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Introducing The Ipsies: Beauty & Creator Awards—Meet Your 2023 Winners


Since the beginning, our mission at IPSY has always been to inspire everyone to express their unique beauty. As the world’s largest beauty membership, we’ve delivered. Last year was full of buzzworthy beauty products, superstar brands, and iconic content creators all so amazing, they deserved an award… so we created one. Introducing The Ipsies: Beauty & Creator Awards.

Over the past year, The Ipsies award winners all made a major impact on our community of more than 20 million—but don’t just take our word for it. To finalize our list, we pulled from our collection of more than 200 million product reviews from our beauty-obsessed members (like you!), leveraged our extensive database full of millions of member data points, and used insights from our expert merchants and creator partnerships team. Ready for the big reveal? Keep scrolling to learn more about all of this year’s winners of The Ipsies: Beauty & Creator Awards.

1. Best Eye Product:

TOO FACED COSMETICS Better Than Sex Mascara

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards TOO FACED COSMETICS Better Than Sex Mascara

Epic lashes, meet your maker! This holy-grail mascara gives your lashes gravity-defying lift and curl in a swipe, all while making them appear super long and voluminous for a dramatic effect that’s better than…well, you get the picture! It’s all thanks to the inky black formula and hourglass-shaped wand that reached every single lash with ease. Our members agreed! TOO FACED COSMETICS Better Than Sex Mascara was our highest-rated eye product in 2022.

2. Best Lip Product:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards PAT McGRATH LABS Lust: Gloss

Makeup artist Pat McGrath needs no introduction in the beauty world. From the biggest fashion shows to editorial shoots, McGrath’s signature, high-impact beauty looks are unparalleled, and her eponymous beauty brand features bold, “fetish-worthy” makeup that you’re bound to be obsessed with, like the award-winning PAT McGRATH LABS Lust: Gloss. It has a lightweight gel texture that’s zero percent sticky or gooey. All you’ll get is sheer, buildable color that lasts for hours, which is why we’re not surprised it was our highest-rated lip product of 2022.

3. Best Face Product:

NARS Blush

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards NARS Blush

Not only was this blush the highest-rated face product of the last year, but our members also made it our highest-rated product in general. That’s right! Of the 2,800 unique products we featured in 2022, the NARS Blush came out on top. One application of this cult-favorite, best-selling blush, and we can see why everyone loved it. The pressed powder is totally weightless and leaves behind a natural-looking flush of color. For a foolproof pick, we love the brand’s universally flattering Orgasm shade, a peachy-pink with subtle golden shimmer.

4. Best Skincare Product:

ELEMIS Superfood Midnight Facial

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards ELEMIS Superfood Midnight Facial

Say goodnight to dull, tired skin with the ELEMIS Superfood Midnight Facial! The top-rated skincare product of last year is like a midnight feast for your face and is packed with a nourishing blend of plant-based ingredients that work hard while you catch some Zs. You'll wake up with a face that's so glowy and refreshed, you'll swear you got a full eight hours of beauty sleep (even if you were up all night binging the new season of Yellowjackets!).

5. Best Hair Product:

LIVING PROOF Restore Perfecting Spray

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards LIVING PROOF Restore Perfecting Spray

Like weighted blankets, Trader Joe’s frozen soup dumplings, and wireless headphones, the LIVING PROOF Restore Perfecting Spray is the hero we never knew we needed—and now we can’t imagine life (or in this case, our hair care routines) without. It’s like a super-powered shield for your strands, protecting them from damage and helping to restore them to their former glory. Frizz, flyaways, and dryness don't stand a chance against this miracle mist, which is why it’s our top-rated hair product of 2022.

6. Best Breakout Brand:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards DEW OF THE GODS

DEW OF THE GODS is making a big name for itself in the beauty industry with its glow-giving skincare products and commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. Founded in 2020 by industry vet (and TikTok star!) Ryan Dubs, this brand's focus on natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices will make you feel like a goddess without harming the planet. Plus, their LGBTQ-friendly efforts are proof that beauty truly knows no bounds! We sent out more than 1.5 million DEW OF THE GODS products last year, and more than 83 percent of those recipients were fans of the brand. Members especially loved the DEW OF THE GODS Fijifuji Collagen Whip Vitamin Mask for the radiant, goddess-like glow it left behind (it was the brand’s top-rated product in 2022).

7. Best in Clean Beauty:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards GLOW RECIPE

Born out of its founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang’s shared passion for effective skincare with clean yet powerful ingredients, GLOW RECIPE has become a cult favorite in the clean beauty world. With its vibrant packaging and yummy-smelling products, the brand is all about making skincare a fun and indulgent experience. Plus, its focus on clean, natural ingredients means you can feel good about treating your skin to some serious TLC. We sent out a lot of GLOW RECIPE to our members last year (more than one million units!), and it did not disappoint. More than 90 percent of those members said they liked or loved the brand, with the GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops and GLOW RECIPE Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask among the top rated.

8. Best Indie Brand:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards ESTATE COSMETICS

ESTATE COSMETICS is all about making high-quality, cruelty-free, and vegan makeup accessible to everyone, and they're doing it in style. From their killer eyeshadow palettes (like their top-rated ESTATE COSMETICS FALL EDIT Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette) to their bold lipsticks and gorgeous highlighters, this indie brand is taking the beauty world by storm. After featuring more than 750,000 units from ESTATE COSMETICS last yet, more than 82 percent of our members who received a product liked or loved the brand, and thanks ESTATE’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, everyone will feel like they’re a part of the fam, no matter who they are or where they come from.

9. Member Favorite Brand:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards TARTE™

TARTE™ is the beauty brand that's got us all talking! This brand was founded on the belief that high-performance makeup can also be good for you, and we couldn't agree more. From their iconic (and IPSY top-rated!) TARTE™ Shape Tape™ Ultra Creamy Concealer to their coveted eyeshadow palettes, like IPSY favorite TARTE™ Sunrise Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette, the brand has become a cult-favorite among our members. Of our subscribers who received a TARTE™ product from us over the past year (we sent out more than three million units in 2022), 94 percent of them were fans.

10. Creator Favorite Brand:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards CHARLOTTE TILBURY

You don’t need us to tell you about CHARLOTTE TILBURY. You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed or TikTok FYP without hearing about this buzzy brand, and IPSY’s creator community is no exception. Through our creator content, the brand has generated more than $413 million in earned media value (the metric used to measure the value of content coverage) in 2022. The luxurious and sleek packaging, high-performance formulas, and coveted products have helped CHARLOTTE TILBURY quickly become one of the most talked-about beauty brands in the game. And with their IPSY favorite products (like the CHARLOTTE TILBURY Charlotte's Magic Cream and CHARLOTTE TILBURY Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk Medium) selling out faster than you can say “lipstick,” it's clear that creators—and their followers!—can't get enough of the brand’s magic.

11. Most Viral Content:


The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Lenkalul

Lenkalul (@lenkalul) is the ultimate beauty boss babe with a whopping 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Her creative makeup looks, easy-to-follow tutorials, and genius beauty hacks are always on-point and hit big with her engaged audience. In fact, her sponsored content for BoxyCharm by IPSY generated nearly 167 million views (!!!!) in 2022 alone. Lenkalul’s expertise in the beauty industry has made her a go-to source for makeup inspiration and product recommendations and a true influencer in the beauty space.

12. Best Beauty Campaign:

Bailey Sarian

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Bailey Sarian

We always knew Bailey Sarian (@baileysarian) was an IPSY favorite. Between her flawless makeup videos, unique true crime videos, and hilarious personality, we all just can’t get enough! But we were blown away by the response we received when we announced she was the curator of our February 2023 Glam Bag X. That GBX announcement video was our most-viewed GBX announcement, and her latest giveaway collab was the most-clicked. Bailey's killer makeup skills and entertaining content have made her a cult favorite, and she has the 3 million Instagram followers and 6.83 million YouTube subscribers to prove it.

13. Most Active Creator:

Yulia Fadeeva-Hashem

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Yulia Fadeeva-Hashem

Yulia Fadeeva-Hashem (@fadeeva_hashem) is a beauty content creator with some seriously impressive creativity. Her unique product photography and artistic content always go above and beyond, and her loyal followers can't get enough of her gorgeous and approachable glam. Whether she's creating bright, colorful looks or stunningly understated ones, Yulia's talent for makeup and photography always shines through.

14. Most Loyal Fandom:

Angelica Torres

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Angelica Torres

Angelica Torres (@candylover89) is here to slay! Angelica has amassed a loyal and impressive following who can't get enough of her juicy content and trust her with their beauty needs. Seriously! Over the course of our partnership, her followers showed their support by listening to her call to action and clicking her IPSY link more than 35,150 times. From bright and colorful eye looks to special effects glam and intricate lip art, this makeup maven's skills are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

15. Content Powerhouse:

Mariale Marrero

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Mariale Marrero

Let’s talk about the icon that is Mariale Marrero (@mariale). This girl is always on top of the latest beauty trends and is a true master when it comes to makeup. Whether it's a pop culture-inspired makeup look, a Get Ready Wit Me video, or an everyday, understated vibe, Mariale's skills are always on point—and she just keeps the content coming. Throughout our partnership with Mariale, she has generated 225 pieces of content (and counting) for BoxyCharm by IPSY across multiple platforms. Her creativity truly knows no bounds.

16. Most Creative Creator:

Christian Pineda

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Christian Pineda

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, Christian Pineda (@itsmechrxs) hits us with another winning look, and we’re stunned by his artistry and talent all over again. Chrxs consistently wows us at IPSY and his followers with creative, bold, and energetic looks that are full of color, bling, and technique that you can’t beat. Chrxs’s highly creative content leaves us thinking, “makeup rut, who?”

17. Most Entertaining Creator:

Jose Jimenez

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Jose Jimenez

Jose Jimenez (@laviedunprince) is a real master when it comes to makeup, and he's not shy about sharing his skills with our IPSY members and the rest of the world. Jose gives so many tips, tricks, and hacks that even beginners can learn a thing or two from his tutorials. It's like getting an education in beauty from a real-life fairy godmother! But let's not forget about the looks, honey. Jose's beauty creations are truly unique and never fail to generate buzz and engagement. We all can't get enough of his bold, daring makeup styles that push boundaries and challenge the norm. And with a large following that loves him, it's clear that Jose has a talent for connecting with their audience on a personal level.

18. Beauty Trailblazer:

Sharon Chuter

The Ipsies: 2023 Beauty & Creator Awards Sharon Chuter

As the founder and CEO of UOMA BEAUTY, Sharon Chuter has made a significant impact on the beauty industry by challenging conventional beauty standards and promoting diversity and inclusivity. Her brand has long been recognized for its innovative products and bold approach to beauty, which celebrates all skin tones and types. But she doesn’t stop there. Sharon has also been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry by using her platform to challenge brands and call for change. She launched the viral #PullUpOrShutUp campaign in 2020, which called on beauty brands to disclose the number of Black employees at all levels of their organizations and sparked a much-needed conversation about diversity in the beauty industry. Sharon’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry has inspired others to follow in her footsteps and has led to significant progress towards a better space for all. The Beauty Trailblazer Award is a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions to the entire industry.

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Article Last Updated April 4, 2023 12:00 AM