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I Tried Tatcha’s Viral Dewy Skin Cream to Find Out If It’s Really Worth the Hype


No matter what season it is or what city I’m in, my dry skin never seems to take a break from being, well, dry. It’s especially frustrating when I have a breakout because it’s difficult to treat without making the surrounding areas even more dehydrated. That’s why a good moisturizer is key, though this is true regardless of your skin type. I love a moisturizer that’s on the thicker side with hydrating ingredients that make my skin feel soft and plump. Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream does just that and more.

I always give any skincare product a good two weeks to make a decision on whether it works well for my skin. That way, I can tell if it provides long-lasting hydration or just some overnight relief. Plus, I like to see how it works with all my other skincare and makeup. Just reading Dewy Skin Cream’s ingredients, I already had high hopes for this moisturizer. Founder Vicky Tsai brought her Japanese skincare secrets to the United States with formulations that focus on skin health.

This rich face cream contains Japanese purple rice, a strong antioxidant to help protect skin from the harsh environment, as well as stress and UV damage. (No, it doesn’t replace your sunscreen!) It also contains an Okinawa Algae blend, as well as hyaluronic acid, which helps lock in hydration and replenish ceramides. Why is that so important? Well, ceramides help support a healthy skin barrier, which, when damaged, looks and feels like dry skin. Finally, botanical extracts including those from ginseng, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram nourish skin and help it retain moisture.

I also love that Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream is cruelty-free, something that’s very important to me. Sure, it’s great for those with dry skin like mine, but it’s also safe for all skin types, even if you have normal skin, sensitive skin or an oily complexion.

Using Dewy Skin Cream For Two Weeks

I decided to incorporate Dewy Skin Cream right into my regular skincare routine so I could really tell what was working. First, I used my favorite hydrating cleanser and followed it up with a serum infused with AHAs and BHAs to keep my pores clear and smooth out my skin’s texture. Next came a little eye cream and I finished with Dewy Skin Cream. Because the formulation is so rich, a little goes a long way. I took a dime-sized amount and spread it on my face, focusing on any areas that felt some extra dryness.

I immediately felt a calming sensation. While AHAs and BHAs are great for breakouts, acids can sometimes leave my skin feeling overly sensitized. Dewy Skin Cream calmed any redness and stinging sensations on the spot. That might be coming from the hydrating saccharomyces, yeast extracts known to be superfoods. It also could be the glycerin, a common humectant that helps pull water deep into the skin. Yup, Dewy Skin Cream has all of that.

What I noticed most from using the cream for two weeks was how different my skin felt in the morning. Any moisturizer can feel great in the moment but Dewy Skin Cream consistently made my skin feel silky in the morning. Not just that, but I found my makeup—especially foundation—went on easier with less dry patches and rough texture. You can use Dewy Skin Cream both morning and night but I prefer to use just a hydrating sunscreen for daytime and keep the anti-aging creams at night so they work while I get my beauty sleep.

Is It Worth The Money?

Two weeks after using Dewy Skin Cream and I’m hooked. I can see why it’s such a Glam Bag favorite. Ipsters had a chance to buy it at a discounted price through Add-Ons, which just made it even more popular. With a whopping 74,389 reviews, Dewy Skin Cream has a 4.7-star rating with fans raving about its hydrating benefits. It seems I’m not alone in falling for this rich cream.

“This moisturizer feels so incredibly smooth and light when worn. I absolutely love the way it makes my face feel and love that you don’t need much to cover your face. Incredible product,” wrote one Ipster. “I love everything I've ever tried of this brand. This moisturizer goes on super smooth and light, but still moisturizes really well for my pretty dry (and sensitive) skin. Would buy again,” wrote another. One Ipster said after using Dewy Skin Cream, she’s “keeping my eyes out for more Tatcha products!” We don’t blame her.

Although there are less expensive moisturizers on the market, Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream is worth the price for all of its skincare benefits in one jar. You’re not just getting hydration but also protection from pollution, as well as all those ingredients that promote healthier and stronger skin. This will lead to you using less products overall. Plus, you only need to use a small amount so one jar can last months. And because hydrated, healthy skin leads to fewer breakouts, you’re less likely to be fighting off pimple after pimple. I’d say that’s a win.

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Article Last Updated November 28, 2022 12:00 AM