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Show Your Colors: June’s Theme is Ready for Summer Fun


Give those overused neutrals a chance to chill and reach for something a little bolder this month. June’s theme, Show Your Colors, is an invitation to share your creativity with the world, authentically and unapologetically. Wear neon liner to that 9 a.m. finance meeting, try those bedazzled nail extensions you’ve always wanted, hit up a flea market and find something unique and totally you. Have fun!

To help you kickstart the best summer ever, we’ve rounded up tons of inspo (from nail art to Pride makeup) and the products to help you achieve your beauty goals. We’ve packed the month with tons of May-centric content (it’s AAPI Heritage Month!) and must-reads for the moms-to-be out there—plus all the tips and tricks we’ve been bookmarking and scrolling through that we can’t wait to share.

Esthetician Bryce Anthony is Breaking Down Skincare Barriers

Black and white portrait of Bryce Anthony

We caught up with Bryce Anthony, an NYC-based licensed esthetician who encourages others to boldly take up space in an industry that has catered to women and white Western ideals since its inception. From staying ahead of the curve to changing the narrative, you don’t want to miss seeing beauty through his unique lens.

18 Pride Makeup Looks to Help You Celebrate in Style

Image of Lil Nas X rocking a silver eyeliner makeup look while posing and and smiling at the red carpet

Colorful eye makeup, glitter as highlighter, and rainbows galore—whether you choose to go full ROYGBIV or focus on one color from the spectrum, we’ve put together a list of 18 Pride makeup looks to inspire your DIY all of Pride Month and beyond.

Introducing IPSY’s New Bundle in Support of The Trevor Project

Colorful text "FREE TO BE" with black text "THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE TREVOR PROJECT WITH THE PURCHASE OF THIS BUNDLE" on pink background with colorful confetti

IPSY’s mission has been the same from day one: to create a welcoming space for all to celebrate their unique beauty. In honor of this Pride Month and our LGBTQ+ communities, we’ve curated the Free to Be bundle to help you express yourself. See what’s inside (the products are seriously good) and learn more about how each purchase helps sustain The Trevor Project’s work.

The 20 Best Colorful Palettes We’ve Tried

Colorful eyeshadow palettes from various brands on light blue background

We appreciate a subtle palette as much as anyone else, but nothing makes our hearts swoon like seeing a high-impact palette with bold, colorful shades. Take a peek at the palettes we’re obsessing over and start planning those summer looks.

Trendy Fruit Nail Art Ideas for Your Summer Cravings

Image of a woman's hand with colorful fruit nail art holding a grapefruit half

Get ready to squeal, because these fruity manis are absolutely adorable and the perfect inspo for your next trip to the nail salon. From dainty strawberries to glossy citrus slices, we’ve gathered up 14 delicious looks for everyone and every style.

Sun Protection Is a Must—These Sunscreens Make It Easy

SUGAR COSMETICS Goddess Of Flawless SPF30 Mattifying Sunscreen and NEOGEN DERMALOGY Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen on orange background

It’s a non-negotiable part of your daily skin routine any time of year, but summer fun makes it extra important to be loaded up on SPF. Don’t worry, these 17 sunscreen formulas will have you feeling cool, calm, and totally protected.

31 Super Easy Styles for Ponytail Season

Smiling Jessica Chastain rocking a sequined dress, stone-studded dangling earrings, and ponytail hairstyle at the red carpet

Nothing says summer like needing your hair up and off the body. These easy hairstyles will kick that basic go-to pony up a notch to keep you looking and feeling cool.

AHA or BHA? Everything You Need to Know About These Acids

Close-up of a smiling woman with clear skin

You’ve probably come across a product or two touting these acronyms, but what do they mean? We’re giving a crash course on alpha and beta hydroxy acids—from the benefits they pack to when to use them in your own routine.

Spoiler Alert! See Every Product Inside The Edit: Glow Recipe

Skincare products from GLOW RECIPE, watermelon and peach slices, and IPSY Glam Bag against pink background

It’s time to get your summer glow on and this roundup of cult favorite Korean-beauty-inspired products is here to help. Get a sneak peek at the glowy goodies inside our latest Edit and just what makes them so good.

Want to take your summer beauty game up a notch? Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started. Already an Ipster? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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Article Last Updated June 29, 2022 12:00 AM