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Take a Big Gulp of the Red Wine Makeup Trend Taking Over Your Feeds


Step aside, chrome makeup and blush suntans—there's a new beauty trend swirling its way into the limelight: the red wine makeup trend. Inspired by the rich hues and velvety textures of everyone's favorite vino, this trend is all about channeling the luxurious tones and sultry depths of a fine Bordeaux or Merlot. From deep, wine-stained red lips to smoldering burgundy eyeshadows, this trend promises to intoxicate your senses and elevate your makeup game to new, sophisticated heights. Eager to incorporate this rich red color into your routine? Read on for the best tips as well as several makeup looks, from eyes to lips to cheeks. 

About the author
Olivia Cefalu
Olivia Cefalu
Olivia is a freelance beauty writer. With experience in influencer marketing at Tata Harper Skincare and editorial at Very Good Light, she loves covering Gen Z beauty, wellness, and nail trends. Read her work on Very Good Light and Well + Good.
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Article Last Updated June 21, 2024 12:00 AM