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An Easy Liquid Blush Tutorial Straight From a Celeb Makeup Artist


In the ever-evolving world of beauty and makeup looks, one product has emerged as the latest sensation on TikTok: liquid blush. With its versatile application, dewy finish, and ability to create a glowy complexion, liquid blush has quickly become a favorite among makeup enthusiasts and influencers alike. 

Unlike powder blush, which can sometimes appear cakey or settle into fine lines, liquid blush effortlessly melts into the skin. That makes it great for all skin types, but especially mature and dry skin. But its majorly pigmented formulas can sometimes be a little scary at first. That’s why we chatted with celebrity makeup artist Loftjet to get a step-by-step tutorial. You’re sure to have the look of a natural flush, not a clown, with his expert tips. 

About the Expert:

Loftjet is a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. 

DIY your own liquid blush! Watch the below video to learn how.

How to Apply Liquid Blush

1. Prep Your Skin With Skincare

You can wear liquid blush whether you have a full-face beat (foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, etc.), a light skin tint, or a totally natural face. The most important thing is that your skin is hydrated. Be sure to use a moisturizer or hydrating foundation, which will match the dewiness of the blush formula. You can also apply blush either before or after foundation. Allow Loftjet to explain.

“I normally apply cream blush either before foundation to have it shine through foundation, which gives it a natural, ‘flushed’ stain to the cheek, or on top of foundation before setting the face with a setting spray or minimal powder,” he says.

2. Choose Your Applicator 

Loftjet uses a makeup brush, specifically a blush brush, to apply liquid blush and cream blush, and he uses a makeup sponge for blending. “I like to apply cream blush using a combination of a dense brush to place it where I want and a sponge to melt it into the skin for a seamless application,” he says. But you don’t have to. You can also use your fingers to dab the liquid formula right on the cheeks for an easy pop of color.

3. Map Your Placement 

One of the best things about this blush formula is how its dewy finish can double as a highlighter. That’s how Loftjet decides where to apply the glowy cheek tint. “I like to go high up on the cheek bone near the outer corner of the eye,” he says. “The dewy finish of a liquid blush provides a natural highlight. Placing the product higher on the cheekbone gives the face beautiful structure.”

4. Dab a Small Dot and Blend

The pigmented formula of liquid blush means you don’t need a lot. Apply a small dot or two and blend upward from the apples of the cheeks. Go across your nose, too, for a pretty, sunkissed blush look. We love creating this natural look with the buildable YC COLLECTION Liquid Blush in Fresa

5. Set Your Look

The whole point of a liquid blush is to give the skin a dewy glow, but if you have oily skin, you don’t want your skin to be too dewy. Set it with a matte setting spray or a swipe of finishing powder. Finish with mascara and your other favorite beauty products for a look that’s all yours. 

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Article Last Updated August 9, 2023 12:00 AM