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How To Look Lit From Within, Thanks to TikTok’s Pearl Skin Makeup Trend

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Photo by Svetikd/Getty Images

There’s a good chance you’ve tried glass skin makeup, clean girl makeup, cold girl makeup, strawberry makeup, latte makeup, coquette makeup, or one of many other TikTok makeup beauty trends. Well—there’s yet another to have on your radar. Say hello to the pearl skin makeup trend. (Yes, we know it kind of sounds like a mishmosh of some of the above, but it’s actually its entirely own makeup look.) We’re personally fans because it’s flattering and achievable on all skin types. 

The pearl skin makeup trend doesn’t require a ton of eyeshadow, bronzer, or eyeliner, so it saves a bit of time and effort. It also delivers a light-reflecting lit-from-within luminosity and shimmer, and we’ve got an easy tutorial for you below.

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Dahvi Shira
Dahvi Shira
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Article Last Updated May 30, 2024 12:00 AM