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I Tried MAC’s New Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher—Gimmick or Game-Changer?


When it comes to my makeup routine, I pretty much adhere to a no-makeup makeup look. So when I heard about MAC’s innovative Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher (yes, a dry shampoo for your lashes!), I was eager to sign up for a product that would maximize results in minimal time. This concept seems so revolutionary that it feels like I’m living in the future. If you want to quickly add extra oomph to your lashes but struggle with reapplying mascara midday (ugh, clumps!), then this product could be perfect for you. 

My testing method: I applied my current go-to mascara, DR. LARA DEVGAN SCIENTIFIC BEAUTY Extreme Lengthening Mascara (which I received in my March BoxyCharm), to my lashes in the morning, then went about my day. Several hours later in the afternoon, when my lashes normally begin to dry out, I brushed MAC’s lash dry shampoo through on one side. On the other side, I reapplied another coat of my original mascara to determine if there would be more or less clumping in comparison to the side with MAC’s Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher.

A fresh coat of my go-to mascara applied to my lashes in the morning.

Is a product that claims to “refresh and revive mascara” just a gimmick or would my lashes look just as lifted and lustrous as when I first applied my mascara? I couldn’t wait to find out—keep reading for my results.

What You Need to Know About MAC COSMETICS Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher

The idea behind this product is that it gives your mascara a refresh, the same way dry shampoo does for your hair, adding volume and cleaning up your roots. According to the brand, its “clump-resistant formula uses polymer technology to emulsify and soften your existing mascara for easy restyling.” No eye makeup removers or additional coats of mascara needed!

The flexible applicator, aka “Lash Teaser Brush”, is designed to gently comb and detangle from roots to tips without tugging or pulling, thanks to angled spikes strategically placed at varying levels. Simply apply the formula over dried and set mascara to enhance your lash look at any time. 

What I Like About MAC’s Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher

In the past, when I’ve tried adding more mascara on top of old mascara, I’ve always ended up with clumpy spider lashes (not the look I’m going for!). MAC’s Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher breaks it all apart with ease, flawlessly gliding over dry mascara to separate and lengthen. To go the extra mile after applying, you can even comb through with a lash separator if you have one, although it’s not necessary. Pro tip: Use this product to help with initial clumping, not just for midday touch-ups!

MAC Lash Dry Shampoo Refresher applied over hours-old mascara (L) versus hours-old mascara alone (R).

I also like that it can make thicker formulations more workable, such as fiber mascaras which have fibers that attach to your lashes to make them look thicker but tend to clump more. If you prefer a more natural look, you can soften a volumizing mascara using this lash dry shampoo. 

Who Should Use Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher

Since it works its magic by declumping any hardened mascara to instantly revive and style your lashes, it’s ideal for anyone looking to add extra volume, lift, and definition when you can’t remove your entire eye look or if you prefer not to reapply mascara throughout the day to avoid clumpiness. Just freshen up your eye makeup, comb through your lashes with this product, and you're good to go.

MAC Lash Dry Shampoo Refresher (L) versus more mascara (R), both applied over hours-old mascara.

Also, if you love multiple layers of mascara, this delivers without flaking or smudging (I found that applying multiple layers of MAC’s lash dry shampoo actually worked best). Get excited to bring on the drama!

My Final Thoughts on the MAC COSMETICS Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher

In conclusion, does it do the job? I can personally vouch that this product does what it claims to do. The side with just my original mascara application felt lackluster when compared to the side with MAC’s Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher, which looked darker, more separated, and more natural. I can definitely see an improvement after applying, making it a new staple in my makeup bag. It’s a total game-changer, especially when you’re heading straight from the office to dinner and beyond. I’m really impressed. My lashes appear thicker, longer, and more refined at the end of the day, resulting in an immediate pick-me-up. Plus, you can even wear it alone as mascara. Click “add to wishlist”. 

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Article Last Updated January 18, 2024 12:00 AM