—a bright blush that pops with your skin tone and a colorful palette,” says de Costa, adding that lip gloss is always a good idea. Once you have these, you can play around with going a little more glam or a little more goth depending on your mood.

De Costa recommends starting with eye makeup, especially if you’re an E-girl beginner. This way, it’s easier to correct any mistakes. Start simple. “Lay down a color eyeshadow all over your lid and blend the edges as much as possible,” she says. “Then create a long black wing with liquid liner and finish with a few coats of mascara.” You can use any black eyeliner but liquid liner is sometimes easier to use.

Then comes foundation and concealer, and maybe even some faux freckles. An E-girl skips the bronzer and favors extra blush and highlighter instead. “Apply your blush concentrating it on the apples of the cheeks and a tiny bit on the bridge of the nose,” explains de Costa. Add highlighter to the high points of your face, as well as the inner corners of your eyes to make them sparkle. Then, use the liquid liner to draw black dots under your eyes or black hearts on your cheeks. Finish with lip gloss and you’re TikTok-ready.

3 E-girl makeup looks you’ll love:

1. Blue-Green Blend

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A post shared by Lou :)) (@lou.h.wood)

An E-girl often has pink hair but not always. This blue shade on @lou.h.wood is gorgeous with blue-green eyeshadow and glossy lips. Adding a septum ring—real or faux—is icing on the cake.

2. Pink Wash

This colorful E-girl went all out with the pastels, from the sneakers, to the jacket to the hair and makeup. @xepherwolf paired pink and yellow eyeshadow with black eyeliner and added a purple lip.

3. Black on Black

We love the way @rhianimator_ skips the gloss for black liquid that matches her inky black eyeliner. She also added a little pink and purple eyeshadow to match her hair.

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Article Last Updated March 15, 2021 12:00 AM