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14 Reasons Fruit Nail Art Should Be Your Go-To This Summer

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From negative space nails to floral nail designs and glitter fingers, it’s official, nail art is here to stay. The next nail art trend taking over our screenshots photo album: fruit nail art. And just like the diversity of produce around the world, the fruit nail art designs seem to be infinite.

So whether you are looking for something more minimal or you’re what we call a beauty maximalist (we see you!), there’s a way for you to get in on the fruit nail art trend. Keep scrolling for all the fruity nail inspiration you could ever want. Whichever one you choose to recreate, trust us, it’ll be worth the fruits of your labor.

1. Cuticle Cocktail

Designs placed around your cuticle is the perfect entrance to nail art for all the beauty minimalists out there, and this fruity design is no exception. Like a classic fruit cocktail, this design looks best with a wide variety of fruit. Creator @nailsby_ivonb went with limes, lemons, oranges, and watermelon, but the nail art world is your oyster (or shall we say product aisle).

2. Strawberry Accent

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A post shared by Nikola (@pa.nikka)

This strawberry design made us do a double take. At first glance it looks like a classic red manicure, but upon closer inspection, you can see the telltale leaves and seeds of a strawberry. The best part of @pa.nikka’s understated nail art is that it can work with any fruit. Just imagine how cute this would look with watermelon, too.

3. Peach Pops

This intricate design from @samanthas_.nails is an ode to peaches if we’ve ever seen one. The realistic graphics paired with negative space nails and the perfect creamy peach shade is giving us everything we want from a fruit-inspired nail design.

4. Fruity French

The ‘90s hair and makeup trends are back in full swing, and the French manicure is at the top of the comeback list. The classic nude and white tip French mani (created by @thegelcorner) is topped with poppy fruit accents, and we’re so here for the combo.

5. Split Decision

To all our millennials out there… does this not give you total Bananas in Pyjamas vibes? We love the nostalgic polkadot and banana print, and are beyond impressed with @shawniedoesnails’ handiwork with a nail brush.

6. Fresh Squeezed

If we had to wrap up summer in one look, it might be these pink and orange fruit-inspired nails from @bysarahnailartist. The color combination is about as cheery as it gets, and the little fruity pops on a sheer nude base make it feel modern and fun.

7. Strawberry Fields

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A post shared by Kinga 💅 (@klamaja)

As the Beatles would say, strawberry fields are forever, and that’s how long we’ll be thinking about this fruit nail art look from @klamaja. The key to recreating these tiny flowers and strawberries is a good nail art brush (ideally the kind with a dotter on the other end).

8. Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon might just be the king of summer fruits, which is why we can’t wait to try out this design from @kurek_nails while the fruit is in season. The near-neon orange color and drip designs help make this nail art feel modern, so achieving those elements will be first up on our to-do list.

9. Citrus Side

Hannah Harris (creator of @browngirlhands) could pretty much convince us to try any beauty trends thanks to her aesthetic photos and impactful message, but this graphic grapefruit design is so good, it takes zero convincing. *BRB while we bring this screenshot to our next nail appointment.*

10. Bitty Berry

Can. You. Even?! This micro strawberry accent nail from @megan.anne_beauty might just be the cutest fruit-inspired nail art we’ve ever seen. Want to recreate it at home? Get out your magnifying glasses and the smallest nail art brush you can find because the key to this look is keeping everything tiny.

11. Fruit Loops

Not gonna lie, this intricate design by might not be the easiest to recreate at home. Between the faded gel tips and super realistic fruit bisections, this fruit nail art might be best when left to the pros, but it can still serve as inspiration for your next at-home manicure. To make it more DIYable, try solid French manicure with a more graphic fruit accent across the tips.

12. Cherry on Top

If you ask us, cherry prints are timeless for summer, which is exactly why we love these graphic cherry negative space nail art from @freshsetlancaster. The best part is you only need a few colors (plus a steady hand with nail art brushes) to recreate this look at home.

13. Fruit Salad

Elevate your next nude manicure with a scattering of fruity cross sections like this look from @sapphirebeautylounge_. It looks really complicated, but each fruit figure only requires two or three colors and no complicated techniques. All you need is some time and patience and this look could be yours.

14. Melon Mani

Another watermelon mani (this one from @holoandtea) that we’re utterly obsessed with. Swipe on a few coats of your favorite opaque pinky nude, then be sure to let it fully dry before moving on to the watermelon slices. The attention to detail will require some blending of shades, so a fully set base is definitely required so you don’t muddy up the colors.

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Article Last Updated March 6, 2023 12:00 AM