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Iced Latte Makeup: the Trend Inspired by Your Summer Caffeine Fix

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Nowadays, you can’t get very far on your FYP or IG feed without a new food- or beverage-inspired makeup look tempting you. Glazed looks are still all the rage, but there’s a growing family of coffee-inspired makeup trends that have us buzzing. Though latte makeup and espresso makeup have been around for some time now, there’s a new trend we’re just now waking up to: iced latte makeup.

What Is the Iced Latte Makeup Trend?

If latte makeup is the sophisticated firstborn and espresso makeup the edgy middle sibling, then you can think of iced latte makeup as the effortlessly cool baby sister. She takes after latte makeup with her warm tones and touches of highlight, but she has a distinctly refreshing twist that sets her apart. Where latte and espresso looks lean into more depth and warmth in the eyes and optional lip gloss, iced latte looks are defined by icy, cool-toned shadows for the eyes and a required glassy sheen for the lips.

How to Create Iced Latte Makeup

Step 1: Prepare Your Base

An even, dimensional complexion is a key ingredient to creating iced latte makeup. First, load up on an illuminating primer before going in with your favorite foundation. While it’s up to you whether you want a dewy, matte, or demi-matte foundation finish, we personally love using a demi-matte formula to create this look. 

Step 2: Mix in a Milky Flush

Once your foundation has been applied, reach for a muted blush tone to stick with the monochromatic milky vibes. You can choose your blush adventure here, but for this look, we tend to go for cream blushes over powders because of how well they melt into the skin for a seamless, natural-looking finish. 

Step 3: Create a Condensation Complexion 

Non-glittery highlighters are your best friend here! Reach for a highlighter like the KVOSSNYC Fairy Dust Pressed Highlighter in Moonlight & Starkissed to add a sheen to your skin that complements—but doesn’t compete—with the smooth sophistication of the rest of the look. 

Step 4: Add Icy Lids

Start off your eye look with a warm-toned matte shadow in the crease. We love the FORMULA Z COSMETICS Glamgasm Pro Artistry Face & Eye Palette for this, as it has three gorgeous warm-toned shades to choose from. Once you’ve lightly buffed the matte shadow around your eye to softly define, it’s time to go in with a shimmery shadow in an icy, cool-toned shade like silver or lavender. Sweep the shimmer across your lids and along your lower lash lines. 

Step 5: Top It Off With Glassy Lips 

Find a lip (gloss, balm, tint, whatever!) that matches your cheek color. One non-negotiable: It must have a glassy finish. The PINKLIPPS COSMETICS Lip Gloss Duo is perfect for this. 

Then your iced latte makeup look is complete. Now who’s ready for a second serving?

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Article Last Updated May 20, 2024 12:00 AM