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June 2021 Glam Bag Plus Ultra Personalization Spoilers Are Here!


Bring on the summer beauty looks. Get ready to strut beachy hair, bright colors, glowing skin—basically anything that makes you feel like the best version of you. These products coming to Ultra Personalization in June, 6/2–6/3, are your fast pass to beauty self-expression (after all, you do get to build your Glam Bag Plus with full-size products you’ve been dying to try), so we prepared a little sneak peek to help you plan ahead.

Explore this list of must-get Choice picks and amazing Add-Ons deals, and don’t forget to check back each month for a first look at upcoming Ultra Personalization products. And if you want even more spoilers, check out our June Glam Bag spoilers and Glam Bag Plus spoilers.

1. APTO SKINCARE Pomegranate Moisturizer

APTO SKINCARE Pomegranate Moisturizer

It detoxes. It hydrates. It provides anti-aging benefits. There are so many reasons we love squalane in skincare, especially in this moisturizer from APTO SKINCARE. This antioxidant-rich lotion smooths and plumps your skin without clogging your pores, so you can enjoy all the squalane benefits without worrying about irritating side effects.

2. MUDMASKY® Serum-Infused Eye Mask

MUDMASKY® Serum-Infused Eye Mask

Serums are essential when you want to deliver complexion-boosting nutrition deeply in your skin. They come in handy especially when targeting the area around your eyes, since a lightweight serum won’t weigh down the delicate skin as much as a heavy cream. That’s where the MUDMASKY® Serum-Infused Eye Mask comes in. It’s formulated with golden kiwi seeds, matcha tea, blueberries, and goji berries to treat your skin to a dose of antioxidants in a formula that stays lightweight and comfortable even under makeup.

3. OFRA COSMETICS Cool as a Cucumber Primer 

OFRA COSMETICS Cool as a Cucumber Primer

This multitasking primer is here to make your summer plans a little cooler. Apply it before your makeup to moisturize, mattify, and make your skin feel refreshed with a blend of cucumber, coconut oil, kukui nut oil, and macadamia nut oil. Your products will stay in place while your complexion stays quenched.

4. KOSAS Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm

KOSAS Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm

Low key, we wish we could add hyaluronic acid to everything—so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this lip balm from KOSAS. This ultra-hydrating treatment glides on to give you the look of healthier, plumper lips, while ingredients hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and konjac root work in the background to keep your lips hydrated and protected.

5. APTO SKINCARE Reusable Cotton Rounds + Mesh Bag + HUDA Wishful Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub

APTO SKINCARE Reusable Cotton Rounds + Mesh Bag + HUDA Wishful Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub

This trio of exfoliation essentials are here to buff and smooth your skin to glowing perfection. These reusable rounds are ideal for removing your makeup (yes, even waterproof mascara), toning your skin, cleansing your complexion, and more. They even come with a bamboo storage box and mesh bag that make it easy to take them on the go and throw them in the wash. Use the rounds to gently clear away any dead skin cells that the WISHFUL scrub helps lift from your complexion with its BHA- and AHA-focused formula.

6. INNATE Instant Hydrating Conditioner

INNATE Instant Hydrating Conditioner

This must-have hair care product starts working its magic after you get out of the shower. Apply it from root to tip as a leave-in treatment to soften, detangle, and protect your strands, and to give you all-day curl and bounce. Your best hair ever is coming this summer!

7. INC.REDIBLE COSMETICS Rollerbaby The Original Rollerball Gloss in Rolling Like a Honey

INC.REDIBLE COSMETICS Rollerbaby The Original Rollerball Gloss in Rolling Like a Honey

She’s not a regular gloss—she’s a cool gloss. This rollerball-tipped lip fave glides over your lips in one smooth swipe, no digging in for more product required. Pop it in your bag so you can add a bit of shine and hydration on the go, and enjoy a shiny, mirror-like finish that makes your pout look plump, plush, and youthful.

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Article Last Updated June 16, 2021 12:00 AM